Prof. Talaat E. Shehata


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Vice President for Academic & International programs

Badr University in Cairo (BUC), Egypt

  Email in Egypt: tshehata@buc.edu.eg

Email in USA: tshehata@umd.edu

 Key Qualifications:

Dr. Shehata is a Professor of Microbiology, Academic administrator, Project Management Coordinator, and long-term expert in International Research, Education and Training programs at various U.S. and Middle East Institutions. He is the former Director of the UMD Office of International Programs, and Director of Center for Sustainable Development at the University of Maryland, USA. Currently, he is the Vice President for Academic and International programs at Badr University in Cairo, Egypt. Also he is a consultant for international training and exchange programs in the Middle East and North Africa. He has a wide background from Life sciences & Biotechnology to International Education. He is expert in developing and managing partnership programs between Egyptian Universities and US Institutions.

 Dr. Shehata received his undergraduate education from Cairo University, Egypt and his graduate education from the University of California, USA. He has over thirty years-experience in International Development including five years as long-term technical assistance at USAID-funded ADS project in Egypt. He is extremely knowledgeable about Middle East higher educational system and economic development. He has worked and advised many academic administrators at Egyptian public and private Universities. He is very well involved with all Educational Institutions in Egypt including the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities, Academy of Scientific Research & Technology as well as several Ministries of Agriculture, Environment, Education, Higher Education & International Cooperation. 

Background & Experience:

  • Designed proposals and managed grants and contracts for human resource development and institutional building.


  • Developed and administered collaborative research, training and exchange programs with many universities and academic institutions in Egypt, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America in a wide range of disciplines including agriculture & life sciences, education, engineering, business administration, information technology, environmental science & sustainable development.


  • Developed campus-wide partnerships with many Egyptian institutions. Created and maintained effective working relations with Egyptian Partners, members of academia and government officials as well as Egyptian private sector.


  • Created several research & training partnership programs between University of Maryland and Egyptian Universities.


  • Provided leadership, direction and oversight for project management and have a strong interpersonal skills and ability to manage and mentor a diverse team of employees and partners.


  • Created cross-cultural educational programs for students, faculty, staff and community. Initiated new international studies and technical assistance programs between Egyptian Universities and the University of Maryland.


  • Worked with DOS/USAID to develop long-term institutional capacity to generate quantity and quality of human capital needed to sustain Egypt’s economic growth and competitiveness.


  • Introduced US students to the cultures and ethno political conflicts in the Middle Eastern countries and taught Study Abroad courses for improving inter-cultural communication between Western and Middle Eastern cultures by addressing both the expression and receipt of messages, while overcoming interferences from cultural, status, religious and gender barriers.


  • Published extensively and has written scholarly reports in a wide range of disciplines and served on the Board of Directors of a number of U.S. and Middle East academic institutions.


 Languages:            Fluent in Arabic and English

Fluent in Arabic and English, with language facility in French & Spanish.





1969   Ph.D.  Microbiology

Environmental Sciences & Biotechnology

University of California, Davis, California, USA

1962   B.Sc.  Agricultural Science

Cairo University, Giza, Cairo, Egypt





2016- P






Vice President for Academic & International Programs and Professor of Microbiology

Badr University in Cairo (BUC), Egypt


Higher Education Consultant, DOS/USAID

International Education Training Program

Study Abroad Summer programs.

Maryland Partners of the Americas and the

University of Maryland, College Park, MD



1999-2009   Director, Center for Sustainable Development,

Office of International Programs, UMD

University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Vice President, then President of the

Maryland Partners of the Americas, MD


  1984-1999   Director, Office of International Programs,

and Professor of Environmental Microbiology

University of Maryland, College Park, MD

1978-1983   Program Director, Agriculture Development Systems Project (ADS) Egypt/UC Davis

USAID/Egypt and University of California

1981-1984   Professor, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt





  Associate Professor, Cairo University, Egypt


Research Associate, NIH, Bethesda, Maryland


Research Associate, University of California




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Events of the First International Forum for development of small and medium enterprises

Events of the First International Forum for development of small and medium enterprises

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