Cooperation with Business Elite

Program Title:  Apply for Cabin Crew position (Workshop)

Program Description: Helping you to be a cabin attendant.

Program Duration: 1 Day Workshop.

Targeted Participants:

Students (under or postgraduate)

A minimum of high school (Grade 12) education


At least 160cm tall (Male or Female)

Program Outline:

  • cabin crew job description
  • CV or resume format for cabin crew position
  • All prerequisites
  • appearance and dress code
  • Medical check process
  • Assessment day
  • All courses (customer service – first aid)
  • cabin crew salary
  • common mistakes to lose your job



Videos – applying HR forum – customer service case study

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to apply as cabin crew position?
  • Prerequisite for Cabin crew \ Cabin attendant.
  • Registration/document checks.
  • Interview
  • Your next opportunity (Emirates & Egypt).

Fees: 1,000 LE