To be a civilization façade and a tool for communication between the different cultures around the world.


We are committed to qualify the graduates to be highly competent cultural intermediary.

We keep pace with modern developments to match the needs of the current and future labor market.

Strategic Plan:

Strategic Goals

Excellence in education Excellence in research & Innovation Excellence in Public Engagement Internationalization Development of institutional capacity


Goal #1: Excellence in Education


BUC School of Linguistics & Translation seeks to achieve scientific leadership through distinguished academic programs and skills that meet the needs of the labour market.

Goal #2: Excellence in Research


BUC School of Linguistics & Translation aspires to create a unique research environment linked to community service and development.

Goal #3: Excellence in Community Service & Engagement

AimBUC School of Linguistics & Translation is committed to enhance its contribution to the community service.
Goal #4: Internationalization
AimBUC School of Linguistics & Translation interests in enhancing its competitive position locally, regionally & internationally.
Goal #5:Development of institutional capacity
AimBUC School of Linguistics & Translation is keen on applying good governance and Support for Total Quality Management.

Faculty Directory:

Full-Time Staff Members & TAs
Name Degree
Hussein Mahmoud (Dean) Professor (ITA)
Fatma Taher (Deputy Dean & Head of English Department) Associate Professor (ENG)
Baher Al’Gohary (Head of German Department) Professor (GER)
Khaled Salem (Head of Spanish Department) Associate Professor (SPA)
Lamia Al’Shereef (Head of Italian Department) Associate Professor (ITA)
Rasha Kamal (Head of Chinese Department) Associate Professor (CHI)
Mohamed Al’Kowmy Assistant Professor (ENG)
Tamer Lokman Assistant Professor (ENG)
Amira Amin Assistant Professor (GER)
Hend Sami Assistant Lecturer (ENG)
Gouda Kamal Assistant Lecturer (ENG)
Christine Samir Assistant Lecturer (ITA)
Deena Mosaad Demonstrator (ENG)
Yasmin Al’Masry Demonstrator (ENG)
Sara Ali Demonstrator (ENG)
Amani Al’Sayed Demonstrator (SPA)
Nouran Salah Demonstrator (ITA)
Marina Ashraf Demonstrator (ITA)
Noha Khaled Demonstrator (CHI)


Part-Time Staff Members & TAs
Name Degree
Hesham Al’Malky Professor
Nahla Gharib Professor
Mohamed Abdul Salam Professor
Salah Nasr Professor
Rozario Bofi Associate Professor
Sohaima Saleh Associate Professor
Faisal Mohamed Associate Professor
Gamal Al’Tahhan Associate Professor
Nermin Mohammed Associate Professor
Hanan Hamdy Assistant Professor
Osama Salama Assistant Professor
Ma Wi Min Assistant Professor
Nesma Hafez Assistant Professor
Noha Al’Zoghby Assistant Professor
Shawkat Al’Masry Assistant Professor
Shaymaa Kamal Assistant Professor
Wafaa Bahaa Al’Din Assistant Professor
Rehab Hanafy Assistant Lecturer
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