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Dr. Hassan El Qallah
Dr. Hassan El Qallah

Since its inception, Badr University in Cairo (BUC) has had a strong vision to become among the leaders of higher education in Egypt and the region, and later on in the world. This vision has guided us at BUC throughout all stages of development and has become our guiding beacon.

At BUC we strive to provide the best learning environment in order to become leaders in the national and regional levels with international standards.  We also strive to provide accredited academic programs. In order to enrich our undergraduate programs, we must keep pace with rapid changes in society and in the labor market, which needs national graduates equipped with proper skills and capable of meeting the challenges of today and the future. Therefore, continuous development, in terms of scientific research, is pivotal in order to create an environment that sustains innovation and creation that we aspire for. The university has already started various plans in order to reach international standards of excellence in its learning and teaching as well as its scientific research practices.

I would like to seize this opportunity to thank our prestigious Board of Trustees for their vision and guidance, and the University administration for their enthusiasm and dedication to achieve our vision. I would also like to thank our outstanding faculty members who helped shaping our educational frontiers, and, last but not least, our students to whom I promise continuous dedication and commitment in helping them shape up their future dreams and become the ambassadors of our university.

Dr. Hassan El Qallah

Chairman, Board of Trustees

Prof. Mostafa Kamel
Prof. Mostafa Kamel

I have the great privilege of greeting you as president and professor of Badr University in Cairo (BUC). The University strives to meet the expectations and aspirations of our society by adhering to the highest institutional standards and ethics, which includes respect for diverse values, heritage, cultural diversity, integrity, transparency, teamwork, leadership, entrepreneurship and effective communication.

Despite the fact that we are among the newest private universities in Egypt, I take great pride of the achievements of our team during the last five years, whether on the intellectual level or in the classroom, laboratory, and beyond – mentoring and advising undergraduate students.

At the core of every great institution of learning is its faculty. We have chosen to make our institution one of the leading research universities in the region in addition to being an institution that will establish a new level of educational excellence.

Last but not least, none of this would be possible without the dedication of our students and continued devotion as alumni.

Prof. Mostafa Kamel

President, Badr University in Cairo

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Facts & Figures

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Faculty members and Assistants:


Our Strategic Plan:

BUC Strategic Plan

Realising our vision


Strategic goalsExcellence in educationExcellence in research & InnovationExcellence in Public EngagementInternationalization
EnablersCapacity Building
Finance Sustainability
Strategic themesOutstanding student experienceGlobal impact & Partnership
Lifelong communityCommunity Outreach
Creative environment for research and innovationWorking Environment that strengthen value-based leadership


Goal #1: Excellence in Education


To stimulate our students’ lifelong needs for knowledge and learning and to encourage an innovative and independent attitude and an aspiration to achieve success within the University.


  1. Create and sustain a culture that supports teaching and learning excellence in all academic programs;
  2. Foster a climate in which teaching is highly valued and facilitate flexible learner journeys;
  3. Strengthen institutional structures that promote pedagogical innovations within colleges and programs;
  4. Promote the health and well-being of students as a foundation for academic and market success; and
  5. Attract an excellent and diverse body of undergraduate students.


Goal #2: Excellence in Research


To foster a vibrant, successful and interactive research community that generates ideas and discoveries, creates new fields of knowledge and makes a difference to the societal, cultural, environmental and health.


  1. Strengthen support for and recognition of important interdisciplinary areas, while ensuring excellence in disciplines as a foundation;
  2. Significantly improve institution-wide services for the administration and support of research grants (including government, foundation, and industry funding);
  3. Provide leadership in solving key national, regional and global research challenges;
  4. Realize the full potential of our research base; and
  5. Generate a cohort of future research leaders.


Goal #3: Excellence in Community Service & Engagement


To create the conditions under which our students, staff and the wider community are inspired and supported to contribute to social responsibility and community development.


  1. Make public engagement a distinctive feature of education;
  2. Construct a unified concept and vision for the university’s public engagement mission;
  3. Develop rigorous, systematic evaluations of all outreach programs;
  4. Strongly connect public engagement to on-campus research and educational strengths; and
  5. Promote stronger collaborations and partnerships between the university and stakeholders that can make use of and strengthen our research’s’ positive impact on society.


Goal #4: Internationalization


To think global and act local in order to meet the aspirations of our University community and society as a whole to international standards.


  1. incorporate internationalization in all areas of University activity;
  2. develop an internationally relevant curriculum;
  3. Strengthen the educational impact of international opportunities and experiences for students;
  4. expand our global outreach and capacity-building contributions; and
  5. promote global citizenship and collaborating on teaching and learning, research and knowledge exchange with international partners