BUC Press House

Transcultural journal for humanities and social sciences (TJHSS)  is  an open access published by Badr University in Cairo, BUC and indexed in EKB and in MLA and scored (7 out of 7) in the recent evaluation of the Supreme Council of  Egyptian Universities. The journal publishes written manuscripts in various languages: English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Arabic. All submissions for publication undergo blind peer reviews by multiple reviewers.  Manuscripts are acknowledged within one week of receipt.  We will do our best to inform authors about the suitability of submitted manuscripts for publication within one month.


Any correspondence or additional requests for information on the manuscript submission process should be sent to Editor-in-Chief, Prof Hussein Hamouda: hussein.hamouda@buc.edu.eg  and The journal’s Managing Editor, Prof. Mohammad Shaaban Deyab:  mohamed-diab@buc.edu.eg

For more information: Please visit the journal’s webpage: https://tjhss.journals.ekb.eg/     or follow us over: