School of Filmmaking and Performing Arts

Filmmaking and Performing Arts

Degree and Title:
Bachelor’s degree in Filmmaking and Performing Arts

Study Hours/Academic Levels:
144 credit hours/4 academic levels

Meet the Dean

Prof. Ayman El Shewy

Prof. Ayman is the Dean of the School of Filmmaking and Performing Arts at BUC, a Professor at the Academy of Arts, and Head of the Acting and Directing Department.

He is a well-known actor who starred in various series and movies.

Professor Ayman obtained his Ph.D.  from Università Degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza” in Italy, and his Master’s in Theater Arts from the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts, Academy of Arts in Egypt. He has a Bachelor of Acting and Directing from the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts, Academy of Arts, and a Bachelor of Mass Communication –Radio and Television Department, Cairo University.

Furthermore, he is the Chair of the Art Committee, Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts, Academy of Arts. Member of the Arbitration Committees of several theater festivals in universities of Cairo, Ain Shams, Banha, Suez Canal, Mansura. Member of the Arbitration Committee of First International Nahj Festival, Karbala TV. Member of the Arbitration Committee of Youth Festival. And the Head of the Egyptian Delegation, Casablanca Theatre Festival.

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Meet the Vice Dean

Prof. Dr. Ramy Binyamin Biskles

Prof. Ramy is the Vice Dean of the School of Filmmaking and Performing Arts at BUC, an Assistant Professor at the Academy of Arts, and a Professor of Scenography Set and Lighting Design.

He is the General manager of the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre (CIFET) and the Technical Director and Lighting Designer for Cairo Show-a leading theatre production company in Egypt and the Arab region that presents shows such as King Lear 2019 & Aladdin 2020, both shows were highly appreciated by audience and critics. Moreover, he was responsible for designing the set and lighting for many shows produced by Cairo Opera House as well as public & private sectors’ theatres.

Prof. Ramy holds a Ph.D. in modern techniques of stage lighting design from Vienna University, Austria-2011, a Diploma from the Academy of Arts in 2005, and a Bachelor of theatre arts from the Design Department at the Academy of Arts in 2000. Moreover, he received many technical trainings at European theatres & operas in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and Hungary.

He is a member of the theatre committee of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. A Member of the jury of the Academy of Arts festivals, National Theatre festival, as well as many theatre competitions held by the Egyptian universities.

Prof. Ramy was granted The National Theatre Festival Award for best stage lighting.

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Filmmaking and Performing Arts School is pleased to have a full or partial partnership agreement and cooperation with the international art academies. Although we are a new usher university but we have a recognized name, we have been cooperated with two faculties: academy of fine arts in Rome and university of Torino.

In progress, we have many cooperation deals with too many artistic faculties and academies.

Our history begins in 10th of October 2018 we started with famous academic professors which gathering between academic and Creators labors.

Dean’s Word

At the School of Filmmaking and Performing Arts, we strive to create an atmosphere that pushes your talents and capabilities to be discovered and developed. We provide not only science, study and a certificate but also, we are keen on practicing and renovation.

We make sure that our students have access to the latest technological equipment, studios, cameras, and programs. We also integrate workshops with famous Egyptian and foreign artists into their programs, in addition to cultural and artistic activities all through the year to set them in a continuous artistic state of mind.

We will be around to assist, push, and support you.

I’m sure that together we will achieve things no one has ever done before. Rest assured that our main aim is to serve you. You are our most precious asset.

Prof. Ayman is the Dean

Dean of Filmmaking and Performing Arts


Graduating high level comprehensive artists in accordance to the highest national & international standards that meet the artistic global community needs.

  • To provide hands-on, student-centered learning experience conducted in an interdisciplinary and interactive environment.
  • To stimulate and implement curricula that integrates research and entrepreneurial activities for the profession in addition to required skills and knowledge.
  • To provide graduates with communication, analytical and critical thinking skills that allow them to excel in a diversified global environment.
  • To pursue lifelong learning as professionals, leaders, and innovators among the community of talented artists across acting, dance, music, design.
  • Sustaining an integrated system of self-development.
  • Combining student-centered learning, innovation, cultural expression and entrepreneurship.
  • Advocating societal needs and goals and preserve its cultural and artistic legacy creating a positive awareness that contribute to the Nation’s progress.

We have different studios with qualified equipment. We insist that our doctors trained our students in live shooting and now we already have students worked in the Egyptian market. Every student each semester has his own film sponsored by the university. Now we prepared for production whether short films or advertising sponsored by the university. We win 4 acting award in the Egyptian theatre festivals.

School of Filmmaking and Performing Arts

Prof. Dr. Ayman Abdelhamed
Prof. Dr. Ramy Binyamin
Vice Dean
Assistant Prof. Dr. Khaled Bahgat
Assistant Professor
Dr. Maha Farouk
Expert. Samir Farag
Expert. Tarek Rashad
Rafeek Mamdouh Tawfiq
Assistant Lecturer
Yaman Oumran
Assistant Lecturer


School premises:

The college includes many different classrooms of a special nature, which contains equipment for each field, which serves the educational process, including the following:

#Hall NameQuantityCapacityDepartment
1Cinema Hall22*20All
2Cinematography Studio (Plateau)4  
3Engineering Drawing Hall44*12Scenes and costumes design sections
4Costumes Design And Implementation Hall22*5costumes design
5Stop Motion Lab115Cinema & Graphics Departments
6Graphic Lab (2d)110Design, graphic, cinema
7Graphic Lab (3d)110Design, graphic, cinema
8Video Editing Lab110Design, graphic, cinema
9Video Editing & Media Storage Hall1N/AAll
10Individual Editing & Testing Lab22*8Design, graphic, cinema
11Lecture Halls32* (30 : 50)All
12Section Halls22 * (30 : 50)All
13Theater hall with stage 2“40 and 75  chair”Acting
14Circular Theatre for chamber music112 : 20Acting and Music

Ballet Hall

“Multi Using Training Halls”

22 * 15


“Dancing, acting and music”

16Music Production Lab120Music
17Online Lecture Recording Hall11All
18Library Hall120All
19It Room13All
20Dressing And Makeup Room For Theater And Plateau44Dancing & Acting
21Lockers Hall22 * (100 : 180)Dancing & Acting
22Sound & Lighting Equipment Hall22*2All

The classrooms are well equipped with comfort seats, a whiteboard, a data show device, a display screen, a microphone, headphones, Wi-Fi, and central air conditioning.

The central library, based on Campus, includes a large number of Acting  Diction, Filmmaking, Directing, & Cinematography, Design & Costumes, Multimedia, Graphics , Game Design & VFX books and publications set out in a relaxing environment, conducive to studying. There are comfortable seating areas, group study areas, a silent study area and private study rooms.

There are central halls and stands at the university that can be used when necessary, and they are all equipped for cultural, artistic and sports activities

The university offers a learning management system (LMS) for enhancing learning needs in all areas, assignment, examinations and student registration attendance.

The university offers health care facilities through well-equipped health care clinics (general clinics, dental care clinics and physiotherapy clinic. There is a diverse food court offering cold and hot snacks as a small area offering a variety of groceries and cold snacks. In addition, there is a copy center, a bank and a flower shop

Academic Program

Program Hours:

The total credits (144 credit hours/4 academic level)

Study plan:

  • The study is based on the credit hours (CH) system. The study includes four levels.
  • Each level includes two semesters, each with a minimum duration of 14 weeks and a summer semester of not less than seven weeks.
  • The study begins with the exact specialization division from the first moment of the beginning of registration.
  • To obtain a bachelor’s degree in one of these majors, at least 144 credit hours are required, provided that among them are the hours gained from courses that meet the requirements of the university, college, and scientific department, as well as practical training and technical projects that are determined by each division within each department.

Faculty Departments:

1ACTActing and Diction
3MEDMultimedia & Graphics
5MAPMedia and advertising production
6PERPerforming arts


Specialized Departments & Sections:





Acting and Diction

Acting – Radio & Television



Dramatic writing – Cinema direction – Film Editing – Cinematography


Multimedia & Graphics

Animation & Graphics – Visual Effects



Scenes Design – Costumes Design


Media and advertising production

Media, Production & Advertising


Performing arts

Performing Arts



Instruments – Singing – Composing and Leading

Career Opportunities

Acting and Directing Department

  • Cinematic and Theater Actor
  • Film and Theater Director
  • TV Broadcaster
  • Radio Broadcaster

Cinema and Movie Making Department

  • Film and TV Director
  • Cinematographer and Television Photographer
  • Editor
  • Sound Engineer
  • Lighting Engineer
  • Scriptwriter

Television Production and Advertising Department

  • Advertising director

Design Department

  • Stage Set Designer
  • Film and TV Set Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Dramatic Costumes Designer

Multimedia and Graphics

  • Visual Effects Designer
  • Multimedia and Internet Designer
  • Animation and Graphic Designer

Ballet and Dancing

  • Choreographer
  • Ballet Trainer
  • Ballet Dancer


  • Composer
  • Signer
  • Mushier

News & Events


BUC Mobile Film Festival

International Programs

Curricular Concentration: Literature/Science/Science and Mathematics

Percentage: A minimum of 55%

Applicant score should add up to a minimum of 55% after conversion for all certificates.