Engineering & Technology

Degree and Title:
Bachelor’s degree in Architecture
Bachelor’s degree in Structural Engineering
Bachelor’s degree in Energy Engineering and Renewable Energies
Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering
Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering and Electrical Communications
Bachelor’s degree in Computers Engineering and Systems
Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering
Bachelor’s degree in Petrochemicals Engineering

Study Hours/Academic Levels:
180 credit hours/5 academic levels

Meet the Dean

Professor Aref Mohamed Ahmed Solaiman

Professor Aref Mohamed Ahmed Solaiman is the current Dean of the School of Engineering and Technology at BUC. He got his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 1992 from El Minia University through a channel Scheme arrangement between Leeds University in England (UK.) and Minia University in Egypt (1992). Also, his M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering was from the same university in 1988.

Prof. Aref held different academic positions. In 2008, he was the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, South Valley University in Qena. Then, in 2011, he served as the Vice Dean in the Faculty of Engineering at MTI University. In 2016, he served as the Vice-dean of education and student affairs, Banha Faculty of Engineering. He held the position of Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Banha University in 2018.

Earlier, he was a former teaching staff member and held the position of Head of Automotive & Tractor Engineering Department in the Faculty of Engineering, El Minia University (from 2005-2008).

He is primarily interested in the following areas of research: dynamics and control, vibration and noise and vehicle suspension, and braking systems.

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Meet the Vice Dean

Assoc. Prof. Moatasem Shahin

Assoc. Prof. Moatasem Shahin is acting as the Dean of the School of Engineering. He was honored with a Ph.D. (1981) in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College of Science & Technology, University of London, UK; and an MSc (1070) in Mechanical Engineering from the High Technical School, Brno, Czechoslovakia; and a BSc (1970) in Mechanical Engineering from the Military Technical College (MTC), Egypt.

He is a former Member of Teaching Staff, MTC, 1970 – 2008. He served as the Vice Commandant of the MTC, for Post Graduate Studies & Research, 1996; assistant of the MTC Commandant for educational Affairs, 1994; Chief of the Mechanical Engineering Branch, 1993; Chief of the Chair of Mechanical Power & Energy, 1992; and the Head of Technical & Education Planning branch, Educational Affairs, 1986. He also was the Head of Mechanical Engineering Department, Modern University, 2008-2017. Dr. Shahin served as a member and head of several technical research teams, Defense and National Levels, and several Committees for Developing Technical & Engineering Education.

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The School of Engineering and Technology’s vision is to present excellence and scientific leadership in the various fields of engineering; together with providing the community with qualified graduates able to develop the country and lead its progress and prosperity, as well as capable of succeeding and competing locally, regionally, and internationally.

Here, our students are encouraged for self-learning, research, creativity, innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Moreover, we are keen on providing quality educational service that satisfies national and international reference standards for quality assurance of education.

Academic Majors and Departments

Architecture Program Objectives

The architecture program aims to graduate architects which are specialized in environmental design with a multidisciplinary background. Students are trained to deal with architectural problems in different environments so that they can realize the relation between the building and the surrounding environment, suggest different alternatives then compare them to define the appropriate environmental design in an innovative and creative way, suited to the concept of green architecture.

Energy Engineering and Renewable Energies Program Objectives

The program aims to graduate engineers who are familiar with various types of renewable energy sources and how they work and analyze their performance to meet the needs of power stations from new sources such as solar energy, photovoltaic power, and wind power. The graduate engineer will be able to identify problems and find appropriate solutions to activate the use of renewable energy resources in industrial fields which reduces the dependence on fossil fuels and reduces the rates of environmental pollution.

Mechatronics Engineering Program Objectives

The program aims to graduate a mechatronics engineer who is able to design and use electronic circuits and to deal with principles of mechanics, electronics, computing, and control systems to create simpler, more economical, and reliable systems.

Students should study a course from two general fields: engineering electrical, mechanical engineering, general materials, electronic engineering, computer engineering, control systems, and optical engineering and robots. 

Computer and Systems Engineering Program Objectives

The program aims to graduate engineers specializing in the computer industry with possession of a background in governmental systems engineering who keep up with international developments in their field of specialization. The student studies a group of places that help him with Computer and Systems Engineering major. The program is focused on graduating engineers with varied experience in an engineering department and computers and systems at various levels.

Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering Program Objectives

The program aims to graduate engineers specializing in the field of modern electronics and communications, in addition to having a background in communication networks and systems so that they can identify market needs. As the program aims to graduate engineers with varied experience in electronics and communications engineering at all levels.

Structural Engineering Program Objectives

The program aims to graduate structural engineers who are able to analyze and design the structural elements and systems to achieve the goals of the design of the facility and to ensure its safety and the comfort of its users. Their work focuses on safety and economic and environmental aspects. The structural engineer works on innovating and designing strong installations that resist the loads exposed to them, whether they are vertical or horizontal loads as a result of wind, earthquakes, and heat to prevent any structural problems.

Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering Program Objectives

The program aims to graduate chemical and petrochemical engineers who have knowledge of all dimensions of the chemical and petrochemical industry and their effects on the environment.

Our graduates then can apply their knowledge and skills acquired in the field of specialization to solve problems related to production processes and uses of chemical and petrochemical materials, and they prepare designs of equipment and devices necessary for production processes in chemical and petrochemical factories, as well as processes related to product quality tests, circulation of by-products of production processes and supervision of the progress of operations.

Dean’s Word

Dear School of Engineering and Technology-Badr University in Cairo students,

As we begin the new academic year, I am pleased to welcome you to this prestigious engineering edifice. The college offers distinguished engineering programs that keep pace with global development and are compatible with the needs of the labor market.

This is to develop the environment and serve the community in a way that achieves competitiveness locally, regionally, and internationally, in addition to active contributions to the major national projects that Egypt is currently witnessing. All students make field visits to most of the country’s major projects for information and field training to increase the acquisition of practical experience and to simulate engineering work on the ground. Modern teaching methods are employed in the college through applying educational technology and teaching styles that depend on understanding and self-learning.

The school is distinguished by a distinct group of highly experienced faculty members who possess knowledge of engineering and technological sciences that enable them to teach using hybrid education or “distance” learning, in case of suspending the live teaching process due to covid-19 pandemic. The school and the university put all their capabilities in the service of your scientific and educational goals. We have full confidence in your abilities and that you are qualified to benefit from them and undertake responsibility. The school supports and invites all students to take part in the different student activities in various fields and, also, takes care of outstanding students.

Likewise, the school contributes to serving the community and the surrounding environment and pays attention to small industries and entrepreneurs, which has a positive impact on the school, university, and society. Finally, I wish you achieve more success, have more seriousness and perseverance to achieve it, and continue your research and innovation for a brighter future.

Professor Aref Mohamed Ahmed Solaiman

Dean of Engineering and Technology

School Department Heads

Associate Professor Gamal Mohamed Abdou

Head of Mechanical Engineering Department

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dalia Bahaa El-din Hamdy Ahmad

Head of the Civil Engineering Department

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Tharwat

Head of the Electrical Engineering Department

Assoc. Prof. Wafaa Rashwan

Head of the Architecture Engineering Department

Associate Professor Mohamed Sayed Abdelwahed

Head of the Basic Sciences Department

Career Opportunities

  • Automotive Engineer
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Computer Engineer
  • Drafting and Design Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Geological Engineer
  • Marine Engineer

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