Quality Assurance & Continous Improvement Center


To ensure that the curricula, teaching, learning and extracurricular activities at Badr University in Cairo are aligned with national and international standards of education and management quality.


The quality assurance and continues development center is committed to excellence and leadership in advancing and pursuit of continuous development and sustainability in teaching, learning, campus operation and community services through developing skills, building capacity and ensuring active engagement of stakeholders at all levels.



  • To ensure adherence to student-centered learning and capabilities of the university personnel and infrastructure are well developed to sustain providing excellent learning services.
  • To provide directions to key quality assurance documents, provide information and enhancement with examples of best practices to ensure that the faculties at BUC and its programs are adhering to the institutional goals and standards.
  • To disseminate best practices of learning, teaching and transfer of knowledge to ensure proper execution.
  • Integrating sustainability into education, research and operations to develop modern approaches and learning outcomes to gouge progress.
  • To support faculties of BUC and its departments to regularly review their teaching, learning and assessment of their activities to achieve continuous improvement.
  • To ensure adherence to the national and international standards of teaching & learning quality assurance and excellent quality of management.
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