The central library of BUC is a proud and prominent construct of the university.

The library captures the spirit of BUC as we encourage all our students to use this library as a place to study, research, and find enlightenment in times when they need it most. The central library harbors over 8,000 book titles across all fields of study, including medicine, engineering, economics, business, filmmaking, and applied arts.


The central library at BUC aims to be a radiant cultural beacon in service of the community, inside and outside the BUC.


Buc’s library main mission is to provide a proper method for students to access legitimate sources, whether paper-based or in digital form, to acquire reliable information in a myriad of ways to support the academic and research demand.


  • Participating in improving the level of education and academic research at the university.
  • Providing easy access to the resources and services of the library.
  • Meeting the demand of student and academic staff to support education, learning, research and personal development.
  • Motivating the students to use the library on a larger scale and promoting self- learning.
  • Working continuously to find new ways to provide better services
  • Discussing influential topics by holding symposiums that benefit individuals and society.


The central library of BUC has 3 halls:

  • The main hall: The largest existing hall in the library, the main hall is the place that witnesses the digitization of books available in the university libraries, in order to make it available to the users inside and outside the library via OPAC. This hall has many reading seating areas. It also has the largest number of different titles for all specializations for each college.
  • The first sub-hall: This hall contains (50) chairs attached to tables, and it is used to hold various seminars inside the library. It also contains 24 (twenty-four) shelves containing a great number of books in different fields such as administration, languages, history, and medicine. It also contains four computers for students, faculty members, visitors, and library officials for the library’s database entry.
  • The second sub-hall: This hall contains (40) chairs attached to tables. There are also several books in different fields such as: medicine, history, dentistry, and engineering. It also contains four computers for students, faculty members, visitors, and for the library administrators.

Library Services

Digital Services

The digital transformation in the central library of BUC began with the Koha library management system. Koha is an integrated system that includes all modern library activities and supports work in the environment of the international network of information. The current process of digitization from the library’s main hall is made to be available through the OPAC library system.

The digital library consists of several windows, the most important of which are:

  • Search: to allow searching in databases, according to keywords, subject, author name, or title.
  • Electronic books and periodicals: Search many electronic books and periodicals.

Electronic Library Services

The electronic libraries contain various computers that serve several beneficiaries at the same time. The goals and policy of the central library at BUC are in line with the university’s policy towards electronic orientation by providing its services in an automatic form.

Borrowing Instructions

  • BUC (ID) should be presented.
  • The borrowing period is one week for each book.
  • It is allowed to renew the borrowing of any book only once, after referring to the library administration.
  • The library holds the right to refuse to renew the borrowing of any book if it is required.
  • The borrowers must return the books that have been borrowed in the same condition they received from the library.
  • The borrowers are obligated to compensate for the damage or loss of any book, thereof by buying an alternative copy of the same edition.
  • The library administration has the right to deny anyone who violates its instructions, rules, public morals, or ethics to benefit from its services.
  • If the borrowers fail to return the books on time, the following measures will be taken:
    • The library notifies the delayed borrowers.
    • Whoever fails to comply with the borrowing period is fined according to what the administration approves.
    • The borrower’s result will not be announced until the books are either returned or paid for.


The central library of BUC is located in the students’ activities building.