Badr University in Cairo Hosts Dr. Mohamed Soliman in Open Economic Seminar.

Deputy Dr. Mohamed Soliman, Deputy Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee and the General Secretary of Badr University in Cairo, has delivered an open seminar to the students of Badr University. The seminar tackled a highly controversial topic: Suez Canal Authority Fund. Dr. Mohamed has answered a few questions that have been raised about the purpose of establishing an investment fund by the Suez Canal Authority. Dr. Soliman stated that the Suez Canal Facility is owned by the State and is considered public property, which means that it may not be sold, waived, or disposed of by anyone at present or in the future. Thus, the protection of its assets and property is guaranteed by the Constitution. Rather, it is a general obligation of the State to nourish and protect the Canal. Thus, the Suez Canal Facility and the Shipping Corridor are not owned by the Authority. The Dr. continued that the Canal is not the property of the Suez Canal Authority; it is owned by the State. Thus, funds of the Authority are privately owned by the State. “However, the purpose of establishing a fund owned by the Canal Authority is to increase the authority’s ability to contribute to the sustainable economic development of the Canal Authority facility and develop it through optimal utilization of its funds in accordance with the best international standards and rules to maximize its value,” added Dr. Soliman.