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Badr University Medicine organizes a training course for faculty members to learn about the advantages of the "Knowledge Bank"

Dr. Ahmed Makhlouf, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Badr University in Cairo, announced that a training course was organized on how to deal with the Egyptian “Knowledge Bank”, and to make the most of “information, research, and academic books” in the fields of human medicine sciences of all kinds. Also, among the possibilities of the “Knowledge Bank” is to give educational courses, and then grant certificates accredited by the international platforms and bodies contracted with the “Knowledge Bank”.

Badr University Medicine organizes field training for students within the facilities of the Ministry of Health. With pictures and names

A scientific field visit was organized for first-year students under the supervision of the “Department of Public Health and Community Medicine”, inside the medical center of the “Ministry of Health and Population” in the Nozha district in “Badr City” in Cairo Governorate. These visits come in light of the university’s leaders’ endeavor to raise the level of our students to keep pace with the requirements of the labor market and the practical contact of students on the ground, which improve students’ skills and their exit from traditional classrooms. Also, the students were trained on health systems and vaccinations within the primary health care program.

Education and Internship Systems (MEIS) In different EU and Arab Countries (e.g. Egypt & Lebanon) A blended workshop organized by Linnaeus University (LNU) - Sweden Hosted by Badr University- Cairo (BUC) 13-15 December 2021

On 13-15 December 2021 a medical internships of great significance was carried for medical students to cultivate clinical thinking and sharpen clinical skills and it was an essential part of medical education. A high-quality internship is a critical transition from theoretical learning to clinical practice.
The honour of Prof. Dina Sabry; head of Biochemistry department by Prof. Ahmed Makhlouf , Dean of school of Medicine BUC, for her distinguished role in international publications

Summer Internship in Microbiology skills for medical students "Technical aspect in microbiology skills"

The summer training was held in the laboratories of the Microbiology Department, Faculty of Human Medicine, Badr University, from 15 July to 15 August. The students created projects in the form of posters, and each student presented. The model is hand-drawn with natural colors and three-dimensional shapes that express the nature of each microbe studied in the course. the content of the training course enriched the student’s skills Preparing the various cultures, operating the autoclave oven, isolating and identifying microbes, and testing the sensitivity of microbes to various antibiotics.

Training 8 chemists on Laboratory skills related to the microbiology laboratory

The summer training was held in the laboratories of the Microbiology Department, Faculty of Human Medicine, Badr University from 15 July to 15 August 15, 2023 The summer training was coordinated by. Each of them was trained to prepare the various farms, operate the autoclave furnace and isolate microbes and their identification.

The first scientific day of school of Medicine BUC “"The Role of Pathology in the Research Field and the Field of Medical Education”

The school of Medicine, BUC has organized the first scientific day. The event included representatives from many universities including Military Medical Academy, Ain shams university Faculty of Medicine, The Armed Forces Faculty of Medicine”, Cairo university Faculty of Medicine, Suez Canal Faculty of Medicine. The main aims of the scientific day were to explore the importance of pathology as an integral part in the clinical sciences and the possible role of pathology in multidisciplinary research work. The chemists have shared their experience through pathology department equipmentation while students have presented a breast cancer case covering all clinicopathologic aspects and illustrated their meeting with consultants at Baheya foundation for early screening and management of breast cancer through a recorded interview

Principles, updates and pitfalls in pap smear interpretation

The school of Medicine, BUC has organized pathology workshop. The workshop included presentations about important confusing points in pap smear. The main aims of the workshop were to explore Spotlights on Interpretation of Cervicovaginal Smears, Cytology of Premalignant and Malignant Cells in Pap Smears, and cervico-Vaginal Smear Cytology (Pap Test): Potential Diagnostic Pitfalls. Additionally slide seminar was done at the end of the day.