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The Biggest International Conference about Dante and the Arab World


“The Era of Artificial Intelligence” Presented by Huawei Technologies


Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar and Amr Adib Remarking on The Oral Insulin Discovery by The Research Academy at BUC


Postgraduate Studies in Linguistics and Translation

Linguistics and Translation School offers postgraduate studies including diplomas and master’s degrees in the departments of English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and…

BUC Grants Scholarships for Top Ballet and Music Students

Our artistic students are now training at the hands of industry experts and role models in the fields of directing, producing, and acting. The great news is that BUC will grant various…

Applied Arts School Completed the Academic Recognition Steps From Cardiff Metropolitan University

The School of Applied Arts effectively completed the steps for academic recognition from Cardiff Metropolitan University, which grants Applied Arts graduates a bachelor’s…

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