Bringing our alumni together to communicate, collaborate, and create.

A connection for life...

The idea of establishing an alumni association at BUC emerged to focus on their pioneering role in building society and influencing the future industry, in addition to activating the university’s positive partnership with the community foundation.

The Association’s first concern is to enhance the spirit of belonging and communication between graduates and the university, to invest their energies and capabilities in the optimal investment, to develop their capabilities, to provide them with the opportunity to participate in various activities and programs, in addition to helping them obtain jobs appropriate to their specializations and the requirements of the labor market, by introducing the public and private sectors to the competencies of the graduates in different specialties, where graduates are considered honorable models who develop processes. 


Creating channels of communication between the university and its graduates and providing the best means of guidance and counseling, and it is also keen to follow up and train graduates to qualify them for the requirements of the labor market, as well as work to find the necessary structure and methods to achieve communication between graduates and the university on one side and between them and the institutions and bodies of society on the other side.


The university aspires to establish an effective partnership between itself and its graduates with different community institutions, in addition to the transfer and exchange of their practical experiences with university students who are still in the stage of receiving education in addition to developing their skills and abilities through specialized courses.


The university is keen to raise the level and efficiency of its graduates and qualify them for the labor market and provide them with suitable job opportunities, as it also seeks to provide the necessary training and workshops to develop their capabilities and skills.

Which supports the idea of ​​achieving permanent and effective communication between the university and its graduates and following up on their news in the practical environment and the objectives of the association which are summarized in:

  • Creating communication channels between the university and its alumni.
  • Strengthening links of friendship and cooperation between graduates and each other.
  • Working on increasing graduate loyalty to their university.
  • Contributing to securing job opportunities for graduates commensurate with their specializations.
  • Developing the skills of graduates by organizing courses that contribute and help to find suitable job opportunities.

Alumni Stories of Success

Alumni Functions

Creating a communication channel between the university and the owners of the surrounding institutions and companies to find out their graduates’ needs.

Participating in the activities organized by the university, which are represented in the following: exhibitions, seminars, and public lectures.

Organizing events related to university graduates as follows:

The Details
In addition to the activities developed that contribute to the service of university graduates.
Job Fairs
Graduates, community institutions, and businessmen are invited to provide various job opportunities for graduates.
Success Stories
Meetings are organized for successful graduates who have succeeded in work-life while presenting their success stories to their peers from graduates and students who have not yet graduated to be an incentive for them to push them to go through similar experiences
Training Courses
This is done in light of the training and professional needs of the graduates, which help them fill the shortage in their professional skills, and it also works to inform the graduates to participate in those courses, seminars, and workshops.
Graduation Day Ceremony
Holding an annual ceremony for graduates honoring the most active students of the year, with sharing the ceremony photos on the official social media channels of BUC.
Job Advertising
Announcing several jobs through communication with different institutions and companies in proportion to graduates through BUC alumni official page.

Alumni Benefits

First off, we would like to congratulate you on completing the first step in achieving your dreams! Maybe it’s a tough world out there; however, we know by heart that you are adequately prepared to go all the way, and we couldn’t be prouder.

Keep in mind that we are always here for you and constantly working to provide you with the future you deserve, and here’s a start. As a BUC graduate:

  • You will get continuous support in your career by presenting your ideas and projects to the university.
  • You are considered a member of the association.
  • You have a free for life active BUC alumni email and ID.
  • You get discounts on tuition fees when registering at the university for postgraduate studies.
  • You are welcome to attend events organized by the university, alumni, or other organizations locally and internationally such as conferences, gatherings, forums, exhibitions, workshops, training courses, job fairs, and ceremonies.
  • You have lifetime access to the university library.
  • You will be taking part in recruitment and training opportunities in the private and public sectors related to BUC programs.
  • You will represent the university and Alumni association on various councils and at local and international conferences.
  • You will be part of an open communication channel between members of the Association and their unions, as well as participate in courses, workshops, and activities organized by the unions.
  • You will enjoy special discounts for alumni children in our schools.