Raising Environmental Awareness of Bedouin Women

Our Physical Therapy Clinics serve all patients free of charge and are equipped with up to the minute and highly advanced physiotherapy devices.


Raising Environmental Awareness of Bedouin Women

The School of Applied Arts at Badr University in Cairo in cooperation with the Habiba Educational Center of the Habiba Training Company, contributes to raising the environmental awareness of Bedouin women in the city of Nuweiba, South Saini, through several initiatives; to help them find appropriate job opportunities that are in line with the nature of the place.

This comes within the framework of the educational and enlightening role of community services and the dissemination of academic and scientific information of practical interest in society. The initiative is carried out under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Waheed, Dean of the School, Dr. Mostafa Kamal, President of the University, the leadership of Dr. Ibrahim El-Kalla, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, and the coordinated by Prof. Iman Al-Banna, Professor of Environmental Design.


Crafts and handicrafts- July 2021 to the present time

Teaching Bedouin women the magical art of mosaic, while starting an integrated project entirely managed by Bedouin women and girls, aiming to provide products to hotels and tourist ports in the region.


Teaching pattern cutting and sewing- May 2021

Through a two-hour video by Prof. Ahmed Baybars explaining how to cut and detail light touristic clothes and beach cover-ups.

Prof. Iman Al-Banna handled the expenses of transporting and repairing ten sewing machines (In one of the training centers in the region) so women could start creating their products.


A documentary film- June 2021

A documentary by Prof. Samah showcasing the various activities presented in the training centers in the region.


Habiba Training Center Cooperation- September 2020

The school started a cooperation with the Habiba Training Center- which is responsible for facilitating the logistical matters for the faculty members and technicians involved in providing the service.


Field Visit- 10 September 2021

A field visit by Prof. Dr. Wael Raafat, Head of the Interior Design Department, to discuss possible ways of cooperation through the department’s projects in the next academic year.


Habiba Center cooperation in supporting the Bedouin dwellings in the region

A request was sent from Habiba Center to the school to participate in the aesthetic and environmental coordination of the Bedouin dwellings in the region.