Badr University Conference of Pharmaceutical Sciences (BUCPS)

Dr. Yasser Mostafa, Dean of the School of Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing at BUC, announced that the faculty administration is preparing to organize the 1st Conference for Pharmaceutical Sciences in the university, on Saturday, November 6.  

The conference will be held “online”, where a large group of eminent scientists in academic and industrial experiences will exchange the latest innovations and pharmaceutical technologies.  

The dean confirmed that the organization of the conference will be under the supervision of Dr. Ibrahim El-Kalla, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Amr El-Atreby, Vice President for International Relations, and Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Al-Shanawany, President of the Conference. Revealing that lecturers are ranked among the best 2% scientists worldwide according to the international classification of Stanford University, USA, numbering nearly 160 thousand scientists from 149 countries, based on the Scopus database in about 170 disciplines. 

Including: “Dr. Abdel Nasser Badawi Singab, Dr. Rania Mohamed Hafez Mohamed Hathout, Dr. Hussein Ibrahim El Sabbagh, Dr. Mohamed Farag, and Dr. Mahmoud Fahmy El Sabahy. 

Registration for the conference is available through this link