Unleashing human potential We believe that education is about growth, enlightenment, and creating a difference in our lives. Apply Now Apply Now Unleashing human potential We teach our students that imperfections are a source of inspiration, and that determination is the road to success. Apply Now Unleashing human potential We embrace diversity, individuality, and encourage a culture of open-mindedness. Apply Now Unleashing human potential And we strive every hour of every day to prepare a group of resilient, intelligent human beings who are ready to take on the world!

News & Events


BUC Participates in USAID Scholarships


Al-Nazla village and the Caricature Museum: A cultural Trip to Tunis Village.


BUC Job Fair 2022


BUC Signs a Cooperation Protocol with EKSC


Badr University Among the World’s Top 201 Universities

Filming & Performing Arts

BUC Mobile Film Festival


Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Fahmy Elsabahy, Vice Dean of the School of Biotechnology, wins the State Award for Excellence in Advanced Technological Sciences – 2021


BUC Meets with FAO to Solve Stray Dogs Problems in Sherouk City

Studying at BUC

Continuing Education

International Partnerships

Community Services

Physical Therapy Clinics

Medical Nutrition Clinic

Raising Environmental Awareness of Bedouin Women

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