Accelerated Nursing Program


The School of Nursing at BUC announces the start of the Intensive Nursing program! The program aims to bring out qualified professional nurses that will contribute to community development through participation in health systems; providing distinguished nursing care based on different scientific backgrounds that will implement integration and quality.

The program achieves educational goals in a shorter time frame than the traditional programs while the students study the same number of clinical hours as their counterparts in traditional programs. 

The intensive program differs from the traditional program in the following:

  1. The program helps university graduates (who hold a bachelor’s degree as a first university degree) to change their career path to the nursing profession and obtain a second university degree (Bachelor of Science in Nursing).
  2. Qualify graduates from other disciplines to acquire distinguished job opportunities at national, regional, and international levels. 
  3. Increase the number of nurses to a sufficient level to meet population health needs.
  4. Help to solve unemployment problems. 
  5. Opening new fields for innovative nursing programs. 

Program Duration

The duration of the program is 24 months in addition to six months of clinical internship. The program includes six semesters without breaks in addition to the introductory semester.

International Partnerships

The Nursing School at BUC joined forces with Texas International Education Consortium for the purpose of providing access to high quality education through first-rate programs that respond to the needs of all levels of learning and training. 

School Requirements

The following conditions are required for a student of either gender to admit to the program: 

  • A high school diploma from the science or science/mathematics department and a bachelor’s degree with a cumulative GPA of no less than D+ (2.4) (equivalent to 60%).
  • English as a first foreign language.
  • Passing the admission interview and tests according to the criteria approved by the Nursing Sector Committee at the higher council of Universities.
  • Passing the required medical examinations.