BUC School of Nursing Named Best Presenter

Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Fawzi Turki, President of Badr University, and Mr. Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Kalla, Vice-President of the University, and with the support and supervision of Dr. Cheherezade Ghazi, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, BUC School of Nursing has participated in the 8th Student Research Conference organized by Suez Canal University on the 10th of March, 2022. The conference theme has taken up the issue of “Epidemics and the Opportunities of Developing the Nursing Education.”

The delegation which has presented BUC consists of the following students:

Sara Abdul-Mohsen Kamal / Internship year- 20174742

Dunia Muhammed Abdul-Karim / Level 4 – 20184974

Alaa’ Walid / Level 4 –  20184843

Mina Raa’fat Ibrahim / Level 4 – 20190302

Ali Hussain / Level 3 – 20196305

Abdul-Rahman Muhammed Ali / Level 3 – 20184974

While the teaching staff members, Dr. Nuha Abdul-Hami and Dr. Naglaa Shaa’ban, accompanied the them to Suez Canal University. The competition between more than seventeen Egyptian universities has resulted in the winning of BUC:  the delegation of School of Nursing has gotten first place in the competition for their presentation “Challenges of Hybrid Learning and Electronic Tests.”

And in recognition of the achievement and the exerted efforts, the Department of Student Welfare and Activities congratulates the students and the administration of the Nursing School.