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Prof. Hassan El Kalla

Dr. Hassan El KaIla was the first undersecretary — Curative Care Sector of the Ministry of Health and Population in Egypt. He is the founder and chairman of the Board of Futures Educational Systems(; Founder and Chairman of Edu Systems International(; Founder and Chairman of Cairo for Investment and Real Estate Development ( President of GS1 Egypt(http://www.eanegypt.comn Founder and President of the Egyptian Society of Health Care and prominent member of the board of trustees of AFS. He is an international recognized leader in public health, education, and business development. He is admired as well for his enduring passion for public service and his dedication to the improvement of the quality of life for Egyptians and all peoples of the world through education.

Dr. Hassan’s deeds are too numerous to mention here, and so we identify only a few of his greatest accomplishrnents and those especially dear to his generous heart:
He is a remarkable key member of the Health Policy Cornmittee which laid the foundation for health sector reform and the re-engineering for the Ministry of Health and Population; he successfully supervised the implementation of the Primary Health Care Benefit Package for EBYPt.
His zeal for education, led him to create Futures Educational Systems, an organization which represents an economically viable Educational Center of Excellence while being a replicable model for education for all of Egypt and the world. Futures Educational Systems educates over 10,000 kindergarten through twelfth grade students. It also addresses the needs of different Egyptian social and economic groups by offering a diverse system of education using Egyptian, American, British, French, and German models and through the Egyptian Academy for Human Development, Futures Educational Systerns plays a significant role in staff development and the development of the neighborhoods in which the schools are located and is a valued partner in the delivery of the Master of Education Degree in Egypt by American International college.
His entrepreneurial spirit enabled him to create and lead Cairo for Investment and Real Estate Development, a registered cornpany on the Egyptian Stock Market. The company is a partner in the Global Compact, an initiative of the former United Nations Secretary General, the Honorable Kofi Anan.
Perhaps the voluntary work of which he is most proud is that accomplished by the Society of Cultural Exchange; an organization which provides about twelve thousand grants annually to facilitate the achievement of peace, brotherhood and enlightened dialogues around the world. The society is funded by contributions of fifty-two countries. The society in Egypt relies on volunteer work and focuses on the exchange of knowledge, experience and culture by sending Egyptian students overseas. Dr. Hassan shares with his colleagues the belief that students embody the best ambassadors for Egypt, and those Egyptian Educational Institutions are graduating wonderful model cadres of young people.
D. Hassan El Kalla is an excellent example of humility, selflessness, and generosity that makes him the great man that he is. He is loved, honored and respected by everyone who has had the opportunity to meet him.

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