General Information

o How can I apply for undergraduate admission at BUC?

Answer: Fill an Online Application

o How can I apply for a job at BUC?

Answer: By either submitting a hard copy of the C.V to the Human Resources office pr by sending it on e-mail: recruitment@buc.edu.eg. Or you can apply on the website by filling an application.

o How can I contact you?

Answer: Hotline: 19592 Telephone: +20228650400 Fax: +20226773607 Email: Info@buc.edu.eg

o Where can I find out about BUC events?

Answer: Events

o Where can I learn more about BUC Housing?

Answer: Campus Life

If you have questions that are not addressed on the website, please contact the admissions office.

Other Contact Info: Student.admission@buc.edu.eg

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