BUC to Launch its Career Development Center

Badr University in Cairo welcomes its students at the doors of professional empowerment and prosperity. Powered by The Market and in collaboration with Localized, BUC Career Development Center aims to connect students with experts, employees, professionals, and ALUMNI to offer them the needed guidance and support.

         BUC Career Development Center allows students to participate in webinars, showcase their startups, and get free weekly career coaching with an award-winning Stanford discerning expert. Our goal is to nurture the unique passions and talents of our students. Hence, we believe that instructing them on how to employ and utilize their aptitudes will help their professional journey to become more fulfilling.

          By clicking the picture below, students can easily and effortlessly sign up to Localized via BUC and enjoy different means of professional enrichment that help them reinforce, identify, and pursue their career goals.

Powered by The Market