Entrepreneurship Center

BUC Entrepreneurship Center (BUC-EShip)


Inspiring and motivating new generations of entrepreneurial leaders capable of creating a better world. Their background diversity supports them to identify complex problems, find solutions and create opportunities that will lead to social prosperity and welfare. We will achieve this by connecting our world-class research with our exceptional hands-on teaching and practice.

What We Do

We help life-long entrepreneurs identify the opportunities they have to create a positive impact in the world, both locally and globally. 


Entrepreneurship Center

Inclusive and Collaborative

The main concern is to include all people; diversity of point of view will lead to more communication, collaboration, and people’s inclusion. Methods of learning deal with human rights; it is a rights-based approach. Consequently, positive attitudes and values will be developed and blended in their relations and actions. A responsible active citizen will be created to cooperate and collaborate for spreading justice, equality, solidarity, gender equality, social cohesion, and poverty reduction to gain democracy on the local, national, and global levels.

Entrepreneurship Center


Is the main activity that forms defined sets of information. The collaboration of ideas and opinions’ diversity creates the methods of how to know. Collaboration controls the process of delivering the knowledge and not the individual. The main concept is to keep a connection between information sources and guarantee the sustainability of communication and constant learning.

Entrepreneurship Center

Forward Thinking

We believe in maintaining an innovative and forward-thinking position with an open mind, actively engaging and creating the latest breakthroughs to serve as a role model for emerging entrepreneurs. Seek to put entrepreneurs into a state of continuous development. It encourages the basic learning needs and enriches the entrepreneurs’ lives. Fosters their skills and gives them the chance to improve and develop their talents. Enhancing the creativity and innovation of the individual will lead to the prosperity of the community. Not only the social and economic development of a community but it is essential for evolving the principle of social justice, equity, and democracy to maintain the welfare of the future.

Entrepreneurship Center

Pay it Forward

No one in the entrepreneurial community finds success on their own. Everyone has had help and support, whether from a mentor, colleague, investor, friends, or family. Connecting people and sharing values and principles will let them share progress and move forward for more development.

Consequently, they will collaborate to take transformative actions to achieve positive goals. For the entrepreneurial community to continue to thrive and grow, we must continue to invest in and support those coming behind us, whether as a mentor, an investor or funder, or as an encourager.