School of Law


Degree and Title:
Bachelor’s degree in Law

Study Hours/Academic Levels:
144 credit hours/4 academic levels

Meet the Dean

Prof. Dr. Elsayyed Elaraby

Prof. Dr. Elsayyed Elaraby
Professor Dr. Elsayyed Elaraby Hassan is the current Dean of the School of Law at Badr University in Cairo.
Dr. Elaraby is the former Dean of the Faculty of Law at Helwan University and Head of the Department of Philosophy and History of Law. He is the General Secretary of the Standing Scientific Committee for the Promotion of Professors, a member of the Planning Committee of the Legal Studies Sector of the Higher Council of Universities, and the Law Rapporteur of the National Projects Department, Higher Council of Universities.
Dr. Elaraby is known for his numerous published works, like History of Egyptian Law, Society and Law in 1994, Introduction to the Study of Law in 2010, Introduction to Commercial Law in 2011, International Human rights in 2015, Introduction To Anglo-American Legal system in 2022, and more.

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Studying law at BUC is characterized by the practical applications of the different branches of law, which allows the student to experience the field in scientific, practical, and non-traditional methods, based on the combination of the theoretical applications of law in different branches and modern practices. The program is considered a unique model among the various law schools and is distinguished by the participation of highly qualified faculty members in all disciplines. The law program includes internal and external training hours in cooperation with various legal and judicial institutions.

Dean’s Word

Dear Students,

Welcome to the BUC School of Law.

We promise our students an excellent legal education with a spiritual dimension and a passionate commitment to social justice and community service. Our mission would be to provide a caring, supportive environment. Our School is structured to transcend the archaic legal formalism; hence, the law program at BUC University adopts a fresh and interdisciplinary approach to legal education to equip students with advanced legal knowledge. We aim to create an exceptionally qualified faculty that allows our students an unforgettable learning experience in earning a respectable law degree.

Professor Dr. Elsayyed Elaraby

Dean of Law


That the Faculty of Law be distinguished locally and regionally and in line with international standards in education, scientific research, innovation, and training, and to be able to fulfill its societal responsibilities.

That the Faculty contribute to the graduation and qualification of a new generation of distinguished Egyptian and Arab jurists, through advanced legal programs, modern educational systems, effective applied training, faculty members with proven competence, and centers of excellence in the fields of legal research, training and consultations, with commitment to apply the highest standards Academic quality

  • Excellence in education.
  • Excellence in legal research and innovation.
  • Attention to training and applied aspects.
  • Fulfilling social responsibility and spreading the spirit of community service among its students.
  • Contribute to deepening knowledge of the state of law and the duties and obligations of citizens.
  • Motivating professors, their assistants, and researchers to complete innovative and –
  • distinguished research and publish it in the best legal periodicals.

School of Law Council

Prof. Sayed Elaraby
Dean of school of law
Dr Nabil Abdelfatah
Lecturer at the Public law department.
Dr. Eslam El-Briery
Lecturer at the Criminal law department.
Prof. Abdel-Rouf Hashem
Professor at the Public Law Department at Zagzaig University and a Member from the outside.
Tarek Mahmoud Abu-Zeid
Chief Judge at the Court Of Appeal and a member from the outside.
Moataz Helaly Elsayed
Judge at Administrative Prosecution and Member from the outside.


School premises:

  • An IT lab with 25 PCs, 8 printers, 1 photocopier and 2 scanners.
  • The classrooms are well equipped with comfort seats, a smart board, a data show device, a display screen, a microphone, headphones, Wi-Fi, and central air conditioning.
  • The library at the school of law connected with the central library, based on Campus, includes a large number of innovative law books and publications set out in a relaxing environment, conducive to studying. There are comfortable seating areas, group study areas, a silent study area and private study rooms.
  • There are central halls and stands at the university that can be used when necessary, and they are all equipped for cultural, artistic and sports activities
  • The university offers a learning management system (LMS) for enhancing learning needs in all areas, assignment, examinations, and student registration attendance.
  • The university offers health care facilities through well-equipped health care clinics (general clinics, dental care clinics and physiotherapy clinic. There is a diverse food court offering cold and hot snacks as a small area offering a variety of groceries and cold snacks. In addition, there is a copy center, a bank, and a flower shop.

Community Services:

  • The faculty provides support for the activities of the Children’s University.
  • The faculty provides support to the Institute of Professional Development and Continuing Education.

Laboratories & workshops

The Legal Clinic:

The Legal Clinic is one of the methods of developing legal education in law faculties and schools in various countries worldwide, in all their forms and legal systems, through a combination of legal study in its theoretical form and its practical and professional aspects in its environment.

The Moot Court Training Unit:

The Moot Court Training Unit sessions for students have started, through which second and third year students receive practical training by studying real-life cases and distributing the roles among the participants. The goal of this unit is to strengthen the students’ knowledge and practical skills in addition to linking their academic studies to the real-life practice.

Academic Program

Degree Title:

Bachelor of law (L.L.B)

Program Hours:

144 + 3 Credit hours in field Training

Study plan:

RequirementsMaj/ MinMan/ ElecTypeCredits

University Requirements

(5 Credit hours)


Faculty Requirements

(139 Credit hours) + 3 Credit hours in field Training


General internship6 + 3 Credit hours in field Training

New BSN Program starting Year 2022-2023

CodeCourse TitleHour/weekTotal CreditRequisite
NUR 1101Fundamentals of Nursing 1(Theory (22Co-requisite NUR 1102
NUR 1102Fundamental of Nursing 1(Practice (495Co-requisite NUR 1101
NUR 1103Infection Control11 
NUR 1104Professional Ethics11 
MED 1105Anatomy I22 
MED 1106Physiology I22 
MED 1107Microbiology22 
SUP 1108English Language I22 
SUP 1109Sociology11 
Total 134918 
CodeCourse TitleHour/weekTotal CreditRequisite
NUR 1210Fundamentals of Nursing 2 (Theory)33

Pre: NUR 1101

Co-requisite NUR 1211

NUR 1211Fundamentals of Nursing 2 (Practice)2125

Pre: NUR 1102

Co-requisite NUR 1210

MED 1212Anatomy   II11 
MED 1213Physiology II22 
MED 1214Biochemistry and Nutrition22 
SUP 1215Communication and Group Dynamics22 
SUP 1216English Language II223Pre:  Sup 1108
Total 1241218 
Code Course TitleHour/ weekTotal CreditRequisite
NUR 2317 Adult health Nursing 1 (Theory)33Pre: NUR 1101, NUR 1210
NUR 2318 Adult Health Nursing 1 (Practice)2125Pre: NUR 1102, NUR 1211
NUR 2319Health Promotion and Educational Technology122 
MED 2320General Medicine/gerontology22 
MED 2321Introduction to Pharmacology22 
MED 2322Therapeutic Nutrition11 
SUP 2323English Language III2 2Pre: Sup 1108, Sup 1216
Total 1141217 
CodeCourse TitleHour/ weekTotal CreditRequisite
NUR 2424Adult Health Nursing 2 (theory)33Pre: NUR 2317, NUR2319
NUR 2425Adult Health Nursing 2 (Practice)2125Pre: NUR 2318
NUR 2426Patient’s Safety1  1 
MED 2427General Surgery/specialties22 
MED 2428Applied Pharmacology22Pre: MED 2321
SUP 2429Mathematics /Biostatistics22 
SUP 2430English Language IV23Pre: SUP 2323
Total 1221217 
CodeCourse TitleHour/ weekTotal CreditRequisite
NUR 3531Maternal and Newborn health Nursing (theory)33Pre: NUR 2424
NUR 3532Maternal and Newborn Health Nursing (Practice)294

Pre: NUR 2425


NUR 3531, MED 3536,

NUR 3533Role of NGOs122 
NUR 3534Emergency preparedness, mitigation, and response22 
MED 3535Epidemiology22 
MED 3536Maternal and newborn Medicine22Co-requisite NUR 3531, NUR3532
SUP 3537English Writing V22Prerequisite SUP2430
Total 124917 
CodeCourse TitleHour/ weekTotal CreditRequisite
NUR 3638Child and Adolescent health Nursing (Theory)33Pre: NUR 2424
NUR 3639Child and Adolescent health Nursing (practice)2125Pre: NUR 2425Co-requisite NUR 3638, MED 3640, SUP 3641
NUR 3640Evidence Based Practice and Research Critique223 
MED 3641Pediatric Medicine and Neonatology22Co-requisite NUR 3638,
SUP 3642Life span, growth, and psychosocial development22 
SUP 3643Advanced English Writing VI22Pre: Sup 3537
Total 1141217 
CodeCourse TitleHour/ weekTotal CreditRequisite
NUR 4744Family and Community Health Nursing (theory)33Pre: NUR 3531, NUR 3638
NUR 4745Family and Community Health Nursing (practice)93

Pre: NUR 3532, NUR 3639

Co-requisite NUR 4744

NUR 4746Nursing administration (Theory)33 
NUR 4747Nursing administration (Practice)62Co-requisite NUR 4746
NUR 4748Health Legislation and Economics22 
NUR 4749Graduation project33 
SUP 4750Project & report Writing VII22Pre: Sup3643
Total 131518 
CodeCourse TitleHour/ weekTotal CreditRequisite
NUR 4851Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing (Theory)33  Pre NUR 3531, NUR3638
NUR 4852Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing (Practice)93

Pre NUR 3532, NUR 3639

Co-requisite: MED 4855, NUR4851

NUR 4853Psycho-social Aspects of Health Care22 
NUR 4854Nursing Future Directions22 
MED 4855Psychiatric Medicine2  2 
NUR 4856Nursing informatics2  2 
Elective two Choice of (2) for a total of 4 credits
ELC 4857Occupational Health4 4 
ELC 4858Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Nursing Services 
ELC 4859Nursing Care of Patient with Special Needs 
ELC 4860Food Safety 
Total 15918 

The Legal Clinic

The Legal Clinic is one of the methods of developing legal education in law faculties and schools in various countries worldwide, in all their forms and legal systems, through a combination of legal study in its theoretical form and its practical and professional aspects in its environment.

Academic Program

Degree Title:

Bachelor’s degree in Law

Program Hours:

144 credit hours/4 academic levels

Courses Offered

No.Course codeCourse namecredit hoursLanguage 
1LE1111Introduction to the Law3EN 
2AE1112Legal terms in English2EN 
LE 1113Principles of Economy3EN 
4LA 1114History and Philosophy of Law3AR
5LE 1115Political Systems3EN 
6AA 1116Legal Arabic Language and Rhetoric3AR
7UNI1Human Rights1AR
No.Course codeCourse namecredit hoursLanguage 
1LA 1217Introduction to the Study of Islamic doctrine3AR
2LA 1218Constitutional Law3AR
AE1219Fundamentals of Legal Research Methodology3EN 
4LE 1220Introduction to studying the Anglo-American legal system3EN 
5AA1221Applied Studies in Foundations of Legal Writing3AR
6AE1222French legal  terms2EN
7UNI2Scientific Thinking and Reporting Skills (University compulsory)1EN
No.Course codeCourse namecredit hoursLanguage 
1LE 2123Civil Law (1)(Sources of obligation3EN
2LA 2124Penal Law (1)(General part)3AR
LA 2125Islamic Law (1)(Family Law3AR
4LE 2126Personal status for non-Muslims3EN
5LE 2127Public International Law3EN
6SA21elective course (college)3AR
7UNIElective University1 
No.Course codeCourse namecredit hours



1LE 2228

Political Economy

(Money, banking and international economics)

2LE 2229Administrative Law3AR



LA 2230

Civil Law (2)

(Judgments and Evidence)

4LE 2231

Commercial Law (1)

(Commercial Operations – Merchant)

5LE2232International and regional organizations3EN
6UNIElective University1 
7SE22Elective course (college)3EN
No.Course codeCourse namecredit hoursLanguage 
1LA 3133Islamic Law (2)(Heritance and Testaments)3AR
2LE 3134Public Finance3EN
LE 3135Commercial Law (2)(Commercial companies)3EN
4LE 3136Civil Law (3)(contracts)3EN
5LA 3137Penal Code (2)(Special part)3AR
6SA 31Elective course (college)3AR
No.Course codeCourse namecredit hoursLanguage 
1LE 3238Labor and Social Law3EN
2LA 3239Civil and Commercial Procedure Law3AR
LA 3240Administrative Judiciary3AR
4SE 32Elective course (college)3EN
5UNIElective Universit1 
6LE3241internal practical training (legal and moot court workshops)3EN
No.Course codeCourse namecredit hoursLanguage 
1LE 4142Commercial Law (3)(Commercial bills and commercial contracts)3EN
2LE 4143Private International Law3EN
LA 4144Tax Legislation3AR
4LA 4145Criminal Procedure Law3AR
5SE 4146External Legal Training and Legal Clinic3EN
6SA 41Elective course3AR
No.Course codeCourse namecredit hoursLanguage 
1LA 4247forced Execution3AR
2LA 4248Islamic Law (3)(al-Fiqh – Islamic doctrine)3AR
LE 4249Commercial Arbitration3EN
4LA 4250Civil Law (4)(Ownership and Insurances)3AR
5LE 4251Administrative Contracts3EN
6SE 42Elective course3EN
s. Code CourseCoursename Number of credit hours LanguageLanguage
1SA 2152 Crime and Punishment3AR
2SA 2153Criminal Justice Procedure – Inquiries and Investigation3AR
3SA 3154Principles of Governance and Foundations of the Sovereignty of the State of Law3AR
4SA 3155Principles of Public Administration3AR
5SA 4156 Economic and Financial Legislation3AR
6SA4157Bankruptcy Code3AR

The student chooses only three courses –

م. Code CourseCoursename Number of credit hours LanguageLanguage
1SE 2258International Humanitarian Law3EN
2SE 3269Consumer Protection and Antitrust Laws3EN
3SE 3260Right to Privacy Protection Laws3EN
4SE 4261Information Protection and Intellectual Property Laws3EN
5SE 4262       Environmental Protection Law3EN


The student chooses only three courses –

Schedule (1) compulsory courses (1 credit hour).

NCodeCourse NameTotal Teaching Hours (Credit Hours)
1UNI1Human Rights1
2UNI2Scientific Thinking Skills and Report Writing1


NThe codethe name of the courseTotal teaching hours (credit hours)
2UNI4Problem Solving Skills Decision Making1
3UNI5History of Egypt1
4UNI6Arabic Literature1
5UNI7Environmental Industrial Security1
6UNI8Communication Skills1
7UNI9Musical Savor1
8UNI10Technical Appreciation1

Career Opportunities

  • The graduate has the right to apply to all judicial authorities, The Public Prosecution Office, The State Council, The Administrative Prosecution, The Military Judiciary, and other judicial institutions. He/she can also join the legal departments in governmental and non-governmental institutions.
  • A graduate has the right to be registered with The Bar Association and to practice the legal profession.
  • The graduate may join the diplomatic and consular corps after passing the necessary examinations and conditions and can work in international and regional organizations.
  • The graduate is well capable of all jobs of a financial, tax, and economic nature.

Graduate occupational profile:

The graduate must be able to:

  • Link the different branches of the law and their applications.
  • Access legal knowledge on its own from its various sources (authorities, judgments, periodicals, electronic media).
  • Self-evaluation, compatibility with the needs of the labor market, and observance of professional ethics and morals.
  • Conduct research and writing reports and notes.
  • Manage a legal dialogue with sound language and legal arguments.
  • Use negotiation skills and methods.
  • Plead before courts and arbitral tribunals.
  • Draft legal documents, laws, republican decisions, and regulations, and providing consultations.
  • Access to and understanding of judicial applications.
  • Follow up the legal aspects, economic developments, and international trade.
  • Communicate in at least one foreign language.

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Curricular Concentration: Literature/Science/Science and Mathematics

Percentage: A minimum of 55%

Applicant score should add up to a minimum of 55% after conversion for all certificates.