• Targeted participants:

    Any pharmacist in any field is interested in boosting their career or life. Graduate students, undergraduate students, postgraduate students, community pharmacists, hospital pharmacists, and pharmacists if the industrial field will be potential candidates for this workshop.

    The instructor: Dr. Amany Aly, Bch. Pharm. MBA, IDPhD (candidate) 

    The instructor is a Canadian lecturer at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada. She had a 9-year of experience as a tutorial in clinical pharmacy at Dal university and has the Canadian board of pharmacy (OSCE) with over five years of experience guiding international students to complete the PEBC. The tutorial is having a master’s degree in health administration at Dalhousie university and certified as clinical pharmacist. Her Ph.D. is in clinical pharmacy, geriatric medicine, statistics, and kinesiology.

Duration: One Day Workshop

The workshop will be over a total of 6 hours over one day.
First day10-10.30 amIntroduction to the workshop
10.30-11.30 pmA presentation about the PEBC (introduction to PEB, general information, eligibility criteria)
11.30-12.45 pmBreak
12.45- 2 pmContinuation with PEBC elements, documents required, and questions
2- 3pmThe PEBC exams (evaluating exam, MCQ, OSCE, and the law exam) Dates, locations, and preparation for each exam
3-4Going through the PEBC website and raping up

Fees: 1600 EGP.
Discount: 50%.
Net Fees: 800 EGP.