Stakeholder Relations Center


The Stakeholder Relations Center is responsible for establishing and building mutual relationships with external stakeholders and other third-party groups nationally, regionally, and globally who share common interests and vision with BUC.


To be a foremost university that is admired, trusted, and respected globally, formulating strategies and building relationships that move beyond communication toward genuine engagement, as well as undertaking initiatives that advance BUC’s global reputation.


We build productive relationships that support the institution’s mission and enhance engagement with international universities, community, strategic partners, government, mass media, foundations, accreditation bodies, industry associations, medical and health associations, professional companies, special interest groups, grant organizations, and other stakeholders through effective communications and community relations.

What we believe in

A chorus of voices that harmoniously crescendo, reaching the desired audience, with the right message, at the right time.

Our Goals

  • Define priorities and relational strategies for each stakeholder.
  • Continually adapt to the needs and expectations of both the university and its stakeholders according to the ever-changing, diverse, complex, and shifting environments.
  • Deliver a calendar of strategic external events, to showcase the work of BUC to a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Work effectively with stakeholders to understand how BUC has shared goals, culture, and communities.
  • Build a strong network of stakeholders that develop credible, united voices about issues, products, and/or services that are mutually important.
  • Build a purposeful project plan and a robust stakeholder foundation to ensure all projects are mutually beneficial.
  • Support external stakeholders in resolving threats, taking advantage of opportunities, achieving their objectives, and protecting respective brands.
  • Support the University’s public affairs engagement and relationship management with external stakeholders.
  • Support BUC in enhancing the learning and teaching, research, planning, and governance processes.

How does it work?

  • Identifying and mapping internal and external stakeholders.
  • Assessing the nature of each stakeholder’s influence and importance.
  • Constructing a matrix to identify stakeholders’ influence and importance.
  • Determining how effectively the needs and expectations of each stakeholder group are currently being met.
  • Recommending internal policy and modifications, when needed.
  • Monitor and manage stakeholder relationships.