Linguistics & Translation

Degree and Title:
Bachelor’s in Linguistics and Translation

Study Hours/Academic Levels:
144 credit hours/4 academic levels

Meet the Dean

Prof. Hussien Mahmoud

Prof. Hussien Mahmoud, born in Cairo in 1956, is the Dean of the School of Languages and Translation, BUC.

Prof. Mahmoud is a University Professor, literary critic, translator, journalist, a permanent member of the Panel for the promotion of professors and associate professors in Egyptian universities, a member of the Translation Committee affiliated with the Higher Council of Culture, and a member of the High Committee of Cairo Book Exhibition Association. He has occupied a number of positions in state and private universities in Egypt and a visiting scholar to Rome and Napoli universities in Italy.

Prof. Mahmoud has received his education in the Faculty of Al-Alson, Ain Shams University in Egypt, Italian Language major. He has started his professional career as a journalist in October Magazine and wrote a considerable number of articles in Egyptian, Arab, and Italian magazines and newspapers. He has numerous published translations for Italian authors such as Tabucchi, Vittorini, Benni, Fo, and Scarpetta. He received the Flaiano, Pagliarani, and Helwan University Awards for Top Research in Humanities.

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Meet the Vice Dean

Prof Nihad Mansour

Vice Dean of Research and Graduate Studies

Nihad Mansour is a Professor of Translation Studies, Head of the English Department, School of Linguistics and Translation, BUC. She is the Former Head of the Institute of Applied Linguistics & Translation, Alexandria University.

Prof. Mansour has a long experience in teaching translation and interpreting studies and linguistics modules. Mansour has refereed publications in the field of Translation & Interpreting Studies, multimodality, corpus-based translation studies & political discourse analysis.  She supervised a considerable number of academic dissertations in Translation Studies & Interpreting Studies with the main focus on the translation of Arabic literature, political discourse analysis, cognitive studies in interpreting and corpus-based translation studies, and feminism in translation.

Her teaching experience includes TAFL, Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language, in British & American students’ exchange programs at Alexandria University & Middlebury Arabic School, USA.  She is also an experienced conference interpreter in national and international conferences.

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Meet the Vice Dean

Prof. Lamia El-Sherif

Vice Dean of Environmental Affairs and Community Development

Lamia El Sherif is a professor of Italian comparative literature in the Faculty of Arts- Helwan University and the Head of the Italian Department, School of Linguistics – BUC. Lamia was a demonstrator at the Academy of Arts from November 1996 till January 1998 and in the Italian Department – Faculty of Arts- Helwan University from January 1998 till December 2003. She worked as an assistant lecturer in the Faculty of Arts- Helwan University – Italian Department from March 2004 till August 2008. She also worked at Helwan University as a lecturer of Italian Literature from January 2009 till March 2015. Lamia worked as an Associate professor of Italian comparative literature from March 2015 till May 2020. She works as a professor of the Arabic language – Faculty of Arts – Università E-Campus – Italy.

Lamia has got scholarships from the University of Perugia- Italy 1994, University of Siena – Italy 1998, Institute of Gemona 1999, University of Sapienza – Roma 2000. She received many invitations from Italian universities to give lectures on Italian comparative literature such as the University of Napoli 2013, Sapienza 2013, and E-Campus 2019.

Lamia also participated in many conferences and is a member of the Refaa award jury for translation 2018, Youth award jury for translation 2018, book fair award jury 2019, Premio Strega 2020. She also has many activities of translation of Italian book: ” Le storie di Jufà”2019, “La letteratura Araba contemporanea dalla Nahda a oggi”2019 (Centro Nazionale della traduzione- Il Cairo), “Italia patria degli scienziati” (Dar El Shorouk), 2010. Furthermore, she is a supervisor of scientific research on Italian literature and Italian comparative literature.

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Meet the Vice Dean

Professor Fatma Taher

Dr. Fatma Taher started her career in 1989 at Cairo University, Faculty of Arts, Department of English as an English Language Instructor. Between 1991- 1994 she got her M.A. in African Literature written in English, applying Feminism theory on works by female and male authors. Between the years 2000- 2004, she finished her PH. D in African American Literature.

She was then appointed as an Assistant professor at Misr University for Science and Technology. She carried out research tasks and activities till she was promoted to Associate professor of English Literature. All through the past number of years, she has had a long teaching and researching experience in many Universities and prominent educational institutions in Egypt and many Arab countries.

She has also supervised many translation projects, attended several international and national conferences and workshops in the academic field. Dr. Taher is a Certified TOT and has a very long experience in Education Quality Assurance and Accreditation and Human Development.

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The programs of the School of Linguistics and Translation stimulate the intellectual horizons of students via cutting-edge curricula. The pillars of our academic excellence are our contribution to the personal and professional growth of students. We have mainly achieved success due to our state-of-the-art teaching. Besides, our teaching staff invests in establishing a balance between theory and practice to innovatively deliver the required mandatory, elective, and honor courses. Finally, the student activities and professional workshops equip students with a solid competitive background that enables them to meet the standards of the local and international job markets.

Academic Majors and Departments

> English Department

● Spanish Department

> Italian Department

● Chinese Department

● German Department

● French Department

Dean’s Word

Dear students, colleagues, and faithful friends of the School of Linguistics and Translation,

I am honored to be addressing you, and here is my advice:

We live in an age of multiple cultural identities, and we also must face the challenges imposed by the status quo.

Education faces an unprecedented technological explosion in which technology attempts to have its last word, a word of the future. Educational technology has made undeniable and tremendous progress. Moreover, education faces the challenge of fulfilling the needs of the job market in the present and the future.

This constitutes the cornerstone on which educational policies are built and goes against the traditional and prevailing principle of “science for science.” This principle has produced a lot of science and little application. The big challenge for education today is to produce little science and a lot of applications.

At the School of Linguistics and Translation, we are aware of cultural diversity, and we do our best to make use of it to the advantage of our students, employers in the job market, society, and the whole nation. It is no exaggeration to go beyond this to include all humanity.

At the School of Linguistics and Translation, we are aware of the job market needs. At the same time, we do not ignore the human needs for the light of science. Therefore, we emphasize useful applications to the day to day practices. At the same time, we reinforce scientific research to produce more knowledge. More knowledge leads to more invention and innovation. In return, leads to more job opportunities.

“Do not waste the opportunities available to you. Create more opportunities for the coming generations. No progress will be achieved without advanced science and hard work.” 

Prof. Hussien Mahmoud

Dean of Linguistics and Translation

School Department Heads

Professor Fatma Taher

Head of the English Department

Professor Ranya Kamar

Head of the French Department

Professor Rasha Kamal

Head of the Chinese Department

Professor Elsayed Madbouly

Head of the German Department

Professor Manar Abd El Moez

Head of the Spanish Department

Professor Lamia El Sherif

Head of the Italian Department

Career Opportunities

The job market offers several opportunities to our competent graduates, whether nationally, regionally, or internationally to work in the following fields:

  • Legal, literary, technical, scientific, economic, media, and commercial translation at translation and press agencies, and banks.
  • At sight, consecutive, and simultaneous interpreting in local and international conferences and international organizations.
  • Copywriting, editing, and proofreading at publishing houses and translation agencies.
  • Teaching and education management.
  • Research and academia.
  • Public affairs.

International Programs

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The Second International Conference: Future contexts: Interdisciplinary perspectives

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