The International Relation Office (IRO)

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The International Relations Office (IRO) was established to support the University’s vision by raising awareness, facilitating the pursuit of international education, faculty and student exchange and encouraging global collaborations for the University community. The International Communication Office also aims to ensure that the impact of BUC research, enterprise and teaching is fully realized regionally and internationally.

Within BUC strategic plan, internationalization is considered among the primary goals and also considered a driver for change and excellence. Furthermore, it is a primary agent for providing students and faculty members with the skills required in the 21st century as well as a vehicle to encourage innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship and, ultimately, to foster job creation. Internationalization, at BUC, have two main functions:

  • It can help students to achieve their goals to obtain a quality education and pursue research.
  • It gives students an opportunity for “real world, real time” experiential learning in areas that cannot simply be taught.

International Relations Office promotes, enables and manages BUC’s international engagement by:

  • Supporting BUC community in their teaching and research and enhancing the BUC’s international presence.
  • Encouraging and motivating students and faculty exchange from around the world.
  • Internationalizing the curriculum.
  • Enhancing research through joint research with international agencies and renowned Universities.
  • Hosting and managing international faculty, students and visiting delegation.
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To position BUC as a leading regional center of learning & research excellence, deepening its culture of innovation & achieving local and global impact through our students, alumni & strategic partnership.

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To create a transformative educational experience for our students & graduates focused on multi-disciplinary knowledge, leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills to attract and retain talents preparing them to become the future leaders & innovators and to impact society nationally, regionally, and globally by engaging with partners outside the borders of the university campus.

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Our values

Our values can be seen in our commitment to:

  • Delivering quality and excellence;
  • Nurturing high aspirations;
  • Aspiring to the highest standards of scientific and professional integrity;
  • Encouraging team work;
  • Leadership and management through shared vision and achieved goals;
  • Fostering equality, diversity, inclusivity and accessibility; and
  • Adopting best environmental practice.


[tabby title=”Aims”]

General Aims

  1. Identifying international institutions for partnership based on the BUC and national market demands.
  2. Building partnerships with international institutions for technology transfer and human resources development.
  3. Enhancing the opportunities and overcoming the challenges for scientific research collaboration between BUC and international institutions.
  4. Increase the impact of scientific research publishing on the national and international levels.
  5. Diversifying financial support portfolio for the scientific research projects.


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Specific Aims

1- Making a global gateway and partnership with international universities and associations.

2- Transfer of international experience and the global knowledge to the BUC students.

3- Alignment of the whole BUC curricula with the international standards.

4- Internships and scientific exchange for the undergraduate students and postgraduate students.


[divide style=”2″][tabby title=”University Stakeholders”]
  1. Industry Representatives
  2. Faculty members
  3. Administration
  4. The undergraduate and graduate students


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Project Manager:

Dr. Eng. Ahmed Emara

Head of the International Affairs Office- Badr University in Cairo- BUC

[tabby title=”Organizational Chart of International Office”]

Organizational Chart of International Office


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