1Department of Basic and Medical Sciences1- Basic SciencesBMD
2- Medical Sciences
3- Biomaterials
2Department of Oral Biology and Pathology1- Dental anatomyOBP
2- Oral Biology
3-Oral Pathology
3Department of Conservative Therapy1- Dental Conservative TherapyRST
2- Endodtics
4Department Of Prosthodontics1- Removable ProsthodonticsPRS
2- Fixed Prosthodontics
3- Dental implant
54- Department of Oral Surgery and Maxillo facial Surgery1- Oral surgeryOMS
2- Maxillo facial
3- Oral surgery and anathesia
65- Department of Oral Medicine , Periodontology , Diagnosis and radiology1- Dental radiologyORM
2- Oral medicine
3- Periodontology
4- Oral Diagnosis
7Department of Child Dental health1- OrthodonticsCDH
2- Pediatric Dentistry
3- Preventive and Community Dentistry
4- Dental ethics and law


BUC Dentistry curriculum has been designed and developed based on intended learning outcomes that enable students to acquire basic knowledge and valuable skills in dentistry as well as adopt appropriate professional attitudes and habits.

BUC Dentistry offers a challenging 5-year undergraduate program leading to a bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery. Dentistry students must successfully pass a total of 189 credit hours, including university requirements, school requirements, obligatory and elective basic science, biological science, and dental and oral surgery requirements. A 6th year of training in a university hospital or suitable health care facility under the supervision of BUC Dentistry school members is also required of all students.


Bachelor Degree of Oral and Dental Medicine


School of Oral & Dental Medicine Courses

CourseCodeCredit hours/SemesterPre-requisite
1-English in dentistryGen11032Non
2-Biophysics and statisticsBMD11014Non
5-Dental Anatomy IOBP11014Non
6-Dental anatomy IIOBP 12024Non
7-General histologyBMD12084Non
8-General anatomy and Embryology IBMD12093BMD1103
9-General physiology IBMD12114BMD1103
10-Biomaterials IBMD12041BMD1101
11-Human rightsGen12011Non
12-Biomaterials IIBMD 21052BMD1204
14-General Microbiology and ImmunityBMD21133BMD1103, BMD1211
15-General anatomy and Embryology IIBMD21103BMD1209
16- General physiology IIBMD21124BMD1211
17-Oral biology IOBP21033BMD1103/ BMD1208
18-General pathologyBMD22194BMD1208, BMD1207
20-Biomaterials IIIBMD22063BMD1204
21-Oral biology IIOBP22043BMD1103/ BMD1208
22-Dental ethics and lawCDH22011Non
23-Removable prosthodontics (tech) IPRS22014OBP1202
24-Oral pathology IOBP31053OBP2204/ BMD2219
25-Fixed Prthodontic (tech) IPRS31084OBP1202/ BMD2206
26-Operative(tech) IRST31014OBP1202/ OBP2204
27-Removable prosthodontics (tech) IIPRS31023PRS 2201
28-General surgeryBMD31153BMD 2110
29-General medicine IBMD31173BMD 2219 / BMD 2112
30-Oral pathology IIOBP32063OBP2204/ BMD2219 OBP2103
31-Fixed Prosthodontic (tech) IIPRS32094BMD 2206
32-Operative (tech) IIRST32023OBP1202
33-Removable prosthodontics IPRS32032PRS 2201
34-General surgery , Ophthalmology and ENTBMD32163BMD 2110
35-Endodontics (Tech)RST32072OBP1202
36-General medicine IIBMD32183BMD2112/ BMD2219
37-Operative  IRST41032RST3202
38-Fixed prosthodontics  IPRS41102PRS3209
39-Removable Prosthodontics IIPRS41042PRS3203
40-Endodontics IRST41082RST3207
41-Oral medicine IORM41023BMD3218/ OBP3206
42-Oral surgery and anathesia IOMS41012BMD3216/ OBP3206
43-Orthodontics ICDH41022OBP2204
44-Oral DiagnosisORM41053OBP3206
45-Dental radiologyORM41013BMD1101/ OBP3206
46-Operative  IIRST42042RST3202
47-Fixed prosthodontics  IIPRS42112PRS3209
48-Removable prosthodontics  IIIPRS42052PRS 3203
49-Endodontics  IIRST42092RST 3207
50-Oral Medicine IIORM 42033OBP3206, BMD 3218
51-Oral surgery and anathesia IIOMS42022BMD3216/ OBP3206
52-Pediatric Dentistry ICDH 42042RST 3202
53-Orthodontics IICDH42033OBP2204
55-Pediatric Dentistry IICDH 51052CDH 4203
56-Operative  IIIRST51052RST4204
57-Removable prosthodontics IVPRS51062PRS4205
58-Fixed prosthodontics  IIIPRS51122PRS4211
59-Endodontics  IIIRST51102RST4209
60-Oral surgery and Maxillo facialOMS51032OMS4202
61-Preventive and Community DentistryICDH 51071CDH 4204/ RST4204
62-Social & Philosophical Aspects in DentistryDNT51051CDH 4204
63-Clinic ManagementDNT51041Non
64-Dental implantPRS5207COM3OMS4202
65-Fixed prosthodontics  IVPRS52132PRS4112
66-Endodontics  IVRST52112RST4209
67-Oral surgery and Maxillo facial IIOMS52043OMS4202
68-Preventive and Community Dentistry IICDH 52081CDH 4203/RST4204
69-Operative IVRST52062RST4202
70- Pediatric Dentistry IIICDH 52063CDH4204 4203


Course Description

1-English in dentistry (Gen1103) Credit hours: 2/one semester  Pre-requisite: non Prepare students to handle reading academic text books and understand the scientific articles and synthesizing what they read. It prepares the students for writing an academic scientific essay and a practical report.

2-Biophysics and statistics  (BMD1101) Credit hours : 4/one semester  Pre-requisite: non Photoelectric effect, Optical emission cell, threshold-.X rays, Electron properties, Thermal emission, Physics of solids, Chemical bonds , Electric conductivity and Galvanic current. HEAT; Methods of measurements / thermometer, Heat transmission, Heat and mechanical- energy, The full black body, Phase transition, Thermodynamics, Linear and volumetric expansion. Introduction on Statistics and Probabilities, Random experiment, Sample space, MODERN PHYSICS, MATERIAL PROPERTIES: Units and dimensions, Mechanical properties, Thermodynamics Thermochemistry, Electrical conductance: Chemical and electrical energy, Electrode potential, Colloidal Application of X- ray, Statistics and incidence, Basic principles of Harmonic analysis, Random variable and probability distribution.

3-Chemistry (BMD1102) Credit hours: 4/one semester   Pre-requisite: non Hydrocarbons – Alcohols (mon – di – trihydric ) – Mercaptans – Ethrs- Thioethers – Aliphatic aldehydes – Carboxylic acids and derives – Amines . carbohydrates (mono and Disaccharides ) , Aromatic compounds: Benzene and its derivatives , Halogen compounds , Phenol and phenolic esters , Aromatic , and ketones , Aromatic mono – di carboxylic acids, Aromatic sulphonic Acids, Aromatic amino compounds

4-Bioscience (BMD1103) Credit hours: 3/one semester   Pre-requisite: non 1- Botany: Viruses, Bacteria- Actinomycetes – Blue green aigae – Fungi Pteridophyta Gymnosperms and Angiosperms.Cytoplasm and its physical and chemical properties,Enzymes.Genetics: Introduction to Comparative Dental anatomy 2- Lips in different vertebrates, Structure of the gum. 3- Tongue, structure and function, Palate, Development of the face and the oral cavity, Derivatives of the visceral skeleton, Development of the jaws, Growth of the skull, Dentition, Teeth pattern in general in general vertebrates, Evolution of teeth Embryology Development of oral cavity, Development of oral cavity (human) Cases of abnormalities of oral cavity, Dentomaxillary facial abnormalities, Dentomaxillary abnormalities.

5-Dental Anatomy I (OBP1101) Credit hours: 4/one semester  Pre-requisite: non Introduction, Morphology of permanent and primary teeth with chronology, Geometric concept outlines.

6-Dental  anatomy II (OBP 1202) Credit hours: 4/one semester   Pre-requisite : non Physiologic form of the tooth, protecting the peridontium, Occlusion of the permanent teeth, The pulp Cavities of the permanent teeth, Development of the teeth calcification and eruption, Condition of maxilla and mandible at different age groups.

7-General  histology (BMD1208) Credit hours: 4/one semester  Pre-requisite: non Introduction and paraffin technique Microscopy, Epithelial tissue, Connective tissue, Cartilage: Hyaline cartilage, Bone Tissue, Muscle tissue, Nervous Tissue, Blood vessels: Arteries, veins & capillaries, Lymphatic tissue.

8-General anatomy and Embryology I (BMD1209) Credit hours: 3/one semester  Pre-requisite: BMD1103 A short account on General skeleton , embryology and development of the face and mandible.

9-General physiology I (BMD1211) Credit hours: 4/one semester  Pre-requisite: BMD1103 Nerve and muscle, Digestion, Special senses, Respiratory system, Cardiovascular system

10-Biomaterials I (BMD1204) Credit hour: 1/one semester  Pre-requisite: BMD1101 Gypsum products, Impression Pastes, Reversible Hydrocolloid ( Agar – agar ), Elastomeric Impression Materials, Polymeric Materials & Denture Bases, Soft liners & Tissue Conditioners, Artificial Teeth, Abrasives

11-Human rights (Gen1201) Credit hours: 1/one semester  Pre-requisite: non The course define the right of each subject in view of the law, realign and international agreements. Also the rights of the patient and dentist.

12-Biomaterials II (BMD 2105) Credit hour: 1/one semester  Pre-requisite: BMD1204 Separating Media, Model and Die Materials, Implant Materials, Macroscopic properties of materials, Dental waxes and Gutta Percha, Dental Investments, Restorative Casting Metals, Restorative Casting Alloys.

13-Biochemistry (BMD2107) Credit hours: 4/one semester  Pre-requisite: BMD1102 Chemistry of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, Vitamins, Metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, Amino acids, Hormonal control of metabolism. Chemistry and Metabolism of Nucleic acids, Protein synthesis, Metabolism of-major minerals and trace minerals.

14-General Microbiology and Immunity (BMD2113) Credit hours: 3 Pre-requisite: BMD1103, BMD1211 Orall bacteriology, Microbial genetics, General immunology, Immunopathology and clinical immunology, Systematic Bacteriology, Virology (General Systemic), Mycology (General & Systemic)

15-General anatomy and Embryology II (BMD2110) Credit hours : 3/one semester  Pre-requisite: BMD1209 Head and Neck,. Bones and Joints,. Regions, Oral cavity, Pharynx body, Classification of the joints, Human body systems.

16- General physiology II (BMD2112) Credit hours: 4/one semester   Pre-requisite: BMD1211 Blood, Endocrine glands, Central nervous system, Autonomic nervous system, Metabolism.

17-Oral biology I (OBP2103) Credit hours: 3/one semester  Pre-requisite : BMD1103/ BMD1208 Tooth development and Growth, Enamel,Dentine,Cementuum,Pulp, Periodontal Ligament ,  Bone Tissue and Alveolar Bone, Development of the Mandible and Maxilla, Growth of the Maxilla and Mandible.

18-General pathology (BMD2219) Credit hours: 4/one semister  Pre-requisite: BMD1208, BMD1207                   Introduction to pathology, Pathology of inflammation, pathogenesis, types, fates, granulomas, Degenerations, types, deposits, metabolic disturbances, Circulatory disturbances, Bacterial infections,. Disturbances of growth, atrophy, hypotrophy, hyperplasia & metaplasia, Tumors, (neoplasmas), benign, malignant, pathogenesis & etiology, 8. Practical histopathology & some museum specimens.

19-Pharmacology (BMD2214) Credit hours: 3/one semester  Pre-requisite: BMD1211/BMD2107 General pharmacology: Common descriptive pharmacological terms, Mechanism of action of drugs, Types of action of drugs, Methods of drug administration, Types of dosage, Factors affecting the dose and response of the drug Absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs.Autonomic Nervous System: Introduction and Drugs acting on the nervous system, Drugs acting on Central Nervous system, Endocrine,Blood Locally acting Drugs  Chemotherapy General principles of anti – microbial actions, Central adverse reactions of anti-microbial drugs, Mechanism of action of anti-microbial drugs, Beta-Lactam , antibiotics, Aminoglycosides, Macrolids, Quinlones, Clindamycin, Tetracyclines & chloramphenicol, Sulfonamides & Trimethoprime, Anti fungal drugs, Antiviral drugs, The Management of Emergencie.

20-Biomaterials III (BMD2206) Credit hours: 3/one semester Pre-requisite: BMD1204 Stainless Steel and Wrought Metals, Metal joining in dentistry, Dental Porcelain, Composite Filling Materials, Dental Cements, Dental Amalgam

21-Oral biology II (OBP2204) Credit hours : 3/one semester Pre-requisite : BMD1103/ BMD1208 Oral Mucous Membrane, Salivary Glands, Tooth Eruption, Shedding of Deciduous Teeth, Maxilary Sinus, Mandibular Joint, Age  changes

22-Dental ethics and law (CDH2201) Credit hours: 1/one semester  Pre-requisite: non The course describe  how to manage with patient, professional roll, and the law covering the relation with patient in addition to licence.

23-Removable prosthodontics (tech) I  (PRS2201) Credit hours: 2/one semester  Pre-requisite: OBP1202  Definitions, Objectives of Complete Denture prosthesis, Denture surfaces, Anatomical Landmarks, Impression trays, Casts and Boxing the impression, Record blocks, Mandibular positions and movements, Articulators, Selection of artificial teeth ( anterior and posterior teeth ), Arrangement of teeth.

24-Oral pathology I (OBP3105) Credit hours: 3  /one semester   Pre-requisite: OBP2204/ BMD2219 Developmental disturbances of oral & para- oral structures, Dental caries, Diseases of the pulp & periapical area

25-Fixed Prthodontic (tech) I (PRS3108)          Credit hours: 3/one semester  Prerequisite: OBP1202/ BMD2206 Definition, Instruments, Finishing lines, P J C, preparation, Full metal crown preparation, Ceramo-metal preparation, Retention & Resistance.

26-Operative(tech) I (RST3101) Credit hours: 3/one semester  Pre-requisite: OBP1202/ OBP2204  Nomenclature, Objectives of operative dentistry, Cavity classification and General principles of cavity preparation, Instruments and instrumentation .Preparation on models.

27-Removable prosthodontics (tech) II (PRS3102) Credit hours: 2/one semester     Pre-requisite: PRS 2201 waxing up, Flasking of dentures, Elimination of wax from the mold, Application of Tin foil substitutes, Packing of acrylic resin, Curing of the denture, Deflasking of the denture Finishing and polishing, Trouble shooting of heating of acrylic Resin, Relief, Posterior palatal Seal, Repair.

28-General surgery (BMD3115) Credit hours:3/one semester  Pre-requisite: BMD 2110 General Surgery, Shock, Hemorrhage and  blood  transfusion. , Congenital   malformation of head and neck , Lip, Salivary glands, Neck Swelling, Lymph nodes, Thyroid and parathyroid.. Masticatory muscles.

29-General medicine I (BMD3117) Credit hours: 3/one semester  Pre-requisite: BMD 2219 / BMD 2112 Cardiovascular System, Hematological Disorders, Gastrointestinal and Liver, Nervous System, Chest, Respiratory System.

30-Oral pathology II (OBP3206) Credit hours: 3/one semester Pre-requisite: OBP2204/ BMD2219 OBP2103 Etiology of oral cancer, Premalignant Lesions, Benign non-odontogenic, Tumors, Malignant epith non-odo Tumors, Malignant mesenchymal non-od Tumors, White lesions, Infectious diseases, Salivary gland diseases, Salivary gland tumors, Bone disease & metastatic disease, Diseases of bone, other than neoplasia, Pigmented lesions, Oral aspects of metabolic diseases, Cysts of the oral & paraoral area, Giant cell lesions and fibrous overgrowths, Regressive alterations of teeth.

31-Fixed Prosthodontic (tech) II (PRS3209) Credit hours : 3/one semester Pre-requisite: BMD 2206 Impression, casting procedures, and non-precious alloys. Working casts and dies, Wax pattern, Investing, Casting, Finishing.

32-Operative (tech) II (RST3202) Credit hours: 2/one semester  Pre-requisite: OBP1202 Amalgam restoration, Tooth colored restorations, Control of fluids in the oral cavity. Composite, Glass  ionomer, compomers ,Inlays.

33-Removable prosthodontics I (PRS3203) Credit hours: 2/one semester Pre-requisite: PRS 2201 Diagnosis and treatment planning, Impression, Theories of Impression technique, Checking and trimming the trays, Compound Impression, Alginate Impression, Zinc Oxide Eugenol and Rubber Base Impressions.

34-General surgery , Ophthalmology and ENT (BMD3216) Credit hours : 3/one semester  Pre-requisite: BMD 2110 Chronic specific infection,Surgical emergency, cancer and irradiation therapy, Ear, Nose, Larynx, Tonsillitis, Adenoiditis,Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy, Suppuration of the pharynx, Epistaxis, Sinusitis, Tumors of the nose and paransal Sinuses ,Ophthalmology, Anatomy of the ball and its adenixa, Relation between orbit and oral cavity, Ocular emergency, like ocular trauma with chemicals, Short notes about common eye diseases: Differential diagnosis of red eye, Intraocular surgery and oral cavity examination.

35-Endodontics (Tech) (RST3207) Credit hours : 2/one semester Pre-requisite: OBP1202 Morphology of root , pulp chambers and canals , instrument , canal preparation , irrigation , obliteration , radiographic interpretation.

36-General medicine II(BMD3218) Credit hours: 3/one semester  Pre-requisite: BMD2112/ BMD2219 Endocrinal System and Bone Metabolism, Renal, Nutritions and Vitamins, Miscellaneous/Dermatology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

37-Operative  I (RST4103) Credit hours: 2/one semester Pre-requisite: RST3202 Handling the patient, Sterilization and Hygiene, Dental Caries, Isolation of teeth, Control of Fluids during restoraion and Control of Pain, Principal of Clinical Work.

38-Fixed prosthodontics  I (PRS4110) Credit hours: 2/one semester  Pre-requisite: PRS3209 Ant 3/4 preparation, Post 3/4 preparation, Pin ledge preparation, 7/8 crown & half crown

39-Removable Prosthodontics II PRS4104 Credit hours :2/per one semester Prerequisite : PRS3203 Open Mouth Impression Technique, Closed Mouth Impression Technique, Selective pressure Impression Technique , maxilla-mandibular relation

40-Endodontics I (RST4108) Credit hours: 2/one semester  Pre-requisite:  RST3207 Pulpal and periapical pathosis, Selection of cases for endodontic treatment, Endodontic cavity preparation.

41-Oral medicine I (ORM4102) Credit hours: 3/one semester Pre-requisite: BMD3218/ OBP3206 Immunology and allergy, Tongue diseases, Blood diseases, White lesions, Focal infection, Oral and facial hyper pigmentation., allergy, occupational hazard , facial pain , endocrine and reproductive.

42-Oral surgery and anathesia I(OMS4101) Credit hours: 2/one semester  Pre-requisite: BMD3216/ OBP3206 Introduction to oral surgery and anaesthesia, Anatomical aspects, Physiological aspects, Pain pathway, Methods of pain control, Ways of production of local anesthesia, Preparation for injection, Injection techniques for infiltration and block anaesthesia, Theories of block anesthetics, Local anesthetic agent, Vaso-constrictors, Complication of local anaesthesia and dental emergencies, The extraction instruments, General consideration in forceps extraction of individual teeth.

43-Orthodontics I (CDH4102)  Credit hours: 3/one semester   Pre-requisite: OBP2204   Definition of Orthodontics, Scope of Orthodontics, Aims of Orthodontics, Normal growth and development, Normal soft tissue behavior, Normal development of occlusion, Forces of Occlusion, Malocclusion. 44-Oral Diagnosis (ORM4105) Credit hours: 3/one semester  Pre-requisite: OBP3206  Case history, Principles of Examination, Intraoral Examination, Diagnostic Laboratory Procedures and Biopsy, Pathologic process involving the oral mucosa, Pathologic process involving the oral mucosa, Differential Diagnosis of oral Ulcer, Diagnosis of white lesions, Diagnosis if patients with bleeding Disorders, Differential Diagnosis oral lesions.

45-Dental radiology (ORM4101) Credit hours: 2/one semester  Pre-requisite; BMD1101/ OBP3206 Radiation Physics, Dental films, Periapical radiographic techniques, Bisecting angle, Parallel technique, Bite wing technique, Occlusal techniques, Processing .C.T Scan, Cone beam radiography

46-Operative  II(RST4204) Credit hours:2/one semester  Pre-requisite: RST3202 Amalgam preparation and restoration, matrices, direct ant restorations, cast gold restoration and preparation.

47-Fixed prosthodontics  II(PRS4211) Credit hours: 2/one semester Pre-requisite: PRS3209 Precision attachments, retainers, assembling bridge units and soldering, temporary and final cementation.

48-Removable prosthodontics  III (PRS4205) Credit hours: 2/one semester  Pre-requiste: PRS 3203 Removable partial Denture: Examination and Evaluation of Diagnostic data, Treatment planning, Mouth Preparation, Impression Registration, Control of Gagging and Saliva,Special impression Procedures for Tooth & Tissue – Supported Partial Denture,Kennedy Classification of Removable Partial Denture, Fitting the Framework , Establishing Occlusal Relation, Try-in of Partial Denture, Delivery, Esthetics for the Removable Partial Denture ,Tissue Damage and Management, Patients’ Complaints, Repair and Additions to the Removable Partial Denture.

49-Endodontics  II ( RST4209) Credit hours: 2/one semester  Pre-requisite: RST 3217 /  Filling of the root canal, Application of therapeutics in endodontics, Bleaching of discolored pulpless teeth, Prognosis of root canal treated teeth.

50-Oral Medicine II (ORM 4203) Credit hours 3/per one semester Prerequisite OBP3206, BMD 3218 Allergy , Occupational hazards , facial pain , manifestation of vitamin deficiency, Endocrine and reproductive gland disorder

51-Oral surgery and anathesia II (OMS4202) Credit hours: 2/one semester  Pre-requisite: BMD3216/ OBP3206 The elevators, Extraction of deciduous teeth, Post extraction care & instructions, Complication on exodontias, Surgical removal of teeth and remaining roots, Management of patients with systemic diseases, impacted teeth, Causes, complication caused by impacted teeth, classification of impacted teeth Methods of removal, complications arising after the removal of the impacted teeth, post operative care and instructions.

52-Pediatric Dentistry I (CDH 4204) Credit hours: 2/one semester  Pre-requisite: RST 3202 Examination of the mouth and other relevant structures, Diagnosis and treatment planning for the child patient, ,Radiographic examination and Techniques, Dental caries in the child and adolescents, Oral habits in children, Rstorative dentistry and dental caries.

53-Orthodontics II (CDH4203)  Credit hours: 3/one semester  Pre-requisite: OBP2204 Etiology of Malocclusion, Orthodontic Examination of the Patient, Tissue changes with tooth Movement, The Extraction of the teeth in Orthodontic Treatment, Principles of Orthodontic Appliances, Myofunctional Therapy, Stainless Steel Alloys, Retention.

54-Periodontology (ORM5104) Credit hours: 2/one semester   Pre-requisite: ORM4203 Normal Features of periodontium, Gingivitis (chronic), Gingival enlargement, Desquamative gingivitis, Acute gingival condition, Classification of periodontal disease, Periodontal pocket, Extension of Inflammation, Furcation involvement, Periodontal diseases, Etiology of periodontal Disease, Periodontal diagnosis and prognosis, Plaque control and oral physiotherapy, Scaling Root Planning and curettage, Pocket elimination, Gingivectomy, Flaps.

55-Pediatric Dentistry II (CDH 5105) Credit hours: 2/one semester  Pre-requisite: CDH 4203 Psychological mangement of patient, Pharmacotherapeutic approaches to patient’s behavior management and Techniques, Dental caries in the child and adolescents, Oral habits in children, Teeth eruption,Vital pulp therapy, Restorative dentistry, Management of dental trauma to teeth and supporting tissues, Diagnosis and correction of minor irregularities in the developing dentition.

56-Operative  III ( RST5105) Credit hours: 2/one semester  Pre-requisite: RST4204 Selection of restorative materials, Biological influences of restorative materials and procedures on vital Tooth tissues, Management of deep carious lesions.

57-Removable prosthodontics IV(PRS5106) Credit hours: 2/one semester Pre-requiste: PRS4205  Double Impression Technique, Jaw Relation, Recognition of Jaw Relationship, Recording Jaw Relationship, Check Denture Foundation, Establish Facial Contour and Determination of Occlusal Plane, Vertical Dimension and method of Recording, Equalize pressure of Occluding Forces, Method of Recording Centric Relation,Check bite, Graphic Recording, Hinge Axis Recording, Function recording, Face Bow, Try in the denture, Delivery of denture, Esthetics for complete Denture, Complaints, Single denture, Over dentures , Relining or Rebasing.

58-Fixed prosthodontics  III (PRS5112) Credit hours: 2/one semester  Pre-requisite: PRS4211 Diagnosis, bridge design, biological consideration, periodontal aspects, protection of tooth and abutment.

59-Endodontics  III( RST5110) Credit hours: 2/one semester  Pre-requisite: RST4209 Case selection, endodontics surgery, prognosis and repair emergency in endodontics, traumatic injuries, complications, bleaching, and restoration of endodontically treated teeth

60-Oral surgery and Maxillo facial (OMS5103) Credit hours: 2/one semester  Pre-requisite: OMS4202 Local anaesthesia and exodontias, The dry socket Apicectomy, Pre- prosthetic oral surgery, Soft tissue abnormalities and their treatment, Bony abnormalities and their treatment, Frenectomy, Deepening of the sulcus, procedures, Alveoloplasty & alveolectomy,Correction of maxillary prognathism.

61-Preventive and Community DentistryI(CDH 5107) Credit hours: 1/one semester  Pre-requisite: CDH 4204/ RST4204 Dental epidemiology, Host factors, Agent factors, Environmental factors, Uses of epidemiology, Planning and evaluation, Scientific methods in dental epidemiology, Formulation of hypothesis, Design of investigation, Incidence, Prevalence, Experimental; Cross – sectional,Longitudinal, Cohort, Case control, Test group and control group, Clinical trial,Validity, Intraexaminer and interexaminer consistency, Diagnostic criteria, Randomization of individual, Double blind trial, Sampling,Conduct the examination.

62-Social and Philosophical Aspects in Dentistry (DNT5105) Credit hours: 1/one semester  Pre-requisite: CDH 4204 Life science and social science in their context. Aspects of psychology of importance to dentistry. Aspects of student-teacher relationship. Social background of patient. Fear among patient. Basic principle of communication theory. Structure and content of initial conversation in the informed-consent model. Gathering and transmitting information. Bringing across bad news messages to patients. Relation with special categories of patients (disabled, non cooperative behavior, full denture patient and orthodontic patient).

63-Clinic Management (DNT5104) Credit hours: 1/one semester  Pre-requisite: Non Tasks and function of members of a dental office team, role pattern and social relation within a dental team. Forms of collaboration in dental offices (single-dentist office, office combination, multidentist office).

64-Dental implant (PRS5207COM) Credit hours: 2/one semester  Pre-requisite: OMS4202 Introduction to implantology , Types of implant , Requirement of implant , Insertion of implant , Suprastructure , biological consideration and Gingival condition

65-Fixed prosthodontics  IV (PRS5213) Credit hours: 2/one semester  Pre-requisite: PRS5112 Post & cores, Alloys, Pontics, Impression materials & Techniques Color and Shade matching, Porcelain Jacket crown ( Lab. Work ).

66-Endodontics  IV( RST5211) Credit hours: 2/one semester  Pre-requisite: RST4209 Root canal complication during preparation, manage fractured instrument, rotary techniques.

67-Oral surgery and Maxillo facial II (OMS5204) Credit hours: 2/one semester  Pre-requisite: OMS4202 Antibiotics in oral surgery, Oral cervical & Facial infections, Differential diagnosis of facial swelling, Cystic of the jaw, Tumors of the head&neck, Haemorrhage, Shock, Allergy, The maxillary sinus & its dental implication, Diseases of the salivary glands, Implantation & transplantation of teeth, Fractures of facial bones, TMJ, Facial deformities, Cleft & palate, Prognathism and retrognathisa of the mandible & maxilla.

68-Preventive and Community Dentistry II (CDH 5208) Credit hours: 1/one semester  Pre-requisite: CDH 4203/RST4204  Community dentistry, Dental education, Dental care program, Analysis of data, Drawing conclusion, Method of examination, Criteria for diagnosis indices, Dental caries ,Periodontal disease, Dental cleanliness, Enamel opacities and fluorosis, Nutrition and oral disease, Traumatic occlusion, Hormones and enzymes , Remineralization, Flow rate of saliva, Dental plaque, Calcification process and nutrition, Sugar and sugar containing food, Protein, lipids, minerals in dental caries, Nutrition and periodontal disease, Fluoride,Dental health education, Dental occupational hazards, Preventive measures of oral occupational Diseases.

69-Operative IV (RST5206) Credit hours: 2/one semester  Pre-requisite: RST4202 Restoration of esthetics, Failure of restorations, Post-operative hypersensitivity and pain, Erosion, Pin retained and reinforced amalgam restorations, Adhesion, Health hazards.

70-Pediatric Dentistry III (CDH 5206) Credit hours: 3/one semester  Pre-requisite: CDH4204 4203 Managing space problem in the dental arch, Local anesthesia and oral surgery for the child and adolescent, Infection control in dental clinic, Gingivitis and periodontal diseases,Eruption and early loss of teeth, Dental problems of the- disabled child.

Message from the Dean:

Dear Student:

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Sherien
Dean, Faculty of Dental and Oral Medicine- Badr University.

Welcome to Faculty of Dental and Oral MedicineBadr University.

Our curriculum is designed to provide consistent, high-quality and appropriate academic advising, monitoring, mentoring and training to ensure your academic and personal success.

It bring relevant real-world experiences to the classroom emphasizes the integration of faith and values with practice.

We believe that with all of the support, services available, highly professional academic staff all our students should have academic success. It depends on how well they take responsibility for their own education, taking initiative to achieve academic excellence. It is up to you to take advantage of these services as soon and as often as you need them.

We strive to graduate students who are interested in what an education enables them to be and not just what it prepares them to do. Our main challenge is to rise students consider self-learning, scientific research and community service.

I encourage you to explore the various opportunities we offer and hope that you will find an educational and career path that makes a meaningful difference in your life.

Best wishes,

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Sherien

Dean, Faculty of Dental and Oral Medicine- Badr University.


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