Hear from our students.

Jida Bashar

School of Oral and Dental Medicine

“Before joining BUC, I didn’t have a clear goal for my future, and I lacked time management skills. Yet, studying here taught me the meaning of strong will and eagerness. I also learned commitment, time management, and how to smoothly deal with colleagues and patients”.

Mohamed Farag

School of Physical Therapy

“BUC is considered the best when it comes to facilities, labs, and technological equipment, in addition to the amazing instructors and student affairs staff who are always keen on assisting us and solving all our problems, which in turn creates a motivating campus that we look forward to attending every day”.

Nour El Sabbagh

School of Pharmacy

“Studying here makes me interested in the Pharmaceutical field more and more, thanks to the rich course content and great doctors who are always there throughout the way. My personality has also markedly improved; I have become more optimistic, calmer, and confident about what I will reach in the future. I think my school is really special, and I would recommend it to anyone who’s still puzzled about choosing his/her major.”

Muhammed Khattab

School of Pharmacy

“I choose to learn from the best and here I am in BUC! In just a few months I learned more skills and techniques, especially in my college “School of Pharmacy” where I became more practical and my passion to be a successful pharmacist has been growing. This school has certainly added immense value to my life.”

Mohamed Ahmed Awad

School of Linguistics and Translation

“I am so proud to be one of BUC students, as it’s considered one of the best universities in the linguistics and translation sector. On the other hand, the university offers top-notch entertainment means including theater shows, trips, and various student activities.”

Ali Montaser Ali

School of Oral and Dental Medicine

“What I find the most distinguished about BUC, is how it practically prepares students for the real world and their awaiting careers. Moreover, it offers a unique educational atmosphere that contains everything we need; including highly-educated instructors, equipped lecture halls, and impressive labs.”