School of Oral and Dental Medicine

Oral and Dental Medicine

Degree and Title:
Bachelor’s degree in Oral and Dental Medicine (BDSC)

Study Hours/Academic Levels:
189 credit hours/5 academic levels

Meet the Dean

Dr. Tamer Hamza

Dr. Tamer Hamza is currently The Dean and Professor of Fixed Prosthodontics, Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, BUC, Cairo, Egypt. He was graduated from the Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, Cairo University in 1994; he finished master’s degree in fixed prosthodontics in 2000 from Al-Azhar University and finished the Ph.D. in 2004 through a channel program between Al-Azhar University and Ohio State university USA.
Then He became an Associate Professor and Chairman of the Fixed Prosthodontics Department from 2012 till 2015 in Al-Azhar University; then Vice dean for postgraduate and research 2018-2019, Dean faculty of oral dental medicine Al-Azhar University 2019-2022, during this time he was also visiting Research Professor in Ohio State University and Creighton university. He was also Visiting professor and course directors in postgraduate program in faculty of dentistry Misr International University (MIU) from 2015, His research interest is ceramics , Cad/Cam technology, and resin materials. He is board member, and peer reviewer in different national and international dental journals.

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Meet the Vice Dean

Professor Heba Mahmoud Ahmed Elsabaa

Professor Heba Mahmoud Ahmed Elsabaa is the Vice Dean of the School of Oral and Dental Medicine at Badr University in Cairo Since October 2017. She obtained her master’s degree in the year 2000. and her Ph.D. in 2005.

She was the Co-executive Editor – Mansoura Journal of Dentistry – from 2014 to 2015. She was the Director of the E-learning Unit – Faculty of Dentistry – Mansoura University – from 2011 to 2016. She was the Student Families Committee Consultant – Students Union – Faculty of Dentistry – Mansoura University – from 2010 to 2016. She was the Arts Committee Consultant – Student Union – Faculty of Dentistry – Mansoura University – from 2009 to 2010.

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The school offers a five-year program that is designed to match the recent criteria of dentistry graduates in terms of interactive clinical training upon multiple oral and dental disciplines that can upgrade the graduate to be a competent dentist who can meet the criteria of the national, regional, and international labor market.

The graduate will master how to deliver independent oral health care services within the scope of a general dentist in an ethical professional practice showing compassion, integrity, responsibility, and tolerance. Moreover, he/she will realize the importance of lifelong learning for continuous professional education.

Dean’s Word

Our School’s program is designed to match the recent criteria of dentistry graduates in terms of interactive clinical training in multiple oral and dental disciplines that can upgrade the graduates to be competent Dentists. Our graduates are to be able to meet the standards of the national, regional, and international labor market, under the umbrella of ethical and moral disciplines.

To achieve this goal, the school offers a five-year program in addition to a one-year internship. The school is equipped with date facilities that guarantee the excellence of training and education across the program years to reach our goal of delivering to society: The best Dental graduates in the world.

Dr. Tamer Hamza

Dean of Oral and Dental Medicine


To become a leading and distinguished school in the field of oral and dental medicine, both locally and regionally.

To gift our community a qualified graduate, specialized in the fields of oral and dental medicine; through a distinguished study program that is compatible with modern teaching methods and stimulates innovation in scientific research in line with community service.

1. Applying effective strategic planning that helps the school achieve its goals and objectives.

2. Adopting academic undergraduate and postgraduate programs with applicable international standards.

3. Providing a good environment that raises the efficiency and effectiveness of the educational process and contributes to graduating a modern dentist.

4. Developing research capacity, keeping pace with the requirements of society, and directing it to solve its problems.

5. Raising the efficiency and effectiveness of the school to develop participation and cooperation with community institutions at the local, regional and global levels to ensure effective community participation.

6. Developing the school’s administrative apparatus as one of the main axes to ensure the quality of the educational process.

7. The school adopts a professional code of ethics that ensures an atmosphere of justice, transparency, and equality.

8. Applying comprehensive quality systems at the school level to ensure the achievement of accreditation qualification standards and continuous development.

9. Increasing the school’s competitiveness at the internal and external levels and maximizing the strengths that characterize the school as a distinctive feature of it.

School of Oral and Dental Medicine Council

Dr. Tamer Hamza
Professor. Rania Mosaad
Professor. Heba El-Sabaa
Vice-Dean for students Affairs
Professor. Osama Gouda
Vice-Dean for Community Service Affairs
Assistant Professor. Hanaa Schalaan
Head of Child Dental Health Department
Assistant Professor. Rania El-Behairy
Head of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Department
Assistant Professor. Reham Seyam
Head of Restorative Dentistry Department
As. Professor. Rasha Wageih
Head of Oral Medicine, Periodontology, Radiology Department
Assistant Professor. Naser Abbas
Head of Prosthodontics Department
Assistant Professor. Heba El-Negres
Head of Quality Assurance Unit
Assistant Professor. Ahmed Adel
Operative Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry Department
Assistant Professor. Salma Mahmoud
Basic & Medical Sciences Department
Dr. Ahmed Bayoumy
Head of Training & Internship Unit
Dr. Ibrahim Yehia
Head of Continuous Education Unit
Dr. Amira Sami
LMS Faculty Admin
Dr. Sara Omar
Fixed prosthodontics, Prosthodontics Department
Dr. Shady El-Naggar
Head of Academic Advising Unit
Dr. Magdy Bayoumi
Representative of General Dentistry Syndicate
Dr. Walid Hasan
Head of Central Admin. of Dental Affairs, Ministry of Health


School premises:

The classrooms are well equipped with comfort seats, a whiteboard, a data show device, a display screen, a microphone, headphones, Wi-Fi, and central air conditioning.

The central library, based on Campus, includes a large number of innovative dentistry books and publications set out in a relaxing environment, conducive to studying. There are comfortable seating areas, group study areas, a silent study area and private study rooms.

There are central halls and stands at the university that can be used when necessary, and they are all equipped for cultural, artistic and sports activities

The university offers a learning management system (LMS) for enhancing learning needs in all areas, assignment, examinations and student registration as well as attendance.

The university offers health care facilities through well-equipped health care clinics (general clinics, dental care clinics and physiotherapy clinic. There is a diverse food court offering cold and hot snacks as a small area offering a variety of groceries and cold snacks. In addition, there is a copy center, a bank and 2 bank machines.

Laboratories & workshops

Our school is equipped with 6 simulation labs serving the students in the pre-clinical stage with a total of 180 dental simulators (30 simulators per lab).

Simulation labs are equipped to enhance the experience and the education of its students. These labs train and educate the students on a variety of dental skills, especially restorative dentistry, endodontics, and fixed prosthodontics in order to prepare them for the competitive labor market.

Also, our school has 16 multi-purpose labs serving the basic, medical, and dental specialties.

The school is equipped with 6 lecture halls (capacity of 150 students), besides 2 classrooms (100 students) and 2 other classrooms (60 students). Also, there is a computer lab used for online activities (Capacity of 35 Students). All halls and classrooms are fully equipped with audio-visual facilities.

Academic Programs

Degree Title:

Bachelor’s degree in Oral and Dental Medicine (BDSC)

Program Hours:

189 credit hours/5 academic levels

University RequirementsMandatoryCourses3
Faculty RequirementsMandatoryCourses175
Clinical Training5
Note: The range for program credit hours approved by Dental Sector Committee in Supreme Council of Universities is (180-200) credit hours

Courses Offered

BMD1101 Biophysics and Statistics

Credit Hours: 4/One Semester
Prerequisite: None

This course covers photoelectric effect, optical emission cell, threshold-X-rays, electron properties, thermal emission, physics of solids, chemical bonds, electric conductivity, and Galvanic current.

It also covers heat; methods of measurements/thermometer, heat transmission, heat and mechanical- energy, the full black body, phase transition, thermodynamics, linear and volumetric expansion. Introduction on statistics and probabilities, random experiment, sample space, modern physics, material properties: units and dimensions, mechanical properties, thermodynamics thermochemistry, electrical conductance: chemical and electrical energy, electrode potential, colloidal application of X-ray, statistics and incidence, basic principles of harmonic analysis, random variable and probability distribution.

BMD1102 Chemistry

Credit Hours: 4/One Semester
Prerequisite: None

This course covers hydrocarbons – alcohols (mon – di – trihydric) – mercaptans – ethers- thioethers – aliphatic aldehydes – carboxylic acids and derives – amines. carbohydrates (mono and disaccharides), aromatic compounds: benzene and its derivatives, halogen compounds, phenol and phenolic esters, aromatic, and ketones, aromatic mono – dicarboxylic acids, aromatic sulfonic acids, and aromatic amino compounds. 

BMD1103 Bioscience

Credit Hours: 3/One Semester
Prerequisite: None

This course involves botany: viruses, bacteria- actinomycetes – blue-green algae – fungi pteridophytes gymnosperms and angiosperms. Cytoplasm and its physical and chemical properties, enzymes. Genetics: introduction to comparative dental anatomy. Lips in different vertebrates, structure of the gum.

Tongue, structure and function, palate, development of the face and the oral cavity, derivatives of the visceral skeleton, development of the jaws, growth of the skull, dentition, teeth pattern in general vertebrates, evolution of teeth embryology. Development of oral cavity, development of oral cavity (human), cases of abnormalities of the oral cavity, dent maxillofacial abnormalities, and dent maxillary abnormalities.

BMD1208 General Histology

Credit Hours: 4/One Semester
Prerequisite: None

The course includes an introduction and paraffin technique microscopy, epithelial tissue, connective tissue, cartilage: hyaline cartilage, bone tissue, muscle tissue, nervous tissue, blood vessels: arteries, veins & capillaries, lymphatic tissue.

BMD1209 General Anatomy and Embryology I

Credit Hours: 3/One Semester
Prerequisite: BMD1103

A short account on general skeleton, embryology, and development of the face and mandible.

BMD1211 General Physiology I

Credit Hours: 4/One Semester
Prerequisite: BMD1103

Nerve and muscle, digestion, special senses, respiratory system, and cardiovascular system.

BMD1204 Biomaterials I

Credit Hours: 1/One Semester
Prerequisite: BMD1101

This course involves gypsum products, impression pastes, reversible hydrocolloid (Agar-agar), elastomeric impression materials, polymeric materials & denture bases, soft liners & tissue conditioners, artificial Teeth, and abrasives.

BMD 2105 Biomaterials II

Credit Hours: 1/One Semester
Prerequisite: BMD1204

It covers separating media, model and die materials, implant materials, macroscopic properties of materials, dental waxes and Gutta-percha, dental investments, restorative casting metals, and restorative casting alloys.

BMD2107 Biochemistry

Credit Hours: 4/One Semester
Prerequisite: BMD1102

This course covers the chemistry of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins, metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids, hormonal control of metabolism. Chemistry and metabolism of nucleic acids, protein synthesis, metabolism of-major minerals, and trace minerals.

BMD2113 General Microbiology and Immunity

Credit Hours: 3 hours
Prerequisite: BMD1103/BMD1211

It includes oral bacteriology, microbial genetics, general immunology, immunopathology, clinical immunology, systematic bacteriology, virology (General Systemic), and mycology (General & Systemic).

BMD2110 General Anatomy and Embryology II

Credit Hours: 3/One Semester
Prerequisite: BMD1209

This course covers head and neck, bones and joints, regions, oral cavity, pharynx body, classification of the joints, and human body systems.

BMD2112 General Physiology II

Credit Hours: 4/One Semester
Prerequisite: BMD1211

This course covers blood, endocrine glands, central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, and metabolism.

BMD2219 General Pathology

Credit Hours: 4/One Semester
Prerequisite: BMD1208/BMD1207

Introduction to Pathology, Pathology of inflammation, pathogenesis, types, fats, granulomas, degenerations, types, deposits, metabolic, disturbances, circulatory disturbances, bacterial infections, disturbances of growth, atrophy, hypertrophy, hyperplasia & metaplasia, Tumors, (neoplasms), benign, malignant, pathogenesis & etiology, practical histopathology and some museum specimens.

BMD2214 Pharmacology

Credit Hours: 4/One Semester
Prerequisite: BMD1211/BMD2107

General pharmacology: It covers common descriptive pharmacological terms, mechanism of action of drugs, types of action of drugs, methods of drug administration, types of dosage, factors affecting the dose and response of the drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of drugs. 

Autonomic Nervous System: It includes an introduction and the effects of drugs acting on the nervous system, drugs acting on central nervous system, endocrine, blood locally acting drugs,  chemotherapy, general principles of antimicrobial actions, central adverse reactions of antimicrobial drugs, mechanism of action of antimicrobial drugs, Beta-Lactam, antibiotics, aminoglycosides, macrolides, quinolones, clindamycin, tetracyclines & chloramphenicol, sulfonamides & trimethoprim, antifungal drugs, antiviral drugs, and emergency management.

BMD2206 Biomaterials III

Credit Hours: 3/One Semester
Prerequisite: BMD1204

This course discusses stainless steel and wrought metals, metal joining in dentistry, dental porcelain, composite filling materials, dental cements, and dental amalgam.

BMD3115 General Surgery

Credit Hours: 3/One Semester
Prerequisite: BMD 2110

This course covers general surgery, shock, hemorrhage, and blood transfusion, congenital malformation of head and neck, lip, salivary glands, neck swelling, lymph nodes, thyroid and parathyroid and masticatory muscles. 

BMD3117 General Medicine I

Credit Hours: 3/One Semester
Prerequisite: BMD 2219/BMD 2112

It covers the cardiovascular system, hematological disorders, gastrointestinal and liver, nervous system, chest, and respiratory system.

BMD3218 General Medicine II

Credit Hours: 3/One Semester
Prerequisite: BMD2112/BMD2219

Endocrine system and bone metabolism, renal, nutrition, and vitamins, miscellaneous/dermatology, and sexually transmitted diseases.

BMD3216 General Surgery, Ophthalmology, and ENT

Credit Hours: 3/One Semester
Prerequisite: BMD 2110

Chronic specific infection, surgical emergency, cancer and irradiation therapy, ear, nose, larynx, tonsillitis, adenoiditis, tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, suppuration of the pharynx, epistaxis, sinusitis, tumors of the nose and paranasal sinuses, ophthalmology, anatomy of the ball and its adnexa, the relation between orbit and oral cavity, ocular emergency, like ocular trauma with chemicals, short notes about common eye diseases: differential diagnosis of red-eye, intraocular surgery, and oral cavity examination.

OBP1101 Dental Anatomy I

Credit Hours: 4/One Semester
Prerequisite: None

Introduction to dental anatomy, morphology of permanent and primary teeth with chronology, and geometric concept outlines.

OBP1202 Dental Anatomy II

Credit Hours: 4/One Semester
Prerequisite: None

Physiologic form of the tooth, protecting the periodontium, occlusion of the permanent teeth, the pulp cavities of the permanent teeth, development of the teeth calcification and eruption, condition of maxilla and mandible at different age groups.

OBP2103 Oral Biology I

Credit Hours: 3/One Semester
Prerequisite: BMD1103/BMD1208

Tooth development and growth, enamel, dentine, cementum, pulp, periodontal ligament, bone tissue, and alveolar bone, development of the mandible and maxilla, growth of the maxilla and mandible.

OBP2204 Oral Biology II

Credit Hours: 3/One Semester
Prerequisite: BMD1103/BMD1208

Oral mucous membrane, salivary glands, tooth eruption, shedding of deciduous teeth, maxillary sinus, mandibular joint, and age changes.

OBP3105 Oral Pathology I

Credit Hours: 3/One Semester
Prerequisite: OBP2204/BMD2219

Developmental disturbances of oral and paraoral structures, dental caries, diseases of the pulp and periapical area.

OBP3206-30 Oral Pathology II

Credit Hours: 3/One Semester
Prerequisite: OBP2204/BMD2219/OBP2103

Etiology of oral cancer, premalignant lesions, benign non-odontogenic, tumors, malignant epithelial non-odontogenic tumors, malignant mesenchymal non-odontogenic tumors, white lesions, infectious diseases, salivary gland diseases, salivary gland tumors, bone disease & metastatic disease, diseases of bone, other than neoplasia, pigmented lesions, oral aspects of metabolic diseases, cysts of the oral & perioral area, giant cell lesions and fibrous overgrowths, regressive alterations of teeth. Nomenclature, objectives of operative dentistry, cavity classification, and general principles.

RST3101 Operative (tech) I

Credit Hours: 3/One Semester
Prerequisite: OBP1202/OBP2204 

It covers nomenclature, objectives of operative dentistry, cavity classification, and general principles of cavity preparation, instruments and instrumentation, and a preparation on model.

RST3202 Operative (tech) II

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: OBP1202

Amalgam restoration, tooth-colored restorations, control of fluids in the oral cavity, composite, glass Ionomer, compomers, and inlays. 

RST3207 Endodontics (Tech)

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: OBP1202 

Morphology of root, pulp chambers, and canals, instrument, canal preparation, irrigation, obliteration, and radiographic interpretation.

RST4103 Operative I

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: RST3202

Handling the patient, sterilization and hygiene, dental caries, isolation of teeth, control of fluids during restoration and control of pain, and principles of clinical work.

RST4108 Endodontics I

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: RST3207

Pulpal and periapical pathosis, selection of cases for endodontic treatment, and endodontic cavity preparation.

RST4204 Operative II

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester Prerequisite: RST3202

Amalgam preparation and restoration, matrices, direct ant restorations, cast gold restoration and preparation.

RST4209 Endodontics II

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: RST3207

Filling of the root canal, application of therapeutics in endodontics, bleaching of discolored pulpless teeth, and prognosis of root canal treated teeth.

RST5105 Operative III

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: RST4204

Selection of restorative materials, biological influences of restorative materials and procedures on vital tooth tissues, and management of deep carious lesions.

RST5110 Endodontics III

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: RST4209

Case selection, endodontics surgery, prognosis, and repair emergency in endodontics, traumatic injuries, complications, bleaching, and restoration of endodontically treated teeth.

RST5206 Operative IV

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: RST4202

Restoration of esthetics, failure of restorations, postoperative hypersensitivity and pain, erosion, pin retained and reinforced amalgam restorations, adhesion, and health hazards.

RST5211 Endodontics IV

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: RST4209

It covers root canal complication during preparation, managing the fractured instrument, and rotary techniques. 

PRS2201 Removable Prosthodontics (tech) I

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: OBP1202 

Definitions, objectives of complete denture prosthesis, denture surfaces, anatomical landmarks, impression trays, casts and boxing the impression, record blocks, mandibular positions and movements, articulators, selection of artificial teeth (anterior and posterior teeth), and arrangement of teeth.

PRS3108 Fixed Prosthodontic (tech) I

Credit Hours: 3/One Semester
Prerequisite: OBP1202/BMD2206

Definition, instruments, finishing lines, PJC, preparation, full metal crown preparation, ceramo-metal preparation, retention and resistance.

PRS3102 Removable Prosthodontics (tech) II

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: PRS 2201

Waxing up, Flasking of denture, elimination of wax from the mold, application of tin foil substitutes, packing of acrylic resin, curing of the denture, Deflasking of the denture finishing and polishing, troubleshooting of heating of acrylic resin, relief, posterior palatal Seal, and repair.

PRS3209 Fixed Prosthodontic (tech) II

Credit Hours: 3/One Semester
Prerequisite: BMD 2206 

Impression, casting procedures, and non-precious alloys. Working casts and dies, wax pattern, investing, casting, and finishing.

PRS3203 Removable Prosthodontics I

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: PRS 2201

Diagnosis and treatment planning, impression and theories of impression technique, checking and trimming the trays, compound impression, alginate impression, zinc oxide eugenol and rubber base impressions.

PRS4110 Fixed Prosthodontics I

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: PRS3209

It covers anterior 3/4 preparation, posterior 3/4 preparation, pin ledge preparation, 7/8 crown and half-crown.

PRS4104 Removable Prosthodontics II

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: PRS3203

Open mouth impression technique, closed mouth impression technique, selective pressure impression technique, and maxilla-mandibular relation.

PRS4211 Fixed Prosthodontics II

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: PRS3209

Precision attachments, retainers, assembling bridge units and soldering, temporary and final cementation.

PRS4205 Removable Prosthodontics III

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: PRS 3203

Removable Partial Denture: Examination and evaluation of diagnostic data, treatment planning, mouth preparation, impression registration, control of gagging and saliva, special impression procedures for tooth & tissue-supported partial denture, Kennedy classification of removable partial denture, fitting the framework, establishing occlusal relation, try-in of partial denture, delivery, esthetics for the removable partial denture, tissue damage and management, patients’ complaints, repairs and additions to the removable partial denture.

PRS5106 Removable Prosthodontics IV

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: PRS4205

Double impression technique, jaw relation, recognition of jaw relationship, recording jaw relationship, check denture foundation, establish facial contour and determination of occlusal plane, vertical dimension and method of recording, equalize pressure of occluding forces, method of recording centric relation, check to bite, graphic recording, hinge axis recording, function recording, face bow, try in the denture, delivery of denture, esthetics for complete denture, complaints, single denture, overdentures, relining or rebasing.

PRS5112 Fixed Prosthodontics III

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester Prerequisite: PRS4211

Diagnosis, bridge design, biological consideration, periodontal aspects, protection of tooth, and abutment.

PRS5207 COM Dental Implant

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: OMS4202

Introduction to implantology, types of implant, requirement of implant, insertion of implant, Suprastructure, biological consideration, and Gingival condition.

PRS5213 Fixed Prosthodontics IV

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: PRS5112

Post and cores, alloys, Pontics, impression materials & techniques color and shade matching, and porcelain jacket crowns.

OMS4101 Oral Surgery and Anesthesia I

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: BMD3216/OBP3206 

Introduction to oral surgery and anesthesia, anatomical aspects, physiological aspects, pain pathway, methods of pain control, ways of production of local anesthesia, preparation for injection, injection techniques for infiltration and block anesthesia, theories of block anesthetics, local anesthetic agent, vasoconstrictors, complication of local anesthesia and dental emergencies, the extraction instruments, general consideration in forceps extraction of individual teeth.

OMS4202 Oral Surgery and Anesthesia II

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: BMD3216/OBP3206

The elevators, extraction of deciduous teeth, post extraction care & instructions, complication on exodontia, surgical removal of teeth and remaining roots, management of patients with systemic diseases, impacted teeth, causes, a complication caused by impacted teeth, classification of impacted teeth methods of removal, complications arising after the removal of the impacted teeth, post-operative care and instructions. 

OMS5103 Oral Surgery and Maxillofacial

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: OMS4202

Local anesthesia and exodontia, the dry socket apicectomy, preprosthetic oral surgery, soft tissue abnormalities and their treatment, bony abnormalities and their treatment, frenectomy, deepening of the sulcus, procedures, Alveoloplasty & Alveolectomy, and correction of maxillary prognathism.

OMS5204 Oral Surgery and Maxillofacial II

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: OMS4202

Antibiotics in oral surgery, oral cervical & facial infections, differential diagnosis of facial swelling, cystic of the jaw, tumors of the head and neck, Haemorrhage, shock, allergy, the maxillary sinus and its dental implication, diseases of the salivary glands, implantation and transplantation of teeth, fractures of facial bones, TMJ, facial deformities, cleft and palate, prognathism and retrognathia of the mandible & maxilla.

ORM4102 Oral Medicine I

Credit Hours: 3/One Semester
Prerequisite: BMD3218/OBP3206

Immunology and allergy, tongue diseases, blood diseases, white lesions, focal infection, oral and facial hyperpigmentation, allergy, occupational hazard, facial pain, endocrine, and reproductive.

ORM4105 Oral Diagnosis

Credit Hours: 3/One Semester
Prerequisite: OBP3206

Case history, principles of examination, intraoral examination, diagnostic laboratory procedures, and biopsy, pathologic process involving the oral mucosa, pathologic process involving the oral mucosa, differential diagnosis of oral ulcer, diagnosis of white lesions, diagnosis of patients with bleeding disorders, and differential diagnosis oral lesions.

ORM4101 Dental Radiology

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: BMD1101/OBP3206

Radiation physics, dental films, periapical radiographic techniques, bisecting angle, parallel technique, bitewing technique, occlusal techniques, processing, C.T Scan, and cone beam radiography.

ORM4203 Oral Medicine II

Credit Hours: 3/One Semester
Prerequisite: OBP3206/BMD 3218

Allergy, occupational hazards, facial pain, manifestation of vitamin deficiency, endocrine, and reproductive gland disorder.

ORM5104 Periodontology

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: ORM4203

Normal features of the periodontium, Gingivitis (chronic), gingival enlargement, desquamative gingivitis, acute gingival condition, classification of periodontal disease, periodontal pocket, extension of inflammation, furcation involvement, periodontal diseases, etiology of periodontal disease, periodontal diagnosis and prognosis, plaque control and oral physiotherapy, scaling root planing and curettage, pocket elimination, gingivectomy, flaps.

CDH2201 Dental Ethics and Law

Credit Hours: 1/One Semester
Prerequisite: None

The course describes how to manage the patient, the role of a professional, and the law covering the relationship between Dentist and Patient, in addition to licensing. 

CDH4102 Orthodontics I

Credit Hours: 3/One Semester
Prerequisite: OBP2204

This course covers the definition, scope, and aims of Orthodontic, normal growth and development, normal soft tissue behavior, normal development of occlusion, forces of occlusion, and malocclusion.

CDH4204 Pediatric Dentistry I

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: RST3202

Examination of the mouth and other relevant structures, diagnosis and treatment planning for the child patient, radiographic examination and techniques, dental caries in the child and adolescents, oral habits in children, restorative dentistry, and dental caries.

CDH4203 Orthodontics II

Credit Hours: 3/One Semester
Prerequisite: OBP2204

Etiology of malocclusion, orthodontic examination of the patient, tissue changes with tooth movement, the extraction of the teeth in orthodontic treatment, principles of orthodontic appliances, myofunctional therapy, stainless steel alloys, and retention.

CDH5105 Pediatric Dentistry II

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: CDH4203

Psychological management of the patient, pharmacotherapeutic approaches to patient’s behavior management and techniques, dental caries in the child and adolescents, oral habits in children, teeth eruption, vital pulp therapy, restorative dentistry, management of dental trauma to teeth and supporting tissues, and diagnosis and correction of minor irregularities in the developing dentition.

CDH5107 Preventive and Community Dentistry I

Credit Hours: 1/One Semester
Prerequisite: CDH4204/RST4204

It covers dental epidemiology, host factors, agent factors, environmental factors, uses of Epidemiology, planning and evaluation, scientific methods in dental epidemiology, formulation of hypothesis, design of investigation, incidence, prevalence, experimental; cross-sectional, longitudinal, cohort, case-control, test group and control group, clinical trial, validity, Intraexaminer and interexaminer consistency, diagnostic criteria, randomization of individual, double-blind trial, sampling, and conducting the examination.

CDH 5208 Preventive and Community Dentistry II

Credit Hours: 1/One Semester
Prerequisite: CDH4203/RST4204

Community dentistry, dental education, dental care program, analysis of data, drawing a conclusion, methods of examination, criteria for diagnosis indices, dental caries, periodontal disease, dental cleanliness, enamel opacities and fluorosis, nutrition and oral disease, traumatic occlusion, hormones and enzymes, remineralization, flow rate of saliva, dental plaque, calcification process and nutrition, sugar and sugar-containing food, protein, lipids, minerals in dental caries, nutrition and periodontal disease, fluoride, dental health education, dental occupational hazards, and preventive measures of oral occupational diseases.

CDH 5206 Pediatric Dentistry III

Credit Hours: 3/One Semester
Prerequisite: CDH4204

Managing space problems in the dental arch, local anesthesia and oral surgery for the child and adolescent, infection control in dental clinics, gingivitis and periodontal diseases, eruption and early loss of teeth, as well as dental problems of disabled children.

DNT5105 Social and Philosophical Aspects in Dentistry

Credit Hours: 1/One Semester
Prerequisite: CDH 4204

This course discusses life science and social science in their context, aspects of the psychology of importance to dentistry, aspects of a student-teacher relationship, the social background of the patient, and fear among patients. It also covers the basic principle of communication theory, structure and content of the initial conversation in the informed-consent model, gathering and transmitting the information, bringing across bad news to patients, and the relations with special categories of patients (disabled, non-cooperative behavior, full denture patient, and orthodontic patient).

General Courses for all Departments

DNT5104 Clinic Management

Credit Hours: 1/One Semester
Prerequisite: None

Tasks and function of members of a dental office team, role pattern, and social relation within a dental team. Forms of collaboration in dental offices (single-dentist office, office combination, and multi dentist office).

Gen1103 English in Dentistry

Credit Hours: 2/One Semester
Prerequisite: None

Prepare students to handle reading academic textbooks, understand scientific articles and synthesize information. It also gives students the proper tools to write an academic scientific essay and a practical report.

Gen1201 Human Rights

Credit Hours: 1/One Semester
Prerequisite: None

The course defines basic human rights and values in view of the law, and its relation to the dental profession, and international agreements. By the end of the course, students will gain an understanding of both the rights of the Patient and the Dentist.

Scientific Departments

NameFaculty Members 
Prof. Heba El-SabaaProfessorChairman
As. Prof. Salma MahmoudAssistant ProfessorCouncil
Maram Mahmoud Ahmed 
Dima Wael HusseinLecturerStaff Members
Ahmed Hassan El GendyLecturer
NameFaculty Members 
Prof. Rania MosaadProfessorChairman
Prof. Ehab SaeedDeanCouncil
Prof. Heba El-SabaaProfessor
Dr. Sara AdelDr
Shrouk Sami ElewaLecturerStaff Members
Rana Mansour AbdelwahabLecturer
Marwa Ali HassanLecturer
Doaa Zain ElabedenLecturer
Ahmed Barakat MohamedLecturer
Aida Mohamed IbraheamLecturer
Eman Khodary AlaamLecturer
NameFaculty Members 
As. Prof. Nasser AbbasAssistant ProfessorChairman
Dr. Sara OmarDrCouncil
Dr. Nouran MahmoudDr
Dr. Mai ElgoharyDr
Dr. Shady El-NaggarDr
Dr. Dr. Sara MaherDr
Dr. Ahmed Abd El-LatifDr
Dina Abdelwahab MohamedLecturerStaff Members
Gannat Wageih MoustafaLecturer
Ayman Mohamed SaidLecturer
Abd ALLAH Mohamed AliLecturer
Mohamed Atef AliLecturer
Yasmin Sami HassanLecturer
Toka Farid AbdelmoniemLecturer
Aya Mohsen IbrahimLecturer
Basma Salah EldeenLecturer
Mohamed Sami AhmedLecturer
Youmna Hesham HamdyLecturer
Nadin Ahmed ElattarLecturer
Shady Mohamed TalaatLecturer
Amro MahmoudLecturer
Sherif Ahmed YoussefLecturer
Essam Ragab Abd ALLAHLecturer
Abeer Salah Eldin IbrahimLecturer
Alaa Talaat ElmohamadyLecturer
Dima Elsayed MohamedLecturer
Mai Ahmed AbdelfattahLecturer
Dina Mohamed AhmedLecturer
Sara Adel IsmaeelLecturer
NameFaculty Members 
As. Prof. Reham SeyamAssistant ProfessorChairman
As. Prof. Ahmed AdelAssistant ProfessorCouncil
Dr. Amira SamiDr
Dr. Ahmed BayoumiDr
Dr. Mohamed SalahDr
Mohamed Reyad KamelLecturerStaff Members
Amany Saeed AliLecturer
Ahmed Hussen AhmedLecturer
Mai Mohamed GalalLecturer
Ahmed Adel FaroukLecturer
Berihan Mohamed AbdelazizLecturer
Salma Mohamed NasrLecturer
Sara Helel AtyaLecturer
Salma Medhat Abd RabouLecturer
Bassant Senousi MohamedLecturer
Mohamed MoatazLecturer
Kamal Eldin AhmedLecturer
Zeinab Mohamed MoursiLecturer
Nora Ahmed SalahLecturer
Ahmed Saad HusseinLecturer
Mohamed AhmedLecturer
Maram Mohamed MnayLecturer
Mahmoud Ismail IbrahimLecturer
Mohamed Housam EldinLecturer
Salma Soliman MohamedLecturer
Dima Elsayed MohamedLecturer
Mai Ahmed AbdelfattahLecturer
Dina Mohamed AhmedLecturer
Sara Adel IsmaeelLecturer
NameFaculty Members 
As. Prof. Rania El-BehairyAssistant ProfessorChairman
Prof. Khalid HassanProfessorCouncil
Dr. Ibrahim YehiaDr
Minerva Adel MohamedLecturerStaff Members
Ahmed Atef MohamedLecturer
Ahmed Raky KamelLecturer
Dina Besher KamelLecturer
Sara Saber SenadaLecturer
Mohamed El sayedLecturer
Ahmed Mustafa MahmoudLecturer
Ziad Housam EldinLecturer
Sherif Ashraf ZakariaLecturer
NameFaculty Members 
As. Prof. Rasha WageihAssistant ProfessorChairman
Prof. Usama GoudaProfessorCouncil
Dr. Lobna IsmaeelDr
Dr. Mostafa MokhtarDr
Karema Abd ALLAHLecturerStaff Members
Walid Mohamed SabryLecturer
Abd Elrahman MamdohLecturer
Nourhan Mohamed ElsegaeeLecturer
Reem MahmoudLecturer
Ahmed Samir IbrahimLecturer
Rana Ashraf MahmoudLecturer
Mahenaz Reda HassanLecturer
Mohamed Adel YoussefLecturer
Mariam Khaled FaroukLecturer
NameFaculty Members 
As. Prof. Hanaa ShalaanAssistant ProfessorChairman
Dr. Rana GehadDrCouncil
Omnia Essam EldinDrStaff Members
Hager Mohamed AhmedDr
Areeg Tawfik MohamedLecturer
Bassant Mohamed IbrahimLecturer
Amr Nabil Abd ElghaniLecturer
Medhat Talaat Abd ElmounimLecturer
Hana ElfoliLecturer
Nada Ibraheam HassanLecturer
Dina Hamed ElsayedLecturer
 Nagwa Mohamed MahmoudLecturer
Mahetab Mamdouh GhorabLecturer

School Department Heads

Professor. Rania Mossad Hassan

Head of the Oral Biology and Pathology Department

Associate Professor Osama Mohamed Sayed Gouda

Head of the Oral Medicine and Periodontology Department

Associate Professor. Nasser A. Aly

Head of the Fixed and Removable Prosthodontic Department

Associate Professor Rania Abd Elhady Elbehairy

Head of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department

Associate Professor Hanaa Mahmoud Shalan

Head of the Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontic Department

Associate Professor Ahmed Adel

Head of the Conservative Dentistry Department

Associate Professor Reham Seyam

Head of the Endodontics Department

Career Opportunities

  • Private Sector Faculties and Hospitals
  • Ministry of Health and Population

Graduate Occupational Profile

Graduates of faculty of oral & Dental Medicine at BUC are potential candidates for
1. Hiring in the faculty after graduation as co-staff (Opportunity for first ten ranked graduates).
2. Enrolled as dentists for primary dental care in the Ministry of Health and Population.
3. They can be re-directed as civil dentists in the Ministry of Defence or the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

News & Events

Allied Health Sciences

The signing of the cooperation and partnership agreement for the Human Medicine Program “BU & BUC”

Allied Health Sciences

Dental photography workshop

Allied Health Sciences

2nd BUC Job Fair for Medical Faculties

Allied Health Sciences

2nd BUC Employment Fair (Medical Sector Faculties) Wednesday 23 August 2023


School of Oral and Dental Medicine Welcomes NAQAAE


The Supreme Council of Universities Visits School of Oral and Dental Medicine

International Programs

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Curricular Concentration: Science

Percentage: A minimum of 90%

Applicant score should add up to a minimum of 90% after conversion for all certificates.