Message from the Dean

Dear Students,

Dr. Hussein Mahmoud - The Dean of the School
Dr. Hussein Mahmoud – The Dean of the School

Dear Colleagues,

Dear Faithful friends of the School of Linguistics and Translation,

I write this massage to you and here is my advice:

We live in and an age which has a cultural identity emphasizing diversity. We also experience what we can describe as educational crisis in the full meaning of the word, whether in the university or pre-university education. In this context, we have to face the challenges which are imposed by the status quo. Education faces unprecedented technological explosion in which technology attempts to have its last word, a word of the future. Educational technology has made undeniable and tremendous progress. Moreover, education faces the challenge of fulfilling the needs of the job market at present and in the future. This constitutes the corner stone on which educational policies are built and goes against the traditional and prevailing principle of, “science for science.” This principle has produced a lot of science and little application. The big challenge for education today is to produce little science and a lot of applications.

At the   School of Linguistics and Translation, we are aware of cultural diversity and we do our best to make use of it to the advantage of our students, employers in the job market, the society and the whole nation. It is no exaggeration to go beyond this to include all humanity. My advice to you:

Have harmony with diversity, accept “the other” and serve your country.

At the   School of Linguistics and Translation, we are aware of the needs of the job market.

At the same time, we do not ignore the human needs for the light of science. Therefore, we emphasize the useful applications to day to day practices. At the same time, we reinforce scientific research in order to produce more knowledge. We see that both of them feed into one another. More knowledge leads to more invention and innovation. This in return, leads to more job opportunities. We see that pure science produces job opportunities, progress and wealth. My advice to you:

Do not waist the opportunities available to you. Create more opportunities for the coming generations. No progress will be achieved without advanced science and hard work.

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