The central library of BUC stands as a bastion of enlightenment and knowledge, serving as a prominent open research hub…

…capturing the spirit of university scholarship while encouraging its use as a place to relax, study, read, and conduct research. The BUC library presently houses over 8,000 books, articles, journals, and periodicals encompassing all fields of study, which includes medicine, engineering, economics, business, filmmaking, and applied arts. The aim of the library is to support the research, learning, and curricular needs of students, faculty, researchers, and staff. The BUC library is committed to building and maintaining a collection that facilitates the use of such information resources and facilities as are required to meet the informational, educational, cultural, and recreational needs of its users.


To be a beacon of cultural, academic, and research resources in service to the internal and external community of BUC.


The BUC library mission is to deliver information, expertise, services, products, and access to legitimate sources, in electronic or printed form, as well as any other graphic or audio-visual materials, that support the academic and research demands of its users to promote excellence.


  • To participate in improving the education and academic research at the university.
  • To provide easy access to the resources and services of the library.
  • To meet the demands of student, faculty, researchers, and staff to support education, learning, research, and personal development.
  • To motivate the students to utilize library resources on a larger scale and promote self-study.
  • To continuously seek ways in which to improve library services
  • To facilitate the discussion of trending and influential topics by hosting workshops, lectures, and symposiums that benefit the internal and external community.


The central library of BUC has 3 halls with spaces suited for collaboration or quiet study, a lab for multimedia production and data visualization, and more.

    • The main hall: As the largest existing space in the library, the main hall is comprised of the complete portfolio of digitized of books available in the university library. Digital books are available to the users inside and outside the library via the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). It also houses the largest number of titles in all specializations for each school in the university. This hall has many comfortable seating areas to accommodate users reading, writing, or conducting research.
    • The 1st sub-hall: Contains 50 chairs attached to tables to accommodate various seminars conducted inside the library. It also contains 24 shelving units that contain a large number of books from various fields to include administration, languages, history, and medicine. There are 4 computer stations available for students, faculty members, visitors, and library staff to access the library database.
  • The 2nd sub-hall: Contains 40 chairs attached to tables that provides workspace for users. There are also many books housed in this hall from various fields such as medicine, history, dentistry, and engineering. There are also 4 computer stations available for students, faculty members, visitors, and for the library administrators.

Library Services

Digital Services

The digital transformation in the central library of BUC utilizes the Koha library management system. Koha is an integrated library System with a range of features, including the OPAC module, which provides a simple and clear interface for library users to perform tasks such as searching for and reserving items and suggesting new items. It promotes the use of modern library activities and supports work in the environment of international networks of information.

The digital library consists of several accessibility windows, with two of the most important consisting of:

  • Search: to allow searching in databases, by entering keywords, subject, author name, or title.
  • Electronic books and periodicals: that can be searched by name, author, and date of publication.

Electronic Library Services

The electronic libraries contain various computers that can serve multiple users simultaneously. The goals and policies of the central library at BUC are in line with the overall university policy towards fully integrated electronic orientation, providing the majority of its services in automated form.

Borrowing Instructions

  • All users must present a BUC ID.
  • The period for borrowing from the library is one week.
  • Borrowing is renewable once for one week, after referring to and approval by the library administration.
  • The library reserves the right to refuse to renew the borrowing of any book.
  • Borrowers must return books in the same condition they were received from the library.
  • Borrowers are required to compensate for the damage or loss of any book, by purchasing a copy of the same edition.
  • The library administration has the right to deny anyone who violates its instructions, rules, public morals, or ethics to utilize its services.
  • If a borrower fails to return books on time, the following measures will be taken:
    • The library will notify the delayed borrowers.
    • Failure to comply with the borrowing period will incur a fine according to administration guidelines.
    • Borrower’s school results will be withheld until books are either paid for or returned.


The central library of BUC is located in the students’ activities building.