School of Allied Health Sciences

Allied Health Sciences

Degree and Title:
Bachelor’s degree in Technology of Applied Health Sciences

Study Hours/Academic Levels:
126-130 credit hours/4 academic levels

Meet the Dean

Professor Hanaa Ahmed Amer

Dr. Hanaa is a Professor of Clinical Pathology and Immunology at the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University. She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University in 1986 with honors, and completed her residency as a Clinical Pathology registrar in 1990, and obtained her MS degree in the year 1990. Her thesis was directed to Immunologic deficiencies.

Prof. Hanaa Amer then occupied the post of Assistant Lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams where she worked on different research projects and obtained her Ph.D. for her work on flow-cytometry and cancer prostate. In 1995 she occupied the post of Lecturer of clinical pathology and immunology in the same university. Since then, she actively participated in various research work and published several peer-reviewed articles involving different disciplines of medicine with a special interest in the immunologic aspects of diseases.

She successively became an Assistant Professor in 2000 and a Professor of Clinical Pathology and Immunology in 2005. Since 2005 she became interested in hospital management. She completed a Hospital Management Diploma in 2009 at the American University in Cairo and is also a certified laboratory reviewer.

She occupied several managerial posts as the Director of the Ain Shams Medical Research Center and The Egyptian Minister of Health Assistant for Technical Support and Organizational Development. She is also a Co-founder of the Leadership Academy and is co-training in Harvard Executive Program for emerging Health Care Leaders in Egypt in collaboration with Harvard School of Public Health and the USAID.

Despite her interest in serving the public sector, she is much interested in the constantly growing private sector and is viewing it as an opportunity to provide a quality health service to a large sector of the Egyptian population. She has been heading the efforts of one of the largest private hospitals in Egypt managed by the Egyptian Air Forces to obtain accreditation from the JCI. Currently, Prof. Hanaa Amer is heading the Central Administration of Health Technology Assessment and Management in the Egyptian Unified Procurement Authority (UPA).

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Our vision for the School of Allied Health Sciences at BUC is to be the leader at the national and regional level in providing educational and research programs of high quality in the fields of applied health sciences. Moreover, we strive to meet the needs of the community in the fields of applied health science technology by providing distinguished educational programs to graduate technologist capable of helping health care providers to improve the quality of the health system.

The School of Allied Health Sciences is providing several educational programs in allied health sciences and disciplines including Health Administration and Informatics Technology, Technology of Critical Case Care, Optics Technology, Radiology and Medical Imaging Technology, Medical Laboratory Technology, and Dental Laboratory Technology.

Dean’s Word

“Take the first step in faith, You don’t have to see the whole staircase, Just take the first step” … Martin Luther King Jr

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the School of Allied Health Sciences at BUC.

Our mission as an institution is to prepare you to be stewards of allied health professions, practitioners, and leaders in the public and private sectors; which will be achieved through experiential and global opportunities.

Our school aims to provide the highest quality and most comprehensive undergraduate education by engaging you and the faculty in the learning journey.

Not only we will oversee the academic quality standards, and policies of BUC in the classroom and outside it, but we will also encourage and support the innovative efforts of our faculty as well as all of you to distill the prevailing global challenges and opportunities shaping our lives.

I am looking forward to educating all our students on how best to advance intellectual knowledge and impact society for the best.

Wishing you all a successful start to a bright future.

Professor Hanaa Ahmed Amer

Dean of Allied Health Sciences


A leading college characterized by graduating highly qualified health cadres, who are able to compete in the labor market locally and regionally to raise the level of applied health sciences, and to cover the needs of the health labor market in Egypt and abroad.

Providing distinguished educational content commensurate with the continuous development in health sciences, by providing various and distinguished programs in the disciplines of health sciences, employing modern technology, optimizing the use of available resources, effective partnership with national, regional and international institutions, and by stimulating scientific research aimed at developing health services.

  • Preparing and qualifying health cadres with the necessary knowledge and skills, as well as paying attention to personal skills, to meet the current and future needs in hospitals and health care centers.

  • Studying the labor market and linking the graduate’s skills and specifications to the requirements of the labor market.

  • Developing the infrastructure to facilitate e-learning methods and learning through simulation, and expanding their use for the benefit of learners.

  • Contribute to community service by organizing lectures and seminars with the aim of raising the health culture of community members.

  • Concluding cooperation protocols with educational organizations, medical institutions and other colleges to develop the quality of training and research in all disciplines of the college.

  • Providing distinguished study programs that attract students from different nationalities and cultures to provide a diverse and inclusive academic environment that integrates students, knowledge and ideas from different cultures.

  • Developing health sciences research to keep pace with progress in various fields.

School of Allied Health Sciences Council

Prof. Hanaa Ahmed Amer
Dr. Mohamed Hasabelnaby
Lecturer at Radiology Department
Dr. Moustafa Abdelghani
Lecturer at Radiology Department
Prof. Dr. Ahmad M. Makhlouf
Dean of Medicine
Prof. Cheherezade Ghazi
Dean of Nursing

Academic Program

Degree Title:

Bachelor’s degree in Allied Health Sciences Technology

Program Hours:

The total credits (130 Hours)

Study plan:

The study plan is divided into the following:

  1. Mandatory University requirements: all university students are to cover (2 credit hours).
  2. Elective University requirements: all University students are obliged to cover, (3 credit hours).
  3. Mandatory Faculty requirements: students are required to cover (121 credit hours).
  4. Elective faculty requirements: students must select from among a list of elective courses (4 credit hours).

Bylaw 2021 required courses

Scientific Departments

NameFaculty Members 
Prof. Hanaa Ahmed AmerDean of Technology of Applied Health SciencesCouncil
Associate. Prof. Jasmine Sobhy El-KholyAssociate Professor at Critical Care Department
Ta. Ahmed Fahd El-DesoukyTeaching Assistant at Critical Care DepartmentStaff Members
NameFaculty Members 
Prof. Hanaa Ahmed AmerDean of Applied Health SciencesCouncil
Dr. Mohamed HasabelnabyLecturer at Radiology Department
Dr. Moustafa Abdelghany AbdelsamadLecturer at Radiology Department
TA. Abdelrahman Ahmed KhalafTeaching Assistant at Radiology DepartmentStaff Members
TA. Mai Mohamed SaadTeaching Assistant at Radiology Department
NameFaculty Members 
Prof. Hanaa Ahmed AmerDean of Applied Health SciencesCouncil
Prof. Neama Lotfy MohamedProfessor at Medical Laboratory Department
TA. Mahmoud Rezeky MohalelTeaching Assistant at Medical Laboratory DepartmentStaff Members
TA. Mohamed Abd El-Nasser IssaTeaching Assistant at Medical Laboratory Department

Graduate Occupational Profile

The four-year degree program is designed to produce a graduate with innovative, creative and analytical skills. They are expected to perform as key persons in order to uplift their respective fields of Technology of Medical Laboratory, Radiography & Radiotherapy, Critical Case Technology and Dental Laboratory Technology.

The graduates will:

· Have knowledge, skills and attitudes to perform tasks assigned in their respective disciplines.

· Be able to work as an independent team member by ensuring safety, managing the time and resources within an interdisciplinary health care team.

· Be an allied health professional who respect other professionals.

· Have an ability to communicate effectively with other professionals in their work environment.

· Be able to develop managerial skills to provide an outstanding leadership.

· Have a capability to train future undergraduates in the respective fields.

· Be able to examine and understand the extensiveness of issues surrounding the social, environmental, regulatory and ethical concerns associated with the area.

· Be able to conduct basic and advanced research in respective fields.

· Be capable of applying their knowledge and skills to post graduate studies.

· Expect them to engage in continuous professional development and reaching higher levels in specialty.

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School of Allied Health Sciences Inaugurates The Eagles.

Curricular Concentration: Science

Percentage: A minimum of 70%

Applicant score should add up to a minimum of 70% after conversion for all certificates.