Bringing our alumni together to communicate, collaborate, and create.

A connection for life...

The Alumni Association at BUC was founded to promote continuous excellence in our community. The purpose is to bring our alumni together to communicate, collaborate, and create connections for life. By connecting alumni with current students, the Association strives to foster lifelong relationships that strengthen society, influences present and future industries, and creates long-lasting, mutually beneficial interactions between the university, students, alumni, and the community.


The mission of the Alumni Association at BUC is to provide a strong bridge between former and present students for their mutual benefit and synergy to:

  • Promote lifelong relationships and to act as a forum for the exchange of information among its members.
  • Organize and establish scholarship funds to help the needy and deserving students.
  • Exchange professional knowledge, organize technical conferences, seminars workshops & training courses.
  • Provide career development and guidance.
  • Create interest and motivate the alumni to participate in the progress of the University and Encourage them to contribute towards the enhancement of their alma mater.


The Alumni Association will be an effective platform by which university alumni will maintain effective relationships with the University, new graduates, current students, and the community. The Alumni Association shall focus its energies, services and programs on fostering a community of alumni, friends, scholars, staff and students who are well-informed through Association publications and other media as available; who respect the priorities and issues inherent in their associations; and who seek to support the university through the commitment of resources, leadership, expertise, volunteer involvement and the celebration of the people and place that is BUC. The Alumni Association shall endeavor to be ever creative, always innovative and a wise guardian of traditions, while it seeks to recognize emerging opportunities and changing perspectives.


The goal is to establish lasting connections between the university, students, alumni, and the community through the Alumni Association. To that end, the Association will:

  • Develop a career mentoring and support system
  • Develop the Alumni presence on campus and utilize available technology to educate and engage alumni.
  • Create and expand the alumni role in initiatives occurring on and off campus.
  • Establish a marketing function to identify alumni and university interests and to innovatively communicate the Alumni Association programs and values.
  • Incorporate a focus on relevance into new and existing programs, events and communications of the Association.
  • Consistently reinvigorate alumni activities and secure their involvement in new initiatives.
  • Increase membership and participation of new alumni.

The Alumni Association strives to promote seasoned alumni to guide and mentor new alumni to a successful career path in which they can fully utilize their skills in pioneering new methods and processes in their chosen professions.

The university aspires to establish effective partnerships between its graduates with other community institutions. Additionally, the Association will facilitate the transfer and exchange of alumni practical experiences with university students who are still engaged in their undergraduate education and training to support and mentor them in developing their skills and abilities.

Here we present a few of our most treasured Alumni here at BUC and their stories:

Tarek Abdallah: Graduate of the School of Filmmaking and Performing Arts, 2022

Tarek Abdallah graduated from BUC School of Filmmaking after majoring in cinematography. Tarek won the Silver Award in Alexandria Short Film Festival in 2022 for the short film: “Kalaks.” He also filmed four short movies during his time at BUC: “Maa’ Tamnyatna Bel Nagah” (2019); “Kalaks” (2021); “Oud Karbeet” (2022), and “47” (2022). Tarek also done an excellent job in utilizing his education to contribute to the field of commercials and music videos. From 2020 to 2022, he contributed to more than 40 commercials and video clips as a trainee (focus puller, and/or a director of photography.) Tarek is a talented and varied cinematographer and is one of the youngest rising professionals in the industry. Tarek is a shining example of the astounding impact of a quality education and what can be accomplished through BUC’s programs.

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Youssef Ibraheem Abdelazim: Graduate of the School of Filmmaking & Performing Arts, 2022

Youssef Ibraheem is no stranger to the film industry. Graduating in 2022, he is a passionate, experienced cinematographer who already possesses extensive industry experience. This talented young man, born in 1996, won the “Certificate of Appreciation for photographing Watan projects,” before His Excellency Sheikh Salem bin Aufit Al Shanfari. Despite his young age, he has already worked on a plethora of creative projects: “Cameraman,” by rapper Abo Elanwar, and the short films “After a While,” “Ellahad,” and “Barbary,” to name a few. Youssef goes beyond collaboration however, and has a passion and vision for capturing the reality of life that surrounds us, working as Director of Photography for the documentary films “More than Game,” “Hatata Shayala,” “The Dance,” and “Airport Salalah”.

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Creating communication channels between the university and the owners of community institutions, organizations, and other companies to determine staffing needs.

Participating in activities organized by the university, represented through exhibitions, seminars, and public lectures.

Organizing events relative to the needs of university graduates as follows:

The Details
In addition to the activities developed that contribute to the service of university graduates.
Job Fairs
Alumni, community organizations, and various businesses are invited to showcase and provide job and career opportunities for graduates.
Success Stories
Meetings are organized to provide a platform for successful graduates to present their stories to to students as a source of support and motivation toward pursuing their goals.
Training Courses
To enhance the professional needs of the graduates, to further develop professional skills, and inform future graduates to consider participating in courses, seminars, and workshops for continued professional development.
Graduation Day Ceremony
Holding an annual ceremony for graduates that honors the most active students of the year and sharing the photos on official social media channels of BUC.
Job Advertising
Announcing job and career opportunities with community institutions, organizations, and companies to new graduates through the official BUC alumni page.

We applaud those of you completing the first step in achieving your dreams! Despite the challenges you will face in the world, we are confident that your academic achievements at BUC have adequately prepared you to meet and overcome them in a most ethical and professional way!

The Alumni Association is here to continuously work to provide you a future you deserve. As a BUC graduate:

  • You are considered a member of the Alumni Association.
  • You have a lifetime, active BUC alumni email and ID.
  • You have lifetime access to the BUC library.
  • You will receive continuous support in your career by presenting your ideas and projects to the university. 
  • You will receive discounts on tuition when registering at the university for postgraduate studies.
  • You are welcome to attend events organized by BUC, alumni, or other organizations locally and internationally such as conferences, gatherings, forums, exhibitions, workshops, training courses, job fairs, and ceremonies.
  • You will take part in recruitment and training opportunities in the private and public sectors related to BUC programs.
  • You will represent BUC and Alumni Association on various councils as well as at local and international conferences.
  • You will be able to participate in an open communication channel between members of the Alumni Association and their unions, as well as participate in courses, workshops, and activities organized by the unions.
  • You will enjoy special discounts for alumni children in our affiliate K-12 schools.