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* Overview

This course introduces the concept of risk, its types, and how to confront it, by focusing on insurance as one of the methods of confronting risks, indicating its concept, types, technical and legal principles, and its economic and social importance to the individual, enterprise and society.


  • Definition of risk – managing risk.
  • Risk management methods.
  • Definition of insurance.
  • Technical factors for insurance or factors that must be met to be insured for units at risk.
  • The insurance market – the different types of insurance in the Egyptian market.
  • The responsibilities and duties of the mediator, as well as his profession ethics.
  • Legal Principles of Insurance.
  • Practical applications of applying the legal principles of insurance to the various branches of insurance.
  • Analysis of the insurance contract.
  • Analyzing some of the different insurance policies.

* Price

  • Duration: 20 hours

  • Price: 2000 EGP