• Our vision is to excel as one of the best engineering services courses to maintain internationally recognized construction project management programs with an advanced rank.
  • We also envision to provide the highest quality educational programs, applicable courses and community services and to play a leading role in all our engineering activities mainly at construction project management field.
  • This program learning all the fundamentals of planning by software for undergrad engineers (students) by some basic software courses.
  • Also, improving and enhancing the skills of the planner engineer by some advanced software courses.
  • Here, all trainers deal with an actual projects with multi disciplines and relationships.


  • Primavera P6 is professional and amazing software program, which is employed not by simply planners, and also project professionals, engineers, schedulers, and other people involved with planning, management, project reporting.
  • Primavera P6 possesses benefited every industry through aerospace to be able to manufacturing, electronics to information technology, Telecom sector to Civil, and all other sectors that are involved in business management.

Courses description

 P.M Training course  (level1) (Time module)

Course Audience:All Project Team Members  Positions (undergrad students and the graduation project students)
Course Duration:25 Hours
What will you learn?

You will learn: 

  • General and define the basic concepts of project management
  • Learn the basic scheduling and cost management concepts
  • P6  (Primavera) contents
  • Creating a project in P6 (Primavera)
  • Opening P6 and creating layouts
  • Adding a project
  • Define WBS, add activities & CPM
  • Information Types
  • Creating calendars
  • Define activities and estimate duration
  • Activity types and adding activities
  • Assign codes
  • Relationship types, lag       and      creating relationship
  • Scheduling
  • Using codes in grouping and filtering
  • Quantity take     off        for       more    common elements at the structures and buildings.
  • Basic Definition
    • What is a Project?
    • What is Project Management?

    Initiating Project

Course Topics:

Purpose of Initiation Process

  • Assessing Constraints
  • Define Stakeholders

Planning Projects

  • Define Scope and create WBS
  • Steps for Creating a Schedule
  • Optimizing the project schedule
  • Fast tracking and crashing techniques
  • Cost estimating and budgeting
  • Introduction to Project Risk Management
    All the above points will be manual and by P6 (Primavera)
Course Requirements by client in case of external training:
  • Projector
  • PC for each trainee
  • White Board
Course Fees2200LE/ trainee


Starts August 7,2022

8 hours per week

4 weeks to complete

Day(s): Sunday-Tuesday