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Student Activities

The Student Activities Department is concerned with the support and care of students in general and especially on campus, and facilitates the supervision of doing student activities of various colors inside and outside the campus, as well as the one that organizes and coordinates competitions and external meetings with universities and corresponding educational institutions.

The existence of the support and care of students in universities is not a luxury but the requirement imposed by the need of the student to be cared for and guided in the period of formation of his personality as well as his need to fill his free time and develop his talents and areas of creativity, which adds a distinction to his personality among his peers, as his practice of activity allows him to show his abilities through positive participation away from negative ideas.

To take care of the environment and the outside community, the department participates in community meetings and contributes to the development of society through social awareness activities alongside civil society institutions.

The department oversees the provision of social welfare through the contributions, exemptions, and financial facilities committees which is an integral part of the department’s work as well as its role in providing guidance and psychological guidance to students, which is the required role in this age group.

The department also supervises military courses; one course is offered during the half-year leave and two sessions during the end of the year. These courses are intended for preparing the university student for military life. Joining the military courses is a prerequisite for graduation.

The Student Activities Department at BUC relies on the advancement of ethical values and different skills through activities programs in all fields of sports, culture, and art through integrating into student families and scientific societies to help the intellectual, psychological, and social growth, and increase the ability to create and innovate.


The Student Activities Department Goals

  • Emerging interest in the practice of student activities in various fields of sports, culture, art, social, and science.
  • Developing spiritual and moral values among university students.
  • Instilling a healthy university spirit between students and strengthening the ties between them, the school, and the staff of the university.
  • Discovering the talents and abilities of students and work to develop them, refine them, and encourage them.
  • Spreading and encouraging the formation of student families and supporting their activities.
  • Expanding and organizing activities and upgrading their level, and working to encourage and motivate the privileged ones.
  • Utilizing the energies and innovations of students in the service of their community.
  • Exchanging cultures and experiences by participating in competitions with other universities.