Political Sciences and International Relations

Degree and Title:
Bachelor’s degree in Political Systems and Public Policies
Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Strategic Studies

Study Hours/Academic Levels:
137 credit hours/4 academic levels

The degree is designed for eight semesters, however, top students can complete their degree in less than four years if they pass the maximum number of credit hours allowed in one semester, including the summer semester.

Meet the Dean

Dr. Mohamed Safei-El-Din Kharboush

Dr. Safei El-Din received his Ph.D. in Political Sciences from Cairo University- Faculty of Economics and Political Science in 1989.

He headed various prestigious positions throughout his career including Head of Political Sciences Department – Cairo University ( 2013 – 2017), Head of Political Research and Studies Department – Post Graduate Institute for Arab Research and Studies – Cairo ( 2013 – 2015 ), Professor of Political Science – Faculty of Economics and Political Science – Cairo University (1999), Vice Dean – Faculty of Economics and Political Science – Cairo University (2002 – 2005), Vice Dean of Scientific Research and Postgraduate Studies – Al-Bayt University – Jordan (1998 – 1999).

Additionally, he was a Chairperson in the UNESCO Chair for Democracy and Human Rights – Al-Bayt University – Jordan (1995 – 1999), Assistant Director – Post Graduate Institute for Political, Strategic and Diplomatic Studies – Al-Bayt University – Jordan (1995 – 1998), Chairman in The National Council for Youth (Minister of Youth) – Egypt (2005 – 2011), Advisor to the Minister of Youth (2000 – 2005), and Advisor to the Minister of Culture, Youth, and Community Development-UAE (2015 – 2016).

Dr. Safei served as Head of the Board of Trustees – National Center of Middle East Studies – Cairo ( 2018), a Member of the Board of Trustees – Al Siyasa Al- Dawliya ( International Politics ) – Al Ahram Institution – Cairo – Egypt ( 2017), Member of Board of Trustees – Afaq Arabia ( Arab Prospects ) – General Institution for Information – Cairo – Egypt  (2018), Vice Head of Board of Trustees – Center for Political Research and Studies -Cairo University (2002 – 2004), Scientific Advisor – Unit for Egyptian Revolution Studies – Al-Ahram Institution (1999 – 2000), Member of the Board of Trustees – Center for Middle East Studies – Amman –Jordan (1995 – 2000), Member of the Board of Trustees – Scientific Center for Political Studies – Amman – Jordan (1995), and Director of The Center for Arab Unity Studies – Cairo ( 1990).

Know More


The School of Political Sciences and International Relations is unique in being an independent college of political science, and not a part of the colleges of economics and political science, or economics and administrative sciences, or colleges of social sciences; which is common in most political science departments in Egyptian and Arab universities.

The School of Political Science encompasses two departments: Political Systems and Public Policies, and International Relations and Strategic Studies. This makes it able to prepare male and female researchers in new fields in internal political systems (public policy analysis) and international relations (strategic studies).

All students (in the first and second levels) study several basic courses in political systems and international relations.

Starting the third level, the student chooses one of the two specializations as a major and studies its in-depth courses.

Academic Majors and Departments

  • International Relations and Strategic Studies
  • Political Systems and Public Policies

Dean’s Word

Politics is all around us. Aristotle called it the “master science” because it influences all aspects of human life. Your education here, in The School of Political Sciences and International Relations, means that you are particularly well suited for research, analysis, and writing, skills required at myriad organizations and institutions.

The graduate degree provides you with an opportunity to develop a specialization in some areas of Political Sciences, it also can open new employment opportunities as you will be equipped with an understanding of the political institutions and systems that govern international relations. It also sharpens your understanding of organizational dynamics and human relations and hones your writing, communications, and analytical skills. After graduation, you will be able to pursue a political career in the city, state, or national government, work in a community, governmental, or non-governmental organization.

There are nonetheless a variety of career opportunities available to you Political Sciences students. However, it is not an easy task, it requires hard work, perseverance, and dedication which reflects a strong belief that you can make it. Never give up because great things take time.

Dr. Mohamed Safei-El-Din Kharboush

Dean of Political Sciences and International Relations

Career Opportunities

During the school’s bylaw creation, we were mindful of the developments in contemporary scientific branches in various disciplines and the changes in the labor market.

The school majors’ open doors for various job opportunities as follows:

  • Scientific Research in the Field of Social Sciences
  • Psychological and Social Counseling
  • The Medical Field
  • The Criminal Justice Field
  • Use of Geographic Information Systems
  • Maps and Cadastral Systems
  • Restoration and Management of Antiquities and Archaeological Tourism Guidance
  • Modern Media Systems
  • Digital Governance and Library Management
  • Islamic Studies

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