School of Nursing


To be the pillar of Egyptian nursing profession impacting on the health of the society through excellence in nursing education, research, practice and community service.


To provide educational strategies that help students acquire problem solving, evidence-based practice, knowledge and aptitudes needed to provide culturally sensitive health care.
To be the core of quality care following the principles of individual and long-life learning To meet the changes and challenges as well as opportunities that are influencing nursing development.

Strategic Plan:

Endorse and uphold the principles of cultural humility and sensitivity, working in partnership with the communities it serves to co-create mutually beneficial relationships and improve health outcomes.

1. Educational programs and student engagement Goal:

Develop high quality educational programs to prepare nurse clinicians, educators and scientists for leadership in a global dynamically changing and
culturally diverse healthcare environment.


1. Align academic programs and curricula with current and emerging health workforce priorities, implement process of curricula review/revision to ensure continuous quality improvement.

2. Design and implement a comprehensive and holistic admission process for selection of students .

3. Promote student and alumni engagement to advance learning, scholarship, and professionalism and the mission and vision of FON.

4. Graduate practice clinicians who are the preferred hires of BUC clinical partners.

5. Engage the recruitment, retention, engagement and satisfaction of educational staff.

2. Professional Excellence

Goal: Excel in educational practices, clinical practice and clinical scholarship


1. Increase interprofessional education learning and practice opportunities.

2. Enforce opportunities for interprofessional faculty practice and learning within the health system to advance collaboration and engagement of faculty and students in clinical leaning environments.

3. Promote scholarship and professional development of clinical faculty.

4. Offer professional development programs that advance practice, foster entrepreneurship, enhance professional specialization.

3. Research

Goal: Excel in high-impact, innovative research and entrepreneurial activities that transform healthcare and improve health


1. Consistently ranks in the top 5 national Faculties of Nursing

2. Build professional reputations in areas of current health funding (critical care, prevention and promotion of endemic diseases, management of nursing service, maternal and new born health)

3. Increase research faculty productivity

4. Resources and Sustainability 
Goal: Generate new and optimize existing Faculty resources to advance the mission of FON

1. Increase visibility and importance of FON- research originality, undergraduate and future graduate programs, community and global partnership, scholarship and service, faculty, students and graduates.

2. Consistently employ sound financial practices and strategies to ensure the sustainability of the FON through professional development programs, faculty expertise and academic reputation,

3. Optimize physical space to align with academic priorities

4. Improve university technology resources to insure optimization of existing  resources and identification and effective utilization of new resources to support FON strategic plan

Faculty Directory:

Full time Academic staff

ProfessorCheherezade M.K. GhaziCommunity Health Nursing
A.    professorGhada Riad El GuindyMedical surgical Nursing
A.  professorFatma AboulKheirMaternity and Neonatal Nursing
LecturerHoda El SayedCommunity Health Nursing
LecturerSamed Zidan MehanyMedical Surgical Nursing
Ass. LecturerBashayer Mohamed El SayedNursing Service Administration
Ass. LecturerNaglaa Shaaban Atteya IbrahimMaternity and Neonatal Nursing
Ass. LecturerZeinab Yehya Abdel NabiMental Health Nursing
DemonstratorGhada Zoheir Abdel Zaher
DemonstratorSabrin Hassan Afify
DemonstratorOla Ashraf Hamed
DemonstratorAhlam Antar Ibrahim


Fundamentals of NursingNFU
Adult Health NursingAHN
Maternal and Infant Health NursingMIHN
Child and Adolescent Health NursingCAHN
Mental Health NursingMHN
Family and Community Health NursingFCHN
Nursing AdministrationNA


Program: General

The Faculty of Nursing at BUC offers a general nursing program adopting a general curriculum that structures the principles and educational objectives to give the student a broad background.  In addition to the general nursing education courses the students acquire specialized foundational courses and specialized knowledge and skills in a systematic and stepwise manner which deepens their understanding of the society and culture as well as the nature of Nursing.

Practical training starts from the very first level to ensure that students learn while relating to scientific knowledge in nursing and actual real events exposure.  The training sites cover a wide range primarily focused on health, illness and community- oriented institutions.

The program is designed in such a way as to plant the seeds for having all students continue to grow on into the future in their capacity as nurses of various specialty areas.

Students are qualified for the license in Egypt and for the national examination in various countries of the world and can continue their education in highly specialized nursing areas.


Degree: BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)


Level one Semester I:

CodeCourse TitleHour/weekTotal CreditRequisite
MED 1101Anatomy I22
MED 1102Physiology I22
MED 1103Microbiology22
SUP 1104English Language I22
NUR 1105Professional Ethics11
NUR 1106Fundamentals of Nursing 1 Theory33Co-requisite NUR 1107
NUR 1107Fundamental of Nursing 1 Practice495Co-requisite NUR 1106
SUP 1108Introduction to Sociology11

Level one Semester II:

CodeCourse TitleHour/weekTotal CreditRequisite
MED 1209Anatomy II11
MED 1210Physiology II22
MED 1211Biochemistry and Nutrition22
NUR 1212Fundamentals of Nursing 2 Theory33Co-requisite NUR 1213
NUR 1213Fundamentals of Nursing 2 Practice2125Co-requisite NUR 1212
SUP 1214Communication and Group Dynamics22
SUP 1215English Language II223

Level two Semester I:

CodeCourse TitleHour/ weekTotal CreditRequisite
NUR 2317Adult health Nursing 1 theory33Pre: NUR 1107, NUR 1106
NUR 2318Adult Health Nursing 1 practice2125Pre: NUR 1107, NUR 1106
MED 2319General Medicine/gerontology22
MED 2320Introduction to Pharmacology22
NUR2321Health Promotion and Educational Technology122
SUP 2322English Language III22Pre:Sup 1104,Sup 1215
MED 2323Applied Nutrition11Pre: Med 1211

Level Two Semester II:

CodeCourse TitleHour/ weekTotal CreditRequisite
MED 2424General Surgery/specialties22
NUR 2425Adult Health Nursing 2 theory33Pre:NUR 1212NUR 1213
NUR 2426Adult Health Nursing 2 Practice2125Pre:NUR 1212NUR 1213
MED 2427Epidemiology22
MED 2428Applied Pharmacology22Pre: MED 2320
SUP 2429English Language IV223Pre: SUP 1215

Level Three Semester I:

CodeCourse TitleHour/ weekTotal CreditRequisite
NUR 3531Maternal and Newborn health Nursing theory33
NUR 3532Maternal and Newborn Health Nursing Practice294Co-requisite NUR 3532, MED 3533,
MED 3533Maternal and newborn Medicine22Co-requisite NUR 3531, MED 3533
NUR 3534Role of NGOs122
NUR 3535Emergency preparedness, mitigation and response22
SUP 3536Mathematics /Biostatistics22
SUP 3537English Writing22Pre requisite SUP2429

Level Three Semester II:

CodeCourse TitleHour/ weekTotal CreditRequisite
NUR 3638Child Health Nursing Theory33
NUR 3639Child Health Nursing Practice2125Co-requisite NUR 3638 Theory , SUP 3641
MED 3643Pediatric Medicine and Neonatology22Co-requisite NUR 3638 practice, SUP 3641
SUP 3641Life span, Growth and Development22
NUR 3642Evidence Based Practice and Research Critique223
SUP 3643Advanced English Writing22Pre: Sup 3537

Level Four Semester I:

CodeCourse TitleHour/ weekTotal CreditRequisite
NUR 4745Family and Community Health Nursing theory33
NUR 4746Family and Community Health Nursing practice93
NUR 4747Psycho-social aspects of Health Care22
NUR 4748Mental Health Nursing theory22
NUR 4749Mental Health Nursing practice93
MED 4750Psychiatric Medicine22
SUP 4751Projects and reports writing22Pre: Sup3643

Level Four Semester II:

CodeCourse TitleHour/ weekTotal CreditRequisite
NUR 4852Nursing administration , Leadership and Management Theory33
NUR 4853Nursing administration , Leadership and Management Practice93
SUP` 4854Health Legislation and Economics22
NUR 4855Nursing Future Directions22
NUR 4856Graduation project33
Elective two Choice of (2) for a total of 4 credits
ELC 4857Infection Control44
ELC 4858Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Nursing Services
ELC 4859Patient Safety
ELC 4860Nursing informatics

Message from the Dean:

Dean address to Students of the School of Nursing – Badr University

Future Nurses,

Ch. Ghazi
Ch. Ghazi

You have decided to select a profession which is full of opportunities, challenges and strengths and will place you in the forefront of the health care team.  Your role in health promotion, prevention of illness, patient advocacy and improvement of the health care is limitless.

Nursing is not easy and demands that you have the courage and the will to develop academically and persevere in helping others to achieve their optimum health through a humanitarian, ethical and safe provision of care.

Best wishes for a bright future

Facilities and Resources available at the Faculty of Nursing

A total of 7 classrooms that can accommodate 750 students and 3 seminar rooms to accommodate 75 students

A computer lab is available for 36 students and an anatomy lab for 24 students at a time.

The Faculty of Nursing is also utilizing 4 Nursing labs equipped with teaching models representing different patients and with the possibility of practicing nursing procedures and providing care.  Models are also available for cardio-vascular resuscitation and baby delivery as well as for providing newborn care. Anatomical models are also displayed in the anatomy lab.

Lecture schedules

Exam schedules


ملحوظة:   الإمتحانات تبدا من الساعه 9.30 صباحا
Datelevel9.30 – 10.30 am10:30 – 11:30 pm12:00 – 1:00 pm1:00 pm- 2:00 pm2:00 pm -3:00 pm
1Egyptian History (UN17)  Room
(St. NO.135)
Human Rights (NU12) Room ( 101, 102,201,202. 301) Dent    (St. NO.239
2Adult Health Nursing II Theory (NUR 2425) Rooms (101,102,201,202) Dent (St. NO.147)
1Fundamentals of Nursing Theory II
(NUR 1212)
Room ( 101, 102,201,202,301 ) Dent
(St. NO.229)
3Pediatric Medicine (MED3643)
(Room015)(St. NO.33)
Maternal & Newborn Medicine (MED 3533
( Room017)(St. NO.39)
2English Language IV (SUP 2429) Rooms  (101,102,201,201) Dent
(St. NO.162)
4Health Legislation & Economices (sup 4854)
Lab (134) (St. NO.20)



[divide style=”2″]
ملحوظة:   الإمتحانات تبدا من الساعه 9.30 صباحا
Datelevel9.30  – 10.30 am10:30  – 11:30 pm12:00 – 1:00 pm1:00 pm- 2:00 pm2:00 pm -3:00 pm
1English Language II (Sup 1215) Room ( 101, 102,201,202,301)
Wednesday 15/05/20191
2Scientific Thinking
(UN1 3)
( 101, 102 201,202) dent  (St. NO.149)
3Child Health Nursing Theory(NUR3638) Room (002) (St. NO.35)
Maternal & New born Nursing Theory (NUR3531)(Room 017)
(St. NO.38)
Thursday 16/05/2019OFF



[divide style=”2″]
ملحوظة:   الإمتحانات تبدا من الساعه 9.30 صباحا
Datelevel9.30 – 10.30 am10:30  – 11:30 pm12:00 – 1:00 pm1:00 pm- 2:00 pm2:00 pm -3:00 pm
Saturday 18/05/20191Physiology II(med 1210)Room( 101,102, 201, 202,301) 227
4Nursing  Future Directions (NUR 4855)
Individual presentation and discussion+C26
2General Surgery /Specialities (Med 2424)  Room (101, 102,201,202)
Dent (St. NO.157)
3Life Span (SUP3641)
Room (017)
(St. NO.33)
Epidemiology (NUR2427)
Room (015)
(St. NO.36)
Room ( 101, 102,201,202,301)
Dent (St. NO.257)


[divide style=”2″]
ملحوظة:   الإمتحانات تبدا من الساعه 9.30 صباحا
Datelevel9.30  – 10.30 am10:30  – 11:30 pm12:00 – 1:00 pm1:00 pm- 2:00 pm2:00 pm -3:00 pm
3Advanced English Writing (Sup 3643) Room (015,017)
(St. NO.62)
1Communication & Group Dynamics (Sup 1214) Room
( 101, 102,201,202,301 )
Dent (St. NO.267)
3Psychology (UN16)
(002,017bus(St. NO.90)
4Nursing Administration, Leadership and Management Theory (NUR 4852)
Lab 135
(St.NO. 20)


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