About Badr
University in Cairo

BUC is a premier student-centered learning hub providing a high-quality education with advanced research capabilities, and demonstrating a strong commitment to serving the global community.

From the Beginning…

Every success story weaves a tale of ideas, adaptation, revision, and change; the BUC story is no different.

It was in 2010 that a group of high school seniors graduating from Futures Schools had an opportunity to articulate an idea they had to Dr Hassan El Kalla, Chairman of Cairo Investment for Real Estate Development (CIRA). They proposed that consideration should be given to establishing a university that matched and would continue the outstanding education they received while attending Futures Schools. From this chance encounter, the idea of Badr University in Cairo (BUC) was born. Taking immediate action based on the idea of these students, a plan was developed, adapted, and revised with many changes occurring, prior to the launching of BUC. Through this process, it was determined that the sole mission of BUC would be to create a premier higher education institution with the purpose of serving the people of Egypt and the global community, a premier educational experience of the highest quality.

BUC was officially established in 2014, with a commitment to becoming the largest private university in Egypt, offering degrees and programs accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt. BUC is comprised of sixteen (16) schools conferring both undergraduate and graduate degrees to include Pharmacy, Medicine, Engineering & Technology, Dentistry, Physical Therapy, Linguistics & Translation, Nursing, Business & Economics, Filmmaking & Performing Arts, Applied Arts, Veterinary Medicine, Biotechnology, Allied Health Sciences, Law, Political Sciences, and Humanities & Social Sciences as well as the Institute for Professional Development & Continuing Education that offers various certifications and credentials in a number of disciplines. BUC has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing universities in Egypt and the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region, having experienced an exponential rise in enrolment of 1,000 students in 2014, to the present enrolment expected to exceed 16,000 for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Research and innovation at BUC encompass the vast frontiers of science and knowledge that have a significant impact on society. To that end, the BUC Science Academy has been established with the goal of becoming a leading and impactful international institute, with cutting-edge interdisciplinary research that can provide solutions to global challenges related to health, sciences, education, business, and the humanities. Partnerships between BUC and multiple global organizations is rapidly growing to improve the quality of education and research offered at BUC.

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Our vision is sharp and our mission is clear-cut


Unleashing human potential by encouraging and supporting a culture of innovation and continuous improvement that contributes to the positive restructuring of the global community.


We are committed to provide various distinguished educational programs that prepare graduates to compete globally, engage in advanced scientific research, and contribute to overall community development and prosperity that upholds both national and international quality standards.

Words from the Chancellor

Dr. Hassan El Kalla

Since its inception, the BUC vision has been to become a leader of higher education in Egypt the MENA region, and the world. This vision continues to be the guiding beacon throughout all stages of development and growth at BUC. As we strive to provide the best learning environment in our accredited academic programs, our aim is to become a leader in the higher education arena, held to the highest of international standards.

Our aim is to keep pace with the rapid growth and changes in the labor market, producing graduates with excellent skills that prepare them to be most capable of meeting existing and future challenges. Therefore, our continuous development as an institution of higher learning is of critical importance. We intend to be in the forefront of conducting cutting-edge scientific research in all disciplines, which we believe is pivotal to sustaining an environment of scholastic innovation, growth, and development to which we aspire. 

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President’s Message

Dr. Ashraf Mohamed El-Shihy

Dr. Ashraf Mohamed El-Shihy is the 3rd President of Badr University in Cairo (BUC). Prior to joining BUC, Dr. Ashraf served in multiple prestigious positions in the higher education sector throughout Egypt to include as the former Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research, the former President of Egyptian Chinese University, and the former President of Zagazig University.

Dr. Ashraf serves as the Head of the Education and Scientific Research Policies Committee in the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees for several higher education institutions in Egypt; a Board Member of the Egypt Academy of Scientific Research; a member of the committee responsible for recruiting and selecting the Egyptian Cultural and Educational Councilors/Attachés from Egypt who are assigned to serve in foreign countries; and a Board Member on the Holding Company for Investment & Development, Housing and Development Bank – Egypt.

Dr. Ashraf has had extensive experience in developing international relations and is a much sought-after expert in the field of strategic planning for education and scientific research. To that end, Dr. Ashraf led two of the largest associations in the field of education and scientific research in Africa. In October 2015, he was elected in Addis Ababa to a 2-year term as Head of the Technical Bureau for Education, Science and Technology (STC) in Africa. He was also elected at Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire in December 2015 to serve for 2 years as the Head of the Association for Developing Education in Africa (AFEA). During his tenure with STC and AFEA, his responsibilities included meeting on many occasions with the ministers of education representing all African nations.

Dr. Ashraf’s most favored position has been as a Professor of Structural Engineering since 1995. This is where he is able to positively influence students in becoming the next generation of professionals in the field of engineering, scientific research, and education. His qualifications confirm his ability to do so. He holds a BSc in Civil Engineering from Cairo University, Egypt, 1977; a joint MSc degree in Engineering Materials, from Southampton University, England and Zagazig University, Egypt, (British Council Scholarship), 1981; and a PhD in Advanced Structural Engineering from Southampton University, England, 1986

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Why BUC?

Are you ambitious, passionate, and eager to be a future agent of change and innovation? Here is why BUC makes the perfect sense for you!

We offer diverse academic programs from which to choose.

We are accredited by regional and international bodies.

We have innovative educational systems that meet global standards.

We offer affordable tuition, scholarships, and merit discounts.

We are located in the heart of New Cairo and adjacent to the New Capitol.

We offer comfortable transportation.

We have a dedicated English language learning center with AMIDEAST.

We have safe, comfortable, state-of-the-art facilities and buildings on campus.

We have a lively campus with lots of vibrant student activities.

We have impressive athletic courts and stadiums on campus.

We have access to local and international markets

Allied Health Sciences

The signing of the cooperation and partnership agreement for the Human Medicine Program “BU & BUC”

Allied Health Sciences

Dental photography workshop

Allied Health Sciences

2nd BUC Job Fair for Medical Faculties

Allied Health Sciences

2nd BUC Employment Fair (Medical Sector Faculties) Wednesday 23 August 2023

Allied Health Sciences

The First Student Forum of the Faculties of Applied Health Sciences Technology at Galala University

Linguistics & Transaltion

Visit of the President of Pablo de Olavide University to Badr University in Cairo