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For the first time in the Middle East and North Africa, B.H.M.S Switzerland is offering a Double and Triple International accredited Bachelor and Diploma Degree in Business and Hospitality Management.
B.H.M.S is one of the top 5 International Hospitality education institutions in Switzerland, which was founded in 1998. B.H.M.S, Business & Hotel Management School located originally in Lucerne city, which is a member of the benedict Switzerland group of schools, one of the Switzerland’s oldest and largest higher education institutions, founded in 1928.
The Benedict Education Group has 8 campuses in Switzerland and over 15.000 part-time and full-time students and professionals studying at its premises every year.
We offer to our students a 4-year Bachelor program; that will be taught by both B.H.M.S and BUC professors based on the quality of standards of B.H.M.S.

Associate Professor. Jebril Alhelalat

Program Director

B.H.M.S Swiss Education Concept

Quality Education    

Quality academic education gives students the theoretical knowledge and practical experience necessary to obtain managerial positions in the Global Hospitality Industry.

Guaranteed Internship    

Guaranteed paid industry training allows students to apply the knowledge into practice while working in the leading International hotels and resorts.

Personal Development   

Personal and professional development provides students with soft and social skills, as well as discipline that motivates, guides, strengthens and ultimately drives the students to succeed.

Career Placement   

assisting all graduates to gain international career positions and achieve their individual career goals.

When the students enroll with B.H.M.S.; they get:

 The Swiss educational and professional experience and quality, as well as the best chance to travel to Switzerland either to finish your degree there or for a semester abroad, which is totally the student’s choice.


Message from BHMS Switzerland

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Future job opportunities

  • Hotel & Resort management
  • Events planning & management
  • Restaurants and catering management
  • Tourism offices & travel agencies
  • Culinary, Nutrition & food management
  • Airport management & airlines
  • Cruise ships management
  • Theme parks & Holiday representatives
  • Adventure and entertainment management
  • Customer Service Management
  • Education & Training
  • Marketing, Communications, PR & Sales

Training Partners