Community Development Center

The BUC foundation was founded in 2018 by Dr. Hassan El Kalla to help raise education level and scientific research at BUC.


The scope of work

  • Cultural, scientific, and educational services. 
  • Social services.
  • Economic development.


  • Contribute to the raising of education level and scientific research at BUC.
  • Serve as a link between both BUC and the society to strengthen the relationship between its various units.
  • Serve the community needs to which the BUC would be able to extend help and support. 
  • Work on developing the skills and abilities of those who wish to join the workforce soon. 
  • Hold conferences, seminars, and workshops to achieve integration between the academic and the professional community.
  • Work to provide modern scientific disciplines to the university through preparation and training specialists, technicians, and experts in various scientific and research fields.
  • Work to achieve a link between the university’s educational process goals and the evolving needs of society, both: in social and economic sectors.
  • Encourage scientific research and support its various scientific and practical uses in various fields.
  • Enhance the human development at the university, especially in supporting young faculty members, teaching assistants, and deputies in both theoretical and practical fields.
  • Develop the level of higher education at the university by using the most advanced equipment in the field of modern educational technology.
  • Hold scientific competitions to select the best-qualified professionals and integrate them with the university’s teaching staff to provide better educational levels.