Degree and Title:
Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (BSN)

Study Hours/Academic Levels:
143 +12 credit hours for internship/4 academic levels+1 year of internship

Meet the Dean

Professor Cheherezade Ghazi

Prof. Cheherezade Ghazi is the Dean of the School of Nursing, BUC, and a Professor of Community Health.

She was formerly the founding Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, British University of Egypt.

She is a member of the Research Ethical Committee (IRB) at the Children’s Hospital 57357 and a member of the Nursing Sector of the Higher Council of Universities.

She was the Director of the Faculty of Nursing, Cairo University, and Vice Dean for students’ affairs and graduate studies.

She served as a consultant and technical advisor for WHO, UNICEF, and USAID in both Egypt and countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region. She was WHO coordinator for Health projects in the North of Iraq for the UN Oil for Food program from 1999 to 2003.

She also worked as a WHO Nurse educator in Djibouti from 1992 to 1997.

She was elected as an ICN board member representative of the Middle East for four years. She supervised around 80 master theses and 20 Doctoral theses.

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Meet the Vice Dean

Professor Ghada Riad El Guindy

Vice Dean of Educational and Student Affairs

Dr. Ghada is an Assistant Professor of Medical-surgical Nursing- Cairo University, and acting as the Vice-dean at the School of Nursing, BUC.

She is a former Program Director of the Faculty of Nursing, British University in Egypt, and a former Director of Research and Training Center at the Faculty of Nursing, Cairo University from 2006 until 2009.

She is an Acting Director of Mubarak Kohl Nursing Institute, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, and Director of Nursing Development and Learning Center, Cairo University.

She helped in the establishment of new nursing colleges: School of Nursing BUC, British Nursing College BUE, and Mubarak kohl Nursing Institute Cairo University, and has vast teaching experiences for undergraduate and postgraduate studies (BSN, MSN, and Ph.D.).

She contributed in planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating the nursing curriculum for different levels, as well as training programs for Egyptian Nursing Students in Germany, and implementing and evaluating Queen Marguerite Nursing Programs in the UK and African nursing leaders.

She is a part of the supervision panel of Doctoral and Master theses in Cairo, Ain Shams, Benha University, and Military Medical Academy.

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Meet the Vice Dean

Professor Zeinab Abdel Fatah Osman

The Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

Dr. Zeinab is a Professor of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing at the Faculty of Nursing, Cairo University, and Former Vice-Dean of Graduates Studies and Research at the Faculty of Nursing, Cairo University. She served as the Director of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit, Faculty of Nursing, Cairo University.

Professor Zeinab is a member of the Egyptian Association for Mental Health, and a member of research judgment and evaluation for promoting professors and teaching staff at the Supreme Council for Higher Education.

She was part of the supervision panel of master theses and dissertations. She published national and international research in psychiatric mental health nursing, child and adolescents, geriatric, and liaison mental health nursing.

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Be a part of the national health system by joining us and participate in the delivery of health care by being an advocate for the development of the UN sustainable goals. Nurses lead the way.

The nursing program is validated by the Supreme Council of Universities. It is one of the pioneer Egyptian nursing schools, unique for its highly praised quality of health care and the promotion of patient safety, ethics, emergency, preparedness, and building links with NGOs.

Your degree is not only recognized in Egypt but follows the international guidelines enabling you to take Board exams worldwide. 

Academic Majors and Departments

  • General Nursing Major

Dean’s Word

Future nurses, citizens of the world, you have decided to select a profession that is full of opportunities, challenges, and strengths and will place you at the forefront of the health care team.

Your role in health promotion, prevention of illness, patient advocacy, and improvement of health care is limitless. Nursing is not easy and demands that you have the courage and the will to develop academically and persevere in helping others to achieve their optimum health through a humanitarian, ethical, and safe provision of care.

Best wishes for a bright and rewarding future.

Professor Cheherezade Ghazi

Dean of Nursing

School Department Heads

A. Professor Eglal H. Abdel Hakeim

Head of the Fundamentals of Nursing Department

Dr. Samah Zidan

Head of the Adult Health Nursing Department

A. Professor Fatma Aboul Khair Farag

Head of the Maternal and Child Health Care Department

A. Professor Naglaa Mahmoud Fathy

Head of the Child and Adolescent Health Department

Dr. Hoda Sayed

Head of the Family and Community Health Department

A. Professor Somaya Mohamed Bayoumi

Head of the Nursing Administration Department

Career Opportunities

Graduating from nursing school is an accomplishment anyone should be proud of.

The future is bright. You can specialize in patient care groups, medical practices, or technology. Healthcare jobs are continually in demand. In addition, the future of healthcare jobs is full of innovation, learning opportunities, and stability.

The future opportunities for nursing graduates are multiple and within a wide variety of specialties and an array of setups that will meet anyone’s dreams.

Think about your characteristics and what makes you feel the most meaningful; where you can make the greatest use of your disposition and skill set will help you excel.

You’ll need to consider:

  • The kind of facility you want to work at.
  • The size of the facility and care group.
  • The number and type of patients you would provide the best service to.
  • What areas of interest you are open to.

Facilities are very nuanced. Apply to places that are going to put you on the best route. Are you someone who thrives on friendly patient relationships who would be good at long term care? Or do you prefer a busy environment full of changing situations?

Not all nursing jobs are the same. If you have a sensitive nature, you may be better suited for nursing specialties like camp nursing, crisis nursing, or family practice nursing. On the opposite end of the spectrum, high-energy nurses with strong emotional resilience may find a future as a trauma center nurse ,a critical care nurse, poison information specialist, or nurse anesthetist working in the OR.

Keep your expectations realistic. Nursing is a huge responsibility and that responsibility is earned over time. Starting your career, you may not land your dream job. But you will gain the insight and experience to be on your way.

The future of nursing is guaranteed to be full of promise. Today’s nursing shortage is continuing to grow as the population ages and healthcare technology is developing.

The registered nurse career path is a lucrative one. Nurses increasingly take more central roles in inpatient care. High tech healthcare means more demand for highly skilled registered nurses. Ongoing education, specialization, and experience mean continual opportunity for graduating your salary. If career advancement is a motivator, consider staying in larger facilities or medical service providers. Where there are more floors, there are more ladders to the top.

Start your career with a mind toward growth. Wishing you all the best in your career selection.

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