Professional Diploma in Healthcare Quality & Accreditation

Diploma Overview

Ensuring healthcare quality services and patient safety is a critical objective and should be a strong focus of every leader in healthcare practice. This Diploma provides healthcare quality practitioners and other healthcare providers with the sufficient knowledge and skills needed to lead quality management activities and accreditation initiatives at the micro and macro levels in different healthcare organizations.

The Diploma focuses on the theoretical and practical skills necessary for improving healthcare delivery systems and changing the policy landscape of our healthcare system. It is designed for clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals who want to focus their career development on improving healthcare delivery systems, particularly regarding quality and accreditation.
The diploma curriculum was built based on the quality accreditation system in the hospital, giving the trainee rich experience in every aspect of the quality management system in the hospitals.

This executive-style program incorporates distance-learning components to allow students to meet their educational goals while continuing their careers or medical profession.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this Diploma, the participants will be able to:

  • Lead the organizational change to improve the culture of healthcare quality and patient safety in their organization.
  • Share tools and strategies with team members, implement and monitor procedures to manage healthcare personal effectively.
  • Provide safe and high-quality patient-centered care with actual experience-based knowledge.
  • Design and implement quality improvement projects that are data-driven.
  • Utilize data to obtain helpful information, measure the performance effectively, and take the right decision at the right time.
  • Develop risk management plans and projects to provide a safe, functional, and support facility for patients, families, staff, and visitors.
  • Lead their hospitals to acquire different types of organizational accreditation, either national or international.
  • Develop and implement comprehensive IPC Programs that comply with accrediting and regulatory requirements.

HQA Diploma Curriculum Structure:

Academic Modules
Course Code
Diploma Curriculum (240 hours)
Introduction to Hybrid Online Learning (0 credits, required)
DHQA 221
Organizational Leadership & Quality (22 hours, Immersion 1)
Organizational Leadership Field Study (4 hours)
DHQA 181
Healthcare Personnel Management (18 hours, Immersion 1)
Practical Human Resources Management Project (4 hours)
DHQA 182
Patient-Centered & Integrated Care Services (18 hours, Immersion 2)
National Safety Requirements Field Study (4 hours)
DHQA 222
Operative & Diagnostic Services Standards (22 hours, Immersion 2)
Practical Accreditation Project (4 hours)
DHQA 121
DHQA 141
Risk Management in Health service organizations (12 hours, Immersion 3)
Environmental and Patient Safety (14 hours, immersion 3)‎
DHQA 183
Quality & Performance Improvement (18 hours, Immersion 3)
Practical Quality Improvement Project (4 hours)
DHQA 101
DHQA 081
Infection Prevention & Control in Quality System (10 hours, Immersion 4)
Information Management & Technology (8 hours, Immersion 4)
Infection Practical Information Management Project (4 hours)
DHQA 223
Accreditation & Excellence Recognition (22 hours, Immersion 4)
Hospital Accreditation Case Study (4 hours)


Professional Diploma Outline

This Diploma is conducted by hybrid learning methodology; the core of the Diploma consists of eight modules, arranged in 4 semesters, every semester starts by coursework 3-day Immersion sessions held at Badr University campuses, and after this high-contact coursework, the modules will be executed through distance-learning sessions controlled remotely through live sessions.

Each semester runs for three months, with the final assessment held at the end of the semester.
Distance-learning sessions for each applicable course will typically be held one evening per week and can be attended from anywhere.

Every module contains 6 hours of practical hospital application on accreditation standards. 

For one year, students also begin formulating and implementing their four practical projects.

HQA Diploma Outline