IT and Computing Facilities

Computer labs equipped with professional computing facilities and high speed Wi-Fi.

BUC Network Infrastructer
Internet Connection70 MB/s
Data Center ServersMore than 25 servers
The Connection Between Data Center & Buildings40 Giga
The Connection with Buildings40 Giga
The Connection between each floor10 Giga
WiFi Connection Covering all UniversityOutdoor Deual Channel 5 / 4.2 GHz
Indour Deual Channel 5 / 4.2 GHz
System of Fire Fighting and  Fire AlarmCover all Buildings and rooms at University
Labs at BUC
BuildingRoomLab NumbersLab typeProcessorMemoriesHDD
dentistry23224lenovo thinkpad e440-e430core I34gb500
Linguistic10336lenovo thinkpad e440-e430core I34gb500
Linguistic10536lenovo thinkpad e440-e430core I34gb500
Engineering21636lenovo thinkpad e550-e530core I34gb500
Applies Arts11436lenovo thinkpad e550-e530core I34gb500
Applies Arts22730Accer Vertoncore I58gb1000
Applies Arts22830Dell Optiplexcore I716gb1000
Applies Arts21820Maccore I58gb1000
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