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BUC aspires to graduate students characterized by integrity who are able achieve their goals, serve the world, and face different challenges.

BUC’s academic program offers students great opportunities and a healthy environment in which they have passion to what they are doing. They develop creative and critical thinking skills essential to navigating successfully through a rapidly changing world.

Establishment and Presidential Decree: 2013
Location: Entertainment Area, Badr City.

Faculties started in 2015:

1- School of Dentistry
2- School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Industries
3- School of Physical Therapy
4- School of Nursing
5- School of Business Administration

Faculties started in 2016:

1- School of Languages and Translation
2- School of Engineering and Technology
3- School of Applied Arts

Faculties started in 2017:

1- School of Performing Arts

Next phase of faculties:

1- School of Medicine
2- School of Applied Medical Sciences
3- School of Animal Health and Food Safety
4- School of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering.

Study System

Credit Hour System

The study at BUC follows the American Credit Hours System. A normal full-time registration is 18 credit hours per semester or 36 credit hours per academic year. Shortfalls can be made up in summer sessions.

The Fall Semester starts around the third week of September, while the Spring Semester starts around the third week of February.

The actual amount of academic work that goes into a single semester credit hour at BUC is calculated as follows:

One lecture credit hour represents 1.0 hour per week of scheduled class time

One laboratory credit hour represents 1.0 hour per week of lecture time plus 2.0 hours per week of scheduled supervised laboratory work

One practice credit hour (supervised clinical rounds, field work, etc.) represents 4 hours per week of supervised practice. This in turn represents 60 hours of work per semester

Internship credit hours are determined by negotiation between the BUC supervising school and the work supervisor at the cooperating site, both of whom must judge and certify different aspects of the student’s work

The Grading System
The grading system at BUC is based on Grade Point Average system (GPA), which ranges from score 4.0 to 0.0. There are two types of GPAs:

(1) Semester GPA (SGPA)

(2) Cumulative GPA (CGPA)


The semester GPA:

The following are needed to calculate a GPA: the course grade, the course credits hours associated with that course and the values associated with each.

The following table is an example of the GP in medical schools (Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Nursing and Faculty of Pharmacy) where success percentage is 60% minimum. As for the theoretical schools (Faculty of Business and Economics and

Faculty of Linguistics and Translation) Passing percentage is 50% minimum. While the Engineering schools (Faculty of Engineering and Technology and Faculty of Applied Arts) passing percentage is 70% minimum.

Here are the grade point equivalents for each letter grade:

Grade Percentage Points
A+ (100% – 95%) 4.00 – 3.80
A (less than 95% – 90%) 3.79 – 3.60
A- (less than 90% – 85%) 3.59 – 3.40
B+ (less than 85% – 80%) 3.39 – 3.20
B (less than 80% – 75%) 3.19 – 3.00
C+ (less than 75% – 70%) 2.99 – 2.80
C (less than 70% – 65%) 2.79 – 2.60
D (less than 65% – 60%) 2.59 – 2.40
F (less than 60%) Less than 2.40


The student will be allowed to attend the final exam only if his/her attendance & participation in all the lectures and practical sessions is not less than 75% of all the lectures and practical sessions throughout the academic year.

Graduation Requirement
To be awarded the bachelor’s degree at BUC, students must complete the required credit hours and pass all courses with grades D at least, depending on the study plan of each school.

The number of credit hours required for graduation in each school is as follows:

  1. Faculty of Physical Therapy: 201 credit hours
  2. Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Industries

A- Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Program: 168 credit hours including summer training

B- Clinical Pharmacy Program: 173 credit hours including summer training

  1. Faculty of Nursing: 143 credit hours + internship (one year)
  2. Faculty of Dental and Oral Medicine: 189 credit hours + 60 training hours
  3. Faculty of Business and Economics: 132 credit hours
  4. Faculty of Linguistics and Translation: 144-155 credit hours, depending on the language of specialty
  5. Faculty of Applied Arts: 170 credit hours
  6. Faculty of Engineering and Technology: 180 credit hours
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