MDepartmentDepartment codeSectionSection code
1Acting and directingACTExpressive performance and stage directing sectionACD
Motion performance sectionACA
Radio and television performing sectionACN
2Cinema and movie makingCIN


Dramatic writing sectionCWR
Cinema and T.V. directing sectionCDR
Film techniques sectionCDP
Cinematography sectionCSE
3Television  production, advertisingBAVDirecting and television production sectionBTV
Advertising sectionBAD
4DesignDESScenes design sectionDCS
Costumes design sectionDMS
5Multimedia and graphicsMEDVisual effects sectionMFX
Multimedia and internet sectionMEN
Animation and graphic sectionMCG
6Ballet and dancingPERChoreography sectionCOR
Criticism and ballet training sectionPCT
7MusicMUSInstruments sectionINS
Singing sectionSIN
Composing and leadership sectionCMA


The Faculty of film- making and performing arts offers a broadly based program of study in the history, theory, critical, analysis and techniques understanding of dramatic performance in both live (theatrical performance) and recorded media (Cinema and T.V.).

Experiential learning in the program centers on devising, an approach that allows students to learn multiple methods for building a live performance work by taking up a broad range of cultural experiences. The program requirements provide in four Levels:

Level 1: Overview of the field

Level 2: Build core skills

Level 3: Offer differentiated applications of skills and knowledge

Level 4: Applied projects to develop acquired skills


Academic degrees


Badr University in Cairo issues at the request of the Board of Faculty of Film-making and Performing Arts a Bachelor’s degree in one of the following majors:


MGeneral Majorsection
1Acting and directing·        Expressive performance and stage directing section
·        Motion performance section
·        Radio and television performing section
2Cinema and movie making·        Dramatic writing section
·        Cinema and T.V. directing section
·        Film techniques section
·        Cinematography section
3Television  production and advertising·        Directing and Television Production Section
·        Advertising Section
4Design·        Scenes design section
·        Costumes design section
5Multimedia and graphics·        Visual effects section
·        Multimedia and internet section
·        Animation and graphic  section
6Ballet and dancing·        Choreography section
·        Criticism and ballet training section
7Music·        Instruments section
·        Singing section
·        Composing and leadership section


Obligatory and Optional courses for all departments

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
ObligatoryHuman RightsGEN 1201
ObligatorySkills of scientific thinking and writing reportsGEN 2102
OptionalInformation TechnologyGEN 1002
OptionalProblem solving and decision making skillsGEN 1104
OptionalPsychology and communication skillsGEN 2205
OptionalEgyptian HistoryGEN 3106
OptionalArabic LiteratureGEN 3207
OptionalIndustrial safety and the environmentGEN 4108
OptionalCommunication skillsGEN 4209

Obligatory courses for all departments

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
ObligatoryUniversal Cinema HistoryCTG 2018
ObligatoryArabic Cinema HistoryCTG 2209
English 1CTL 1101
CTL 1101English 2CTL 1202
CTL 1202English 3CTL 2103

Optional courses for all departments

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
Universal dance heritage 1CTG 1129E
Folk dance heritage 1CTG 1230E
CTG 1129EUniversal dance heritage 2CTG 2131E
CTG 1230EFolk dance heritage 2CTG 2132E
Critique and analysis of A Universal dancesCTG 2233E
Classical Ballet Analysis 1CTG 3134E
CTG 3134EClassical Ballet Analysis 2CTG 3235E
Harmony 1CTG 1136E
Eastern Solvege 1CTG1137E
Western Solvege 1CTG 1238E
CTG 1136EHarmony 2CTG 2139E
CTG1137EEastern Solvege 2CTG 2140E
CTG 1238EWestern Solvege 2CTG 2241E
CTG 2139EHarmony 3CTG 3142E
CTG 2140EEastern Solvege 3CTG 3243E
CTG 2241EWestern Solvege 3CTG 3244E


General obligatory courses for all departments of the


ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
2Basics of Scenario and directingCTG 1101
2Basics of Film techniquesCTG 1102
2Basics of Production, Financing and  DistributionCTG 1103 E
2Basics of Acting  and theatrical directingCTG 1106
2Greek DramaCTG 1112
2Principles of  Scenery Engineering and drawingsCTG 1204
2Basics of Cinematography and color correctionCTG 1205
2Medieval and Elizabethan DramaCTG 1213
2A cinematic tastingCTG 2107
2History of Universal cinemaCTG 2108
2Modern DramaCTG 2114
1Music tasting 1CTG 2119
2          AestheticsCTG 2121 E
2History of Arabic cinemaCTG 2209
2Contemporary DramaCTG 2215
1Music tasting 2CTG 2220
2EtiquetteCTG 2227 E
2Principles of PsychologyCTG 3110
2FolkloreCTG 3124 E
2Arts evolutionCTG 3125 E
2PsychoanalysisCTG 3211
2Film schoolsCTG 3216 E
2          The theory of filmCTG 3222 E
3Motion compositionCTG 3228
2Universal Cinema CelebritiesCTG 4117 E
2philosophyCTG 4126 E
2Egyptian Cinema CelebritiesCTG 4218 E
2Search methodsCTG 4223 E
2English 1GTL 1101
GTL 11012English 2GTL 1202
GTL 12022English 3GTL 2103

Acting and directing department (ACT)

General courses for Acting and directing department

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
2Diction basics and studiesACT 1102
2Basics of theatrical directionACT 1111
3Pantomime 1ACT 1117
2Diction and Phonetics 1ACT 1128
2Basics of ActingACT 1203
2Theory of theatrical performanceACT 1213
3Acting techniques 1ACT 1214
2TV and Cinema actingACT 2101
2FitnessACT 2110
ACT 12143Acting techniques 2ACT 2115
2Diction techniques 1ACT 2119
ACT 11173Pantomime 2ACT 2127
ACT 21192Diction techniques 2ACT 2220
ACT 11282Diction and Phonetics 2ACT 2229
2Classic Dance 1ACT 3104
2Theories of actingACT 3112
ACT 21153Acting techniques 3ACT 3116
3Improvisation 1ACT 3118
2Singing and Solvege 1ACT 3123
2Classic Dance 2ACT 3207
2Diction and voice exercise 1ACT 4105
2Modern Dance 1ACT 4106
3Innovation workshop 1ACT 4124
ACT 41052Diction and voice exercise 2ACT 4208
ACT 41062Modern Dance 2ACT 4209
2Dubbing and imitation voicesACT 4225
ACT 41243Innovation workshop 2ACT 4226

Courses for Expressive performance and stage directing section (ACD)

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
3Expression applied acting 1ACD 1215
2Theatrical  criticismACD 1112
2Acting SchoolsACD 2214
ACD 12153Expression applied acting 2ACD 2216
ACT 31183Improvisation 2ACD 3201
3Stage lightingACD 3208
ACD 22163Expression applied acting 3ACD 3217
2DramaACD 4011 E
2Radio actingACD 4105
3Stage techniquesACD 4109
3Expression performanceACD 4110
4Colloquial graduation projectACD 4218
4Formal graduation projectACD 4219

Courses for Motion performance Section (ACA)

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
2Fighting arts 1ACA 1104
3Movement applied acting 1ACA 1209
ACA 11042Fighting arts 2ACA 2105
ACA 12093Movement applied acting 2ACA 2210
3Fitness 3ACA 3201
ACA 22103Movement applied acting 3ACA 3211
3Duel 1ACA 4102
ACA 21052Fighting arts 3ACA 4106
3Movement performance exercises 1ACA 4107
4Theater ProjectACA 4112
ACA 41022Duel 2ACA 4203
ACA 41073Movement performance exercises 2ACA 4208
4Video ProjectACA 4213

Courses for Radio and television performing Section (ACN)

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
2Arabic 1ACN 1105
2TV program typeACN 1109
2Solvege 1ACN 1201
ACN 11052Arabic 2ACN 1206
ACN 12062Arabic 3ACN 1207
2Oriental musical analysis 1ACN 2108
2Western musical analysis 1ACN 2110
2Voice exercisesACN 2111
ACN 12012Solvege 2ACN 2202
2Instrument exercises 1ACN 3112
3Program presentationACN 3115
2Criticism and analysis of programsACN 4114
4 Newsletters programACN 4116
ACN 31122Instrument exercises 2ACN 4213
4Out studio program presentationACN 4217

Cinema and Movie Making department (CIN)

General courses for Cinema and Movie Making department

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
2Basics of plastic artCIN 1117
2Production, Financing and DistributionCIN 1119
3Directing techniques 1CIN 1209
3TV setupCIN 1213
3Scenario techniques 1CIN 1214
3Editing techniques 1CIN 1220
2          Electronic Image EngineeringCIN 1231
2Cinema directing techniquesCIN 2101
2Cinematography compositionCIN 2103
CIN 12093Directing techniques 2CIN 2110
CIN 12143Scenario techniques 2CIN 2116
3Cinematography 1CIN 2124
6Lighting 1CIN 2126
CIN 21103Directing techniques 3CIN 2211
2Motion compositionCIN 2218
2Sound and Editing appliedCIN 2222
2Lighting and Cinematography TechniquesCIN 3102
2Film Analysis 2CIN 3104
2Assistant DirectorCIN 3106
2Industry Technology 1CIN 3107
3Music editingCIN 3127
2The documentary film scenarioCIN 3129
2Industry Technology 2CIN 3208
CIN 22113Directing techniques 4CIN 3212
3Scenario analysisCIN 3215
2The Global Cinema StudiesCIN 3228
2Audio imageCIN 3230
2Film Analysis 1CIN 4105
CIN 12203Editing techniques 2CIN 4123
3Film Preparation WorkshopCIN 4132
3Implementation StudioCIN 4225

Courses for Dramatic writing Section (CWR)

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
3Writing BasicsCWR 1101
2Dramatic analysisCWR 1108
2Dramatic setupCWR 1207
3Radio WritingCWR 1209
2Literary  trendsCWR 2116
2The Global NovelCWR 2117
2Arabic literatureCWR 2121
2Theatrical Writing 1CWR 2205
2Qualitative Writing 1CWR 2211
2Literature TheoryCWR 2215
2Egyptian novelCWR 2218
CWR 22052Theatrical Writing 2CWR 3106
CWR 22112Qualitative Writing 2CWR 3112
2Western script analysisCWR 3114
CIN 21163Scenario techniques 3CWR 3203
3Dramatic TV writingCWR 3210
3Digital writingCWR 3220
CWR 32033Scenario techniques 4CWR 4104
2Arabic script  analysisCWR 4113
2Short Film ProjectCWR 4123
4Theatrical script ProjectCWR 4224
4Novel film ProjectCWR 4225

Courses for Cinema and T.V. Directing Section (CDR)

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
2Sociology of artCDR 1104
2MarketingCDR 1202
2Cinematic directing methodsCDR 2101
2Operations researchCDR 2103
2Egyptian cinema studiesCDR 3106
3Film music 1CDR 4108
2Cinematic schoolsCDR 4207
2Project setupCDR 4111
4Documentary ProjectCDR 4212
4Short novel ProjectCDR 4213

Courses for Film techniques Section (CDP)

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
2Computer 1CDP 1103
2Electrical engineeringCDP 1112
2Radio recordingCDP 1115
3Audio recording techniquesCDP 1202
CDP 11032Computer 2CDP 1204
2Sound PhysicsCDP 1213
2Outdoor recordingCDP 1219
3Studio techniques 1CDP 2105
2Audio recording technologyCDP 2107
2Recording systemCDP 2108
CDP21053Studio techniques 2CDP 2206
3ElectronicsCDP 2211
2Mixture techniquesCDP 3110
2Audio tape designCDP 3118
2Audio imageCDP 3217
2Sound effectsCDP 3220
3Film analysisCDP 3223
2Show recordingCDP 4121
2Techniques, musical skills and Musical note reading 1CDP 4201
2Dramatic soundCDP 4209
2Applied Mixtures and effectsCDP 4214
4Practical projectCDP 4224

Courses for Cinematography Section (CSE)

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
2Computer 1CSE 1105
CSE 12062Computer 2CSE 1206
3Digital Cinematography technologyCSE 1208
CSE 12062Computer 3CSE 2107
CIN 21243Cinematography 2CSE 2201
CIN 21263Lighting 2CSE 2209
2Cameraman assistantCSE 2213
3Color correcting 1CSE 3104
CSE 22013Cinematography 3CSE 3202
CSE 31043Color correcting 2CSE 3211
CSE 32023Cinematography 4CSE 4103
3Dramatic lighting 1CSE 4115
3Creative workshop 1CSE 4121
2Visual expressionCSE 4212
3TV projectCSE 4218
3Short novel ProjectCSE 4219
CSE 41213Creative workshop 2CSE 4222

Television Production, Advertising department (BAV)

General courses for Television Production, Advertising department

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
2Video engineeringBAV 1102
2Electronic image engineeringBAV 1210
3TV directing techniquesBAV 2101
2Programs typesBAV 2107
3TV directing techniquesBAV 3105
3Directing and editing advertisementBAV 3106
2Documentary cinemaBAV 3208
3Reportage techniqueBAV 3209
3Executing StudioBAV 4203

Courses for Directing and Television Production section (BTV)

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
3Films and programs musicBTV 3202
3Program Execution WorkshopBTV 4101
3TV and Radio productionBTV 4104
3Interactive TVBTV 4203
4Dramatic projectBTV 4206

Courses for Advertising Section (BAD)

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
2Computer 1BAD 1101
2Advertising basicsBAD 1107
BAD 11012Computer 2BAD 1202
2Means of communicationBAD 1215
2Public relationsBAD 1219
2Content of the advertisement writingBAD 2103
3Methods and means of advertisingBAD 2104
2Social MarketingBAD 2109
3StudiesBAD 2208
2Electronic MarketingBAD 2210
2Ad campaign planningBAD 3113
3Ad campaign designBAD 3206
2Promotion artBAD 3216
4Video projectBAD 4122
2International advertisingBAD 4218
4Advertising projectBAD 4221

Design department (DES)

General courses for Design department

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
2Form compositionDES 1110 E
2                        Basics of design 1DES 1111 E
3Engineering drawingDES 1115
2Still-life paintingsDES 1201
DES 1111 E2Basics of design 2DES 1212 E
3Architectural drawingDES 1217
2Nature paintingsDES 2102
2History costumesDES 2108 E
3Perspective DrawingDES 2116
2Anatomy DrawingDES 2203 E
2Theories of FashionDES 2209 E
3Computer Design 1DES 2218
2MakeupDES 3105
2AccessoriesDES 4107
3Advertising and posters designDES 4119
2MasksDES 4204
2SketchesDES 4213


Courses for Scenes design Section (DCS)

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
2History of architectureDCS 1101
2Computer 1DCS 1108
3Furnishing modelsDCS 1216
2Computer 3DCS 2110
3Scenery Engineering 1DCS 2111
3Scenery Engineering 2DCS 2212
3Interior designDCS 3102
3Cinematic scenery designDCS 3104
3Scenery Engineering 3DCS 3113
3TV scenery designDCS 3205
2Computer 2DCS 3209
3Scenery Engineering 4DCS 3214
3Workshop 1DCS 4120
3Design and implementation of MaquetteDCS 4203
3Decorative materials and assortmentsDCS 4207
4Practical projectDCS 4218
3Workshop 2DCS 4221


Courses for Costumes design Section (DMS)

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
2ComputerDMS 1115
2Marketing ScienceDMS 1117
3Basics of costumes designDMS 1210
2Consumer psychologyDMS 1218
3Patron basicsDMS 2103
3Historical CostumesDMS 2202
4Formation of MannequinDMS 2204
3Costumes designDMS 2209
3Fashion shows trainingDMS 3105
4WorkshopDMS 3112
2Classic danceDMS 3113
3HairdressingDMS 3207
3Fashion Design SchoolsDMS 3211
3Theatrical CostumesDMS 3214
2Modern danceDMS 3220
3Studies of textile science and oresDMS 4101
4Atelier projectDMS 4119
3Masking methodsDMS 4216
4Defile projectDMS 4221

Multimedia and Graphics department (MED)

General courses for Multimedia and Graphics department

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
2Characters movingMED 2261
2Sizes movingMED 2102
2RestorationMED 4203
32D designMED 2204
33D design 1MED 3105
3Electronic PressMED 2207



Courses for Visual effects section (MFX)

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
2Computer 1MFX 1101
2History of Tricks and EffectsMFX 1116
3Directing techniques 1MFX 1209
3Editing techniquesMFX 1211
MFX 11012Computer 2MFX 4102
2Principles of Tricks and EffectsMFX 2113
3Lighting and Cinematography TechniquesMFX 2204
3Tricks and Effects studio 1MFX 3105
3Color correcting 1MFX 3107
MFX 31052Tricks and Effects studio 2MFX 3220
3Analysis of film tricks and movingMFX 4115
4ProjectMFX 4217
2Tricks and effects applicationsMFX 1218
2Tricks and effects techniquesMFX 3119



Courses for Multimedia and Internet section (MEN)

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
2Computer 1MEN 0003
MEN 00033Computer 2MEN 0004
MEN 00042Computer 3MEN 0005
2Writing the press articleMEN 1101
2Communication IntroductionMEN 1106
3Editing techniquesMEN 1202
2Multimedia IntroductionMEN 1207
2Multimedia design and programmingMEN 2113
3            Information systems developmentMEN 2123
2Basics of electronic commerceMEN 2217
2Database systemsMEN 2219
2          Public opinion trendsMEN 3109
2Virtual RealityMEN 3115
2Non-Internet RadioMEN 3121
3Electronic AdvertisementMEN 3122
3          Internet ProgrammingMEN 3224
2Interactive MediaMEN 4108
3Sound and Editing applicationsMEN 4110
2Media information retrieveMEN 4114
2Representative societiesMEN 4116
2Private internet legislationMEN 4118
3Technical DirectorMEN 4125
2Electronic BlogsMEN 4212
3Internet programs management and developmentMEN 4220
3Practical ProjectMEN 4224


Courses for Animation and Graphic section (MCG)

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
2Computer 1MCG 0001
MCG 00012Computer 2MCG 0002
MCG 00022Computer 3MCG 0003
3Basics of graphic designMCG 0010
4Practical ProjectMCG 0011
4Creative workshop in designMCG 0012
2BackgroundsMCG 2206
2Animation directingMCG 3108
3                     Games Script writingMCG 3209
3Computer graphics and games design 1MCG 4104
MCG 41043Computer graphics and games design 2MCG 4205
2Image EffectsMCG 4207

Ballet and Dancing department (PER)

General courses for Ballet and Dancing department

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
2History of balletPER 1101
2PhysiologyPER 1102
2Universal Historical Dance 1PER 1103
2Basics of Clothing And Accessories designPER 1204
PER 11032Universal Historical Dance 2PER 1205
PER 12052Universal Historical Dance 3PER 2106
2Western musical analysis 1PER 2207
2Oriental musical analysis 1PER 2208
PER 22082Oriental musical analysis 2PER 3109
PER 22072Western musical analysis 2PER 3110
2Makeup 1PER 3111
PER 31102Western musical analysis 3PER 4112
PER 31092Oriental musical analysis 3PER 4113
2AccessoriesPER 4114
2History of Egyptian musical TheaterPER 4215


Courses for Choreography Section (COR)

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
Performance Training 1COR 1101
Performance Training 2COR 1101
Performance Training 3COR 1101
Performance Training 4COR 1101
Classic ballet 1COR 1101
Classic ballet 2COR 1101
Classic ballet 3COR 1101
Classic ballet 4COR 1101
Classic ballet 5COR 1101
Classic ballet 6COR 1101
Modern Dance 1COR 1101
Modern Dance 2COR 1101
Modern Dance 3COR 1101
Modern Dance 4COR 1101
Fitness Training 1COR 1101
Classical Ballet Analysis 1COR 1101
Traditional dance 1COR 1101
Traditional dance 2COR 1101
Anatomy of the danceCOR 1101
Basics of motion designCOR 1101
Folk  show designCOR 1101
History of modern dance schoolsCOR 1101
Egyptian Dance 1COR 1101
Egyptian Dance 2COR 1101
Adagio dancing designCOR 1101
librettoCOR 1101
Elements kinetic of jazz danceCOR 1101
Design and directing classical performancesCOR 1101
Practical project 1COR 1101
Practical project 2COR 1101
TV directingCOR 1101

Courses for Criticism and ballet training Section (PCT)

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
Basics of Classical dance Training 1CTP 1101
Basics of Classical dance Training 2CTP 1101
Basics of Classical dance Training 3CTP 1101
Basics of Classical dance Training 4CTP 1101
Basics of Classical dance Training 5CTP 1101
Basics of Classical dance Training 6CTP 1101
Basics of folk dance Training 1CTP 1101
Basics of folk dance Training 2CTP 1101
Basics of folk dance Training 3CTP 1101
Basics of modern dance training 1CTP 1101
Basics of modern dance training 2CTP 1101
Basics of modern dance training 3CTP 1101
Basics of modern dance training 4CTP 1101
Basics of modern dance training 5CTP 1101
Egyptian DanceCTP 1101
Practical projectCTP 1101




Music department (MUS)

General courses for Music department

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
Piano 1MUS 1101
Piano 2MUS 2102
Piano 3MUS 4203
1 ProsodyMUS 2204
2 ProsodyMUS 3105
History of music 1MUS 1101
History of music 2MUS 1101
Western music analysis 1MUS 1101
Western music analysis 2MUS 1101
Western music analysis 3MUS 1101
Oriental music analysis 1MUS 1101
Oriental music analysis 2MUS 1101
Oriental music analysis 3MUS 1101
Movies music 1MUS 1101
Movies music 2MUS 2207


Courses for Instruments Section (INS)

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
Special Instrument 1INS 1101
Special Instrument 2INS 1101
Special Instrument 3INS 1101
Special Instrument 4INS 1101
Special Instrument 5INS 1101
Special Instrument 6INS 1101
Special Instrument 7INS 1101
Special Instrument 8INS 1101
Piano 4INS 1101
Piano 5INS 1101
Piano 6INS 1101
Piano 7INS 1101
Piano 8INS 1101
Additional Instrument 1INS 1101
Additional Instrument 2INS 1101
Additional Instrument 3INS 1101
Additional Instrument 4INS 1101
Additional Instrument 5INS 1101
Music ArrangementINS 1101
Computer 1INS 1101
Computer 2INS 1101
Audio recording technologyINS 1101
Collective Play 1INS 1101
Collective Play 2INS 1101
Collective Play 3INS 1101
Concerts recordingINS 1101
Electronic musicINS 1101
Studio techniquesINS 1101
Counterpoint 1INS 1101
Counterpoint 2INS 1101
Counterpoint 3INS 1101
Practical projectINS 1101


Courses for Singing Section (SIN)

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
Special Singing 1SIN 0003
Special Singing 2SIN 0003
Special Singing 3SIN 0003
Special Singing 4SIN 0003
Special Singing 5SIN 0003
Special Singing 6SIN 0003
Special Singing 7SIN 0003
Special Singing 8SIN 0003
Global Singing technique 1SIN 0003
Global Singing technique 2SIN 0003
Global Singing technique 3SIN 0003
Global Singing technique 4SIN 0003
Global Singing technique 5SIN 0003
Theatrical Singing 1SIN 0003
Theatrical Singing 2SIN 0003
Theatrical Singing 3SIN 0003
Theatrical Singing 4SIN 0003
Theatrical Singing 5SIN 0003
Oriental Solvege 4SIN 0003
Oriental Solvege 5SIN 0003
Western Solvege 1SIN 0003
Practical projectSIN 0003
Recording systemsSIN 0003
Instrument playing 1SIN 0003
Instrument playing 2SIN 0003
Concerts recordingSIN 0003
Outdoor sound recordingSIN 0003
Collective workshopSIN 0003
Special music analysisSIN 0003
ProsodySIN 0003
Theatrical design and directingSIN 0003


Courses for Composing and Leadership Section (CMA)

ContentsCredit HoursCourse Titlecode
Musical composition 1CMA 0001
Musical composition 2CMA 0001
Musical composition 3CMA 0001
Musical composition 4CMA 0001
Musical composition 5CMA 0001
Musical composition 6CMA 0001
Musical note readingCMA 0001
Music Software principles 1CMA 0001
Music Software principles 2CMA 0001
Counterpoint 1CMA 0001
Counterpoint 2CMA 0001
Counterpoint 3CMA 0001
Counterpoint 4CMA 0001
Orchestra music analysisCMA 0001
Computer composition and arrangement 1CMA 0001
Computer composition and arrangement 2CMA 0001
Computer composition and arrangement 3CMA 0001
Orchestra arrangement 1CMA 0001
Orchestra arrangement 2CMA 0001
Orchestra arrangement 3CMA 0001
Multimedia musicCMA 0001
Coral leadershipCMA 0001
Orchestra leadershipCMA 0001
Modern music arrangement 1CMA 0001
Modern music arrangement 2CMA 0001
Opera music analysisCMA 0001
Ballet music AnalysisCMA 0001
Music critiqueCMA 0001
History of the theatrical showCMA 0001
Project 1CMA 0001
Project 2CMA 0001

Message from the Dean:

Prof. Dr. Ayman Abdelhamid Elshewy
Prof. Dr. Ayman Abdelhamid Elshewy

An artistic environment that assembles all types of arts “filmmaking, acting, dancing, music, design, etc…”, Integrating all with each other. It is an atmosphere that pushes your talents and capabilities to be discovered and developed.

We provide not only science, study and a certificate but also we are keen on practicing, renovation and one of our goals is to integrate our students in the labor market.

We present you a very special and brilliant teaching staff in the academic field and in the arts production. We also provide

  • The latest technological equipment “Studios, Cameras, and programs”.
  • Workshops with famous Egyptian and foreign artists.
  • Cultural and artistic activities all through the year that puts you in a continuous state of art.

You are not here just for listening to us, and say yes, you are here for exploring new creation territories and breaking your own limitations, training yourself to master new skills to become a professional artist and develop your career. You have to do it yourself and we will help, guide you.

You will stay with us the most important years of your life, years that might change you, if you want, let it happen and take charge of your own development and transformation, push yourself outside the comfort zone.

We will be around to assist, push and support you. I’m sure you will do things no one has ever done before. We trust you; we are giving our field a future by trusting our students and taking seriously what you bring to us. We will be ready to answer your questions, discuss and respond to your ways of dealing with the world to change it for the better.

We are looking forward to know how you will change yourself and make the world better through your ideas and innovation.

Prof. Dr.  Ayman Abdelhamid Elshewy

Dean of Faculty of film making and performing arts

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