Political Sciences and International Relations

Degree and Title:
Bachelor’s degree in Political Systems and Public Policies
Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Strategic Studies

Study Hours/Academic Levels:
137 credit hours/4 academic levels

The degree is designed for eight semesters, however, top students can complete their degree in less than four years if they pass the maximum number of credit hours allowed in one semester, including the summer semester.


The School of Political Sciences and International Relations is unique in being an independent college of political science, and not a part of the colleges of economics and political science, or economics and administrative sciences, or colleges of social sciences; which is common in most political science departments in Egyptian and Arab universities.

The School of Political Science encompasses two departments: Political Systems and Public Policies, and International Relations and Strategic Studies. This makes it able to prepare male and female researchers in new fields in internal political systems (public policy analysis) and international relations (strategic studies).

All students (in the first and second levels) study several basic courses in political systems and international relations.

Starting the third level, the student chooses one of the two specializations as a major and studies its in-depth courses.

Academic Majors and Departments

  • International Relations and Strategic Studies
  • Political Systems and Public Policies

Meet The Dean

Professor Khalil Abdel-Hamid Al-Halfawy

As the Dean of the School of Biotechnology at BUC, Professor Khalil Abdel-Hamid brings more than 40 years of academic biotechnology, practice, and research experience to his role.

Dr. Halfawy received his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Sciences, Genetics department, from Alexandria University, and obtained his Master in Agricultural Sciences and Genetics and his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the Moscow Academy of Sciences.

He is a Professor at the Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research, Menoufia University, the Dean of the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research Institute – Sadat City, and the Dean of the Institute for Environmental Studies and Research – Sadat City. He is a Member of the Specialized National Councils (Committee for Genetic Engineering) and the Board of Directors of the Biotechnology Company in the Serum and Vaccine Authority.

Dr. Halfawy served as the Vice Dean and Dean of the Faculty of Specific Education in Ashmoun from 1991-1999, and Vice President of Menoufia University for Postgraduate Studies and Research from 2004 until 2007.

As a board-certified advanced biotechnologist; Dr. Halfawy has participated in preparing, implementing, and supervising all training courses at the Center for Tissue Culture and Genetic Engineering in cooperation with foreign agencies including Germany, the United States of America – Italy, and Russia. In addition, he had many missions, scientific visits, and conferences abroad (Russia – America – Germany – England – Poland – Malta – Thailand), and collaborations with local, state, regional and national organizations and groups to translate research evidence into sustainable programs.

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Meet The Vice Dean

Professor Maisa Abdel Moneim

Dr. Maisa is the current Vice Dean of the School of Biotechnology at BUC. She has more than 30 years of organic chemistry practice and research experience.

Dr. Maisa received her Bachelor of Science from Assiut University and received her master’s and Ph.D. degrees from the same university. She has received numerous awards for research, teaching, and administrative works.

Moreover, she obtained a post-doctoral fellowship from Aachen, Germany in 2006.

She is serving as a professor of chemistry at the School of Pharmacy BUC from 2015 until now. Also, she is a professor of organic chemistry in the Chemistry Department, at the Faculty of Science, Assiut University.

Dr. Maisa attended and participated in several international and national conferences and presses and has published over 40 publications in organic chemistry.

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Dean’s Word

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, at BUC.

The school’s vision stresses achieving excellence and good practice in teaching human and social sciences. It also relates academic knowledge with practical skills. Our graduates are expected to be distinguished practitioners in different fields including social and psychological research, GIS, regional planning, mass communication, archology, informatics of libraries and archives, and Islamic studies.

We believe that social science constitutes an important component in the process of development and nation-building. Therefore, our graduates are going to be pioneers in this process.

I wish you a fruitful and successful learning experience and a happy university life.

Professor Ahmed A. Zayed

Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities

Career Opportunities

During the school’s bylaw creation, we were mindful of the developments in contemporary scientific branches in various disciplines and the changes in the labor market.

The school majors’ open doors for various job opportunities as follows:

  • Scientific Research in the Field of Social Sciences
  • Psychological and Social Counseling
  • The Medical Field
  • The Criminal Justice Field
  • Use of Geographic Information Systems
  • Maps and Cadastral Systems
  • Restoration and Management of Antiquities and Archaeological Tourism Guidance
  • Modern Media Systems
  • Digital Governance and Library Management
  • Islamic Studies

News & Events

No news and events available for this school.