Scholarship Programs:

BUC has many scholarship opportunities available to our incoming freshmen students. Our scholarship programs are highly competitive as we receive more and more talented students each year. You can explore the opportunities below and see which one fits you the most.

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Scholarships and discounts:

  • First 300 top students of Thanawya Amma can have a 100% discount.
  • Top 10 IGCSE and American diploma students can have a 100% discount.
  • International championships – 1st: 30% discount – 2nd: 20% discount – 3rd: 10% discount.
  • A+ graded student can have a 25% discount.
  • Future language schools’ students can have a 20% discount.
  • Egyptian universities professors’ sons/daughters can have a 15% discount.
  • Special scholarship for BUC siblings who will receive a 10% discount.
  • Death of a parents during the semester 15% discount.
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