BUC have various facilities for their students:

  1. Campus:

The location of BUC in Badr City, which is a new urban community northeast of Cairo, is ideal for serving the educational, medical and cultural needs of growing populations.

BUC will provide a wide range of campus facilities that are open to students, administrative staff, school members and the local community.

  1. Lecture halls and Classrooms:

BUC offers students a variety of learning environments. Teaching rooms are equipped with all the learning process requirements.

  1. Libraries:

Each school has a library which contains the standard books needed for undergraduate courses, along with other materials related to different subjects.

  1. Science labs:

There are many science labs serving the science faculties with physical facilities, equipment, materials, safety devices and other facilities.

  1. Computer Labs:

Computer labs equipped with professional computing facilities and high speed Wi-Fi.

  1. Medical Center

The medical center serves anyone who is injured at university and can be taken for first aid. Medical center is provided with the needed medicine, equipment, material, kits and tools. There are highly qualified doctors to help and take care of students and staff.

  1. Cafeteria

In our cafeteria we serve healthy food for students and staff members, fresh juices and variety of healthy sandwiches and snacks.

Sport Facilities:

We offer a wide range of sport facilities to our students. You can access a number of indoor and outdoor sports facilities, including fully equipped football pitch, tennis pitch, basketball pitches, volleyball pitch and handball pitch.

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