School of Applied Arts

Applied Arts

Degree and Title:
Bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts

Study Hours/Academic Levels:
173 credit hours/5 academic levels

Meet the Dean

Professor Dr. Tamer Abdellatif

Professor Dr. Tamer Abdellatif is the Dean of the school of Applied Arts at BUC University.
Professor of Visual Communication Design and Advertising.

Dr.Tamer held the position of Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts at Beni Suef University for 5 years and Head of the Advertising Department at the Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University for 6 years. He is a professor of visual communication design with more than 30 years of teaching experience, in addition to supervising more than 80 doctoral and master’s theses.

Dr. Tamer is also a member of the Arts and Music Education Sector Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt, and has experience in reviewing the faculties bylaws of art and design.

Moreover, Tamer is working as a reviewer and editor for several academic journals in the fields of art, design, visual communication, and the humanities.

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Meet the Vice Dean

Professor Tamer Farouk Khalifa

Tamer Farouk Khalifa is the Vice Dean of the School of Applied Arts at BUC and a Professor of Textile Quality Control and Testing Textile Spinning in the Weaving and Knitting Department.

Professor Tamer was the Former Vice-Dean for Postgraduate Studies & Research at the Faculty of Applied Arts – Helwan University.

Tamer has academic and research experience for almost 25 years in the field of textile engineering, textile materials, textile machinery, nonwovens, textile lab and testing, textile preparation and environmental impact. In addition, he has several publications in the field of technical and industrial textiles, nonwovens, textile quality control, education quality, and textile physics.

Tamer is also working as a Reviewer for several journals in the field of textiles, and as an Editorial Board in others. He has been the Textile Program Academic Coordinator (Undergraduate program) at the Faculty of Applied Arts – Helwan University for more than 3 years (The Program was accredited by Naqaa). Supervising several Master, and Ph.D. thesis related to textiles, in addition to participating in several research projects.

In addition to his experience as an ISO 17025 (For laboratory accreditation) and ISO 17020 (For Inspection bodies)– Lead assessor and Technical assessor and Expert – EGAC (Egyptian accreditation council) and assessing and accrediting many Textile labs locally and internationally according to ISO 17025. Tamer is also a member of both the Egyptian Engineering syndicate and Applied Arts Designers Syndicate, and an ex-board member of Applied Arts Syndicate.

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At the School of Applied Arts, we integrate a perfect blend of design passion, dedication, and creativity. Through providing our students with the knowledge and skills of design, research, and conscious practicality. Moreover, we associate with the industry and labor market by practicing design investigations, in addition to equipping students with an accommodating learning environment and cutting edge digital equipment to help them grasp integrated aspects and excel in their future careers.

Dean’s Word

My dear students
Welcome to The School of Applied Arts. You are about to start the most exciting journey of your life, preparing you to start your design career in a way that meets the highest international standards.
We have a very friendly and creative atmosphere which encourages students to feel comfortable, confident and positive about making new friends, meeting their teachers and starting their own course.
The School of Applied Arts offers seven undergraduate programs with a new perspective that aims to encourage the creative process in design, while creating close links to culture and the local community, and interest in exchanging experiences and cultures with artistic communities and experiences from around the world.
With an innovation mindset, School of Applied Arts students are trained with advanced skills, theories and concepts in art and design, as well as professional practices that prepare students for professional work .
We have established solid relationships with national and international organizations to enhance student learning opportunities in real, practical environment, ensuring that students graduate with the skills required to meet market needs.
The School of Applied Arts has very distinguished elements of carefully selected faculty members who hold high experience in the field of teaching within the college classrooms as well as field experience in the market. You will find here dedicated, caring and inspiring faculty and staff whose top priority is your education and success.
The field of art and design is ever evolving and, as such, our faculty collaborate every year to develop, enhance and upgrade our curricula to meet career challenges.

Best wishes for a bright and rewarding future.

Professor Tamer Abdellatif

Dean of Applied Arts


Be a source of purposeful creativity and design innovation on national & international levels.

A global level of competitiveness, an ability to exercise focused research in solving industry, society and environment problems with adherence to design professional ethics. 

  1. Provide specialized designers equipped with creative capabilities in design and related modern technology. 
  2. Offer highly developed & lucrative programs addressing the international standards.
  3. Associate with industry and labor market by practicing design research, sensible practicality and privileged culture.
  4. Maintain a strong focus on student life-long learning experience with the spirit of continuous development. 
  5. Achieve a national reputation & recognition for exemplary and challenging design education. 
  6. To be among the best design programs with accredited specialized programs 
  7. Employ outstanding instructors, secure supportive learning environments, and cutting edge digital equipment that make students marketable.

School of Applied Arts Council

Prof. Dr. Tamer Abdellatif Abdelrazek
Prof. Dr. Tamer Farouk Mohamed Ali Khalefa
Vice Dean
Prof. Dr. Heba Amir Ahmed Khalel
Vice Dean, environmental affairs and community service
Prof. Dr. Wael Raafat Mahmoud
Head of Interior Design Department
Prof. Dr. Gihan Hussein Wahba Elrify
Head of Media Department
Prof. Dr. Samah Gamal Mohamed
Head of Cinema Department
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdelgawad Abdelfatah
Head of Textile Department
Prof. Dr. Wesam Onsy Ibrahim
Head of Product Department
Prof. Dr. Ola Hamdy Elsayed Atia
Head of Ceramic Department
Prof. Dr. Doaa Khaled Hatem
Prof. Dr. Gamal Mohamed Abdelhamed Radwan
Textile Department
Prof. Dr. Asmaa Abdelgawad Elsebaay
Interior Design Department
Prof. Dr. Khaled Talaat Yousef
Media Department
Prof. Dr. Khaled Mansour Abdelhafez
Textile Department
Assistant Prof. Mohamed Mohamed Riad
Associate Prof. At Product Department
Dr. Ahmed Fathi Farag Bebars
Fashion Department
Major General. Salah Abdelaziz
Chairman of The board of Elnasagoun International
Mr. Tarek Seada
Head of Media Syndicate
Eng. Hany Riad
Chairman of The Board of Elalamia Furniture Com.(Riadco 2000)
Eng. Eslam Kandil
Chairman of The Board of Kandil Group


School premises:

The classrooms are well equipped with comfort seats, a whiteboard, a data show device, a display screen, a microphone, headphones, Wi-Fi, and central air conditioning.

The central library, based on Campus, includes a large number of innovative Applied Arts books and publications set out in a relaxing environment, conducive to studying. There are comfortable seating areas, group study areas, a silent study area and private study rooms.

There are central halls and stands at the university that can be used when necessary, and they are all equipped for cultural, artistic and sports activities

The university offers a learning management system (LMS) for enhancing learning needs in all areas, assignment, examinations and student registration attendance.

The university offers health care facilities through well-equipped health care clinics (general clinics, dental care clinics and physiotherapy clinic. There is a diverse food court offering cold and hot snacks as a small area offering a variety of groceries and cold snacks. In addition, there is a copy center, a bank and a flower shop.


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Laboratories & workshops

Applied Arts school skills lab

The School has practical skills laboratories; to enhance the experience and the education of its students. Skill labs train and educate the students on a variety of Applied Arts skills in order to prepare them for the competitive work market.


Academic Programs

Degree Title

Bachelor of Applied Arts

Program Hours:

The total credits (174 Hours)

Study plan:

The requirements for obtaining the degree are divided into seven sets of courses according to the requirements presented by these regulations and according to the academic standards of applied arts issued by the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation.

 No. of credit hours of coursesPercentageOverride ratioscredit hours
1Social sciences and humanities:8%%9- 715-12
2Basic and technical sciences20%%20-1834-30
3Basic specialized scientific sciences32%%32-2855-48
4Optional  specialized scientific sciences19%%22-2038-34
5Practical/Field Training:8%%8- 614-10
6computer graphic courses7%%8- 614-10
7Free courses6%%8- 614-10

Scientific Departments

NameFaculty Members 
Dr. Wesam Onsy IbrahimHead of Department ProfessorChairman
Dr. Mohamed Mohamed RiadAssistant ProfessorCouncil
Dr.Islam Elsaied GaribAssistant Professor
Diaa Hamdy FaroukInstructorStaff Members
Heba Rabie AmierInstructor
Mai Mohamed Abou ElyazedInstructor
Aya el said AbdallahInstructor
Nada Abdel Moeaz RamadanInstructor
Ahmed Khaled Saead zahranInstructor
Menna Alah MohsenInstructor
Aya SolimanInstructor
Mariam HossamInstructor
Ahmed Tarek Mohamed FathyInstructor
Doaa MohamedInstructor
Yasmin HashemInstructor
Ahmed GamelInstructor
Mohamed AbdAllahInstructor
NameFaculty Members 
Prof. Dr. Tamer Abdellatif AbdelrazekDeanChairman
Prof. Dr. Heba Amir Ahmed KhalelVice DeanCouncil
Prof. Dr. Gihan Hussein Wahba ElrifyHead of Department Professor
Prof. Dr. Khaled Talaat YousefProfessor
Dr. Nagwan FathyAssistant Professor
Dr. Moustafa MahmoudLecturer
Omnia Mohamed RaafatInstructorStaff Members
Munyah Elhamy el NabulsiInstructor
Abeer Ezzat AzmyInstructor
Rasha Saber MokhtarInstructor
Manal Mohamed Mohamed SalahInstructor
Menna Allah Abdallah AlwarrakInstructor
Nahla Alaa el Dien Abd el kaderInstructor
Salma Hamdy SolimanInstructor
Mohamed MostafaInstructor
NameFaculty Members 
Dr. Wael RafaatHead of Department ProfessorChairman
Dr. Asmaa Abd El GawadProfessorCouncil
Dr. Tamer AliLecturer
Dr. Shimaa Atef KoraLecturer
Ahmed El saead Abdel azizInstructorStaff Members
Samah Naser NabilInstructor
Karim SamirInstructor
Mai Mohamed salemInstructor
Aya Ashraf MohamedInstructor
Karim SamirInstructor
Ashraf Ibrahem SrourInstructor
Ahmed Salah Ahmed MohamedInstructor
Alaa MostafaInstructor
Nada El Zanaty Abdel motelebInstructor
Mohamed El Shahat MohamedInstructor
Nada Refaat El saiedInstructor
Anas Ayaman AlyInstructor
NameFaculty Members 
Dr. Tamer Farouk KhalifaVice DeanChairman
Dr. Mohamed Abd El GawadHead of DepartmentCouncil
Dr. Khaled MansourProfessor
Dr. Gamal RadwanProfessor
Dr. Heba Abd El SalamLecturerStaff Members
Ahmed Ibrahim EmaraInstructor
Esraa Mahmoud Abdel kaderInstructor
Eman Taher AhmedInstructor
Ahmed Osama MahmoudInstructor
Manal Salah MohamedInstructor
Sheren Shaker Abo bashaInstructor
Sama Abdel rahemInstructor
Ghadeer YassinInstructor
NameFaculty Members 
Dr. Samah Gamal MohamedHead of DepartmentChairman
Esraa Ahmed HussenInstructorCouncil
Ahmed Mahmoud Ali AbdelmohsenInstructorStaff Members
Shimaa Magdy RamadanInstructor
Zahra Galal HelmyInstructor
NameFaculty Members 
Dr.Ola HamdyHead of DepartmentChairman
Dr.Marwa ElsadekLecturerCouncil
Ahmed Mostafa Mohamed El ShazlyInstructorStaff Members
Marina MorkosInstructor
Name Faculty Members
Dr. Ahmed Fathy Pebars Lecturer Chairman
Asmaa Salah Esmail Instructor Council
Maha Hamdy Abo Ghali Instructor Staff Members
Nada Instructor
Name Faculty Members
Dr. Doaa Hatem Professor Chairman
Dr. Manal Helal Professor Council
Dr. Heba Tullah Osman Zohny Assistant Professor
Dr. Nihad Sadek Lecturer Staff Members
Dr. Nermin Saeed Lecturer
Dr. Mohamed El Hamahamy Lecturer
Marwa Mohamed El sawy Instructor
Mona Omar Abdel aziz Instructor
Nourhan Helal Helal Instructor
Rawan Reda Atef Instructor
Mariem Mostafa Ahmed Instructor
Omnia Mohy Sarhan Instructor
Yara Mohamed Mohamed Instructor
Ola Fawzi Amen Instructor
Mai Mohamed Hussien Instructor
Heba Saied Hashem Instructor

School Department Heads

Professor Gihan El Rify

Head of the Media Design and Graphics Department

Professor Ola Hamdy

Head of the Ceramic and Glass Department

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Gawad

Head of the Textile Engineering Department

Professor Wesam Oncy Ibrahim

Head of the Product Design Department

Professor Samah Gamal Mohamed

Head of the Cinematography and Television Department

Dr. Wael Rafaat

Head of the Interior Design and Furniture Department

Career Opportunities

The graduate will be able to work in the following areas:

Product Design Program

  • Industrial and Product Designer
  • Industrial Product Manufacturers
  • Domestic Product Manufacturers
  • Vehicle and Transportation Manufacturers
  • Digital and Interactive Product Designer
  • Product Design for the special needs
  • Ecological and Environmental Product designer
  • CAD Technician
  • Exhibition and Production Designer
  • Production and Purchasing Manager

Media Design and Graphics Program

  • Art and Creative Director
  • Drafter (Architecture and Engineering)
  • Film and Video Editor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Product Packaging Designer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Multimedia Artist/Animator
  • Technical Support Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Print House Manager
  • Prepress Operations Manager
  • Advertising Designer

Interior Design and Furniture Program

  • Interior Decorators
  • Corporate Designers
  • Furniture Designers
  • Furniture Arrangers
  • Touristic Sites Designers
  • Residential Designers
  • Healthcare Designers
  • Home Lighting Advisers
  • Kitchen and Bath Designers
  • Sustainable Designers

Textile Program

  • Textile industries and textile design studios
  • Textile manufacturing companies, as a Merchandiser or Stylist
  • Garment manufacturers firms
  • Self-employed, as a consultant or doing freelance work
  • Quality Engineer in textile manufacturing companies

Cinematography and Television Program

  • Exhibiting Artists
  • Most photography-related professions
  • Cameramen and Camera Directors in TV and Cinema

Ceramics and Glass Program

  • Tableware and Cookware Manufacturing Firm’s Designer
  • Sanitary Ware Manufacturing Firm’s Designer
  • Porcelain, China and Stoneware Manufacturing Firm’s Designer
  • Ceramics Artist, Modeler and Sculptor

Apparel and Fashion Program

  • Garments and Mass Manufactured Fashion Designer
  • Ready-to-wear Designer (prêt-à-porter)
  • One-off garments for the catwalk (Haute couture)
  • Marketing, Finances and Business Activities Managers
  • TV and Cinema Costume Designers
  • Clothing Manufacturing Engineers

News & Events

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International Programs

All applicants must successfully complete a technical and creative aptitude test, which will be administered at the school’s main campus on dates determined by the university. Additionally, those who did well on the aptitude test given at any of the applied arts colleges are additionally accepted.

Curricular Concentration: Science or Science/Mathematics

Percentage: A minimum of 70%

Applicant score should add up to a minimum of 70% after conversion for all certificates.