Applicants must fulfill the below criteria:

  • Egyptian student graduates from the public schools (Thanawya Ama).
  • Have an outstanding secondary school academic record (academic achievers) according to university minimum grades.
  • Athletic Champions /Children of the Martyrs.
  • Demonstrate financial need and submit required documents.
  • Meet admission requirements.
  • The student should not have joined or nominated Badr University or one of the private universities.
  • The student should not have accepted or been nominated for a scholarship from a private university.

Required Secondary School Academic Records

  • School of   Medicine 87%
  • School of Oral and Dental 85%
  • School of Physiotherapy 83%
  • School of Pharmacy 80%
  • School of Engineering 75%
  • The rest of the schools of the university is 70%

To apply:

To apply for this scholarship, make sure that you have selected the scholarship check box in the BUC admissions application.

  • Fill out the scholarship application.
  • Write three desires, and the university has the right to nominate the student to one of the university’s colleges, even if it is not within his desires, and according to the places available in the university.
  • Attach the required documents. 

Deadline for fall 2023: September 10, 2023.

Any application submitted after the deadline will be on a waiting list pending the availability of vacant slots


  • Complete and submit the scholarship application via the link.
  • Make sure to upload all required documents after entering your details on the link.
  • Applications with missing information or missing documents will be considered incomplete and will not be evaluated.
  • Follow the steps given in the attached PDF file to fill out the application and upload the required documents.

Required documents:

  1. Documents related to the applicant.
  2. Income proof documents.
  3. Other documents.

Scholarships offered to new students who will be admitted fall 2023-2024


documents related to the applicant

  • A copy of the high school certificate.
  • A copy of the birth certificate.
  • A copy of the applicant’s national ID 
  • Documents of sports excellence in terms of world/republic championships.
  • Documents of technical excellence in terms of awards/certificates of appreciation from prestigious organizations.


Income Proof Documents

  • A letter from Human Resources addressed to the university stating the salary terms (for each father/mother).
  • An official statement of pension in case of retirement of the father/mother.
  • A recent statement from the Social Insurance Office to prove the state of unemployment if the father/mother is unemployed.
  • Proof of unpaid leave for the father and mother, if any.
  • Recent social research shows the social and material situation of the family (Ministry of Social Affairs).
  • A recent electricity receipt showing the family’s residence address.
  • A copy of the national identity card of the father/mother/siblings.
  • A copy of the birth certificate of the siblings and evidence of their enrollment in schools and universities.


Other Documents

Any other documents that the student deems necessary to attach (if needed) for example:

  • Death certificate.
  • Divorce certificate.
  • Medical reports/payment bills.
  • Insurance premium.
  • Sibling’s school/university enrollment letter, clearly stating annual tuition fees.
  • Statement of loans or installments, including schedule of payments and due date.


  • Scholarship progress for one academic year (fall and spring semesters), and it is required to continue academic excellence in order to retain the scholarship.
  • Students who were accepted in the fall semester do not need to reapply in the spring semester.
  • Make sure to apply before the deadlines posted on the website.
  • The deadline for submitting a scholarship application is 10 September 2023.
  • No application will be accepted after the deadline.
  • Scholarship applications are being received for the fall semester of 2023. By registering on the university website at the link
  • Each application is evaluated individually and, on a case-by-case basis. In addition, we consider the amount of money the university provides for private financial aid, how much it will cost to attend the university, our enrollment goals, and our philosophy regarding the minimum amount that parents should be able to pay for educational expenses at Badr University in Cairo.