Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources:

Faculty of applied Arts has a number of workshops and labs that support the practical training in different department programs.

Departments Lab / workshopLocation contents
Product Design DepartmentModeling & Simulation LabR: 110 -1st FloorBasins and sinks – thermal printing machine – moulding facilities
3D printer LabR:340 – 3rd floor– 3D printers four units
– 3 PCs –
– A4 laser printer – 1
– Cutter plotter
– HP Designjet plotter
Ergonomics LabR:008   – Basement– Treadmill – Bicycle Ergometer- Anatomy kits –
– Thermal environment caliper – Heart rate meter –
– Blood Pressure Meter.
Metalwork workshopR:005   – Basement– Lathe,
– Drills,
– bending,
– mill machines.
Textile Engineering DepartmentTextile Work shopU shape – Basement16 simpling hand looms -2 klim handlooms- hand tuft with gun
Cinematography and Television DepartmentCinema & photography studioR:105  – 1st floor– 2 video camera
– 3 flashing light source
– led light source
Interior Design and Furniture DepartmentCarpentry workshop005 basementElectric saw- Planner, circular saw, multipurpose machining unit
Media Design & Graphics  DepartmentApple LabR:218 – 2nd Floor20 Apple Mac Computers
Apparel and Fashion Departmentfashion LabR:107   -1st Floor2 over machines
– 2 Grolin machines
– 8 lock stage machines
– circle cutting machines
– ironning kit
– Jack Sewing machine.
General use FacilitiesMuseum StudiesR:210 -2nd floorDisplays, Ancient Egyptian, Coptic, and Islamic replicates of museum originals
computer Graphics LabR:114 – 1st Floor27 PC Computers
laserU shape – BasementLaser Cutting/engraving
Library1st floor
Chemistry labR:109 1st floor
physics labR: 120 1st floor
Drawing Halls Drawing Studio (1)R:002 – basement
 Drawing Studio (2)R:003 – Basement
 Drawing Studio (3)R:004 – basement
 Drawing Studio (4)R:007 – Basement
 Drawing Studio (5)R:322  -3rd Floor
 Drawing Studio (6)R:325 – 3rd Floor
 Drawing Studio (7)R:328  – 3rd Floor
 Drawing Studio (8)R: 311 – 3rd Floor
 Drawing Studio (9)R:313 – 3rd floor
 Drawing Studio (10)R:315 – 3rd Floor
 Drawing Studio (11)R:316 – 3rd Floor


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Computer labs equipped with professional computing facilities and high speed Wi-Fi

BUC Network Infrastructure
Internet Connection50 Mbits/s
Data Center ServersMore than 25 servers


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